Get Poynt for the BlackBerry Storm Today!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Feb 2009 08:40 am EST
Poynt for the BlackBerry Storm Now Available

Poynt will officially release the Storm-ified version of their award-winning local search app this Thursday, but knowing just how much Storm addicts are jonesing for compatible apps they have made it available early. Storm owners can visit the url below on their device to get Poynt today:

If you're not familiar with Poynt, be sure to check out this review and hands-on video. You can also learn more by visiting I dropped word of this in the Storm forums last night, so there is already a lively Poynt discussion thread to check in on for more details and reactions. Big Thanks to Poynt for hooking up the CB Nation early!!

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Get Poynt for the BlackBerry Storm Today!


I just downloaded this app for the Storm. Works great smooth menu system. Fast Search. I've used Google Maps for Local search for a long time and this will be my primary search now.
AWESOME !!! a must download.

All it says on my phone is GPS searching. Just like when i'm in google maps. Anybody else having this problem. I read on there site that they don't support verizon gps so it would seem odd to release a storm version.

Are you trying this indoors? Remember, GPS requires line-of-sight. Anyway, yes it works for me. It takes 10-20 seconds for some reason, and I find if you click once on "searching GPS" it sometimes finds you right then and your icon in the upper right will turn green.

Then again, for some reason, Google Maps is also working for me now, and it wasn't before. I'm using it through Poynt. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. Anyway, I'm on Verizon, and it works perfectly for me.

Also, where did you read on the mypoynt site that Verizon GPS isn't supported? Maybe that's true for non-Storm models?

Server must be down or overloaded.
Been trying to download since last night and keep getting: "HTTP Error 503: Service Unavaailable. The server is currently unable to handle your request due to a temporary overloading or maintenacne of the server. blah blah blah"

Dunno what to tell you, then. works absolutely fine for me. I was getting the same error and thought I had spelled the URL correctly but hadn't. If you really did triple-check, I believe you, but I still don't think it's a problem with their server. Try doing a battery pull, I guess.

Hi there

You may run into a 503 error if attempting to visit the download site on a BES browser that is blocking access to the site.

Try switching to a BIS browser; you should be able to download the file without any problems.

False. Did you read the newspost? You have to go directly to this URL:

If you just go to you will get the error about your 9500/9530 not being supported, because it's not officially "out" yet. But using the first link you can download it.

And yes the .jad file has "9500" in the filename, but it works just fine on my Verizon 9530 Storm.

Im blown away by this app its amazing i mean when you dont know a number to a bussniess and you dont wana open a dang yellow book you just type it in and hit search and bam it shows whats the closest to you and when you click the one closest to you you hit options and there is the number to the store. ITS AMAZING like #1 app everyone should have

"Poynt currently does not have GPS access on the Verizon and Alltel networks."

It seems like a great app, but kind of useless without GPS. Why bother. GPS is sooo useless on this phone. It barely even works with bb maps. locates me perfectly everytime using Blackberry maps - but not with google maps.

VERY VERY nice application BTW. Very similar to MSN's information provided to my Garmin GPS unit.

So which one is it? Does it work for VZ Storm or not? I carpooled today so I can't test it fully. Can someone with VZ just test it out?

Like I said in another reply, I have a VZ Storm 9530 and the GPS function works. Other people on the forums have said the same thing. It also seems like it feeds your GPS location to Google Maps, because that started functioning properly for me just now, and hadn't before.

I suggest doing a battery pull if you're having problems. I also recommend clicking "GPS searching..." on the "Map It" screen after about 20 seconds. Sometimes it seems to find you but doesn't tell you right away. Clicking that once and then hitting your Storm's back/undo button seems to refresh the program.

Anyway I can confirm that the GPS works perfectly with my 9530 Verizon Storm.

Also, I do not have VZ Navigator, in case that question comes up. In fact, I don't even have BB Maps installed. All I have is Google Maps 3.0.1. It also worked with Google Maps 2.3.2 which I had installed this morning.

It looks up GPS and then comes up with "Cell-Site location" which is about 10-15 blocks from my actual location. It works well for looking up resteraunts, etc. But GPS is not working on my 9530.

Are you positive your GPS is set to "Location On"?

And are you using it outdoors? GPS doesn't function for me indoors.

It's definitely working for me on the same phone model and the same network, and I have no idea why it wouldn't work for you too.

I wonder if it's potentially an OS thing?

It does work fine on my Verizon 9530. If it can't find a GPS signal it will default to Cell Site location though once you have a GPS signal it should switch over automatically. I have found the cell site location more accurate than google maps.

Another common problem encounter (in fact, it happened to me) is not enabling your GPS. Options --> Advanced Options --> GPS --> GPS Service change to "Location On".

When I turn the app on, I get a message that my GPS chip is deactivated and I need to go into Options - GPS - and activate it. When I do that, my GPS is already switched to "enabled."

Anyone have any suggestions?

You should see 3 settings:
GPS Data Source
GPS Service
Location Aiding

Even though Location Aiding shows "Enabled", you need to switch GPS Service to "Location On" from "E911". This should fix you up.

For some reason I keep getting the error HTTP error 503: service unavailable on my storm. I have the blackberry internet browser up and everything so I have no clue why its not working for me right now. Can someone tell me if im not doing something. what this application is! I will seriously use this all the time. Now if someone can develop a theme so I can have more than 8 icons on the home screen at the same time I will be rockin!!

What a great application this is! It works great on my Verizon Blackberry Storm 9530. I used the Google maps and it works flawlessly. I entered "Pizza" under business search and it found all the local pizza places. I also checked for local theaters and it works great there. Thank you!!!

I went to that adress and it shows this messege:
Our servise has detected you are using Blackberry 9500 or 9530 storm. Poynt support for this device coming soon - please stay tuned!

Please help!

Really cool app I just got a chance to play around with it and it is really great. Very helpful, will def make use of.

Ok everyone, it's finally working for me on GPS. All my settings were fine, but when I left my job it started working. I guess the building I was in today was blocking the signal. But I actually had to go into BB Maps first, get my GPS location then back into Poynt and it found it. I look forward to playing with this app!

If you do a search for local movies, highlight one and press the menu button. Most movies have a view trailer option. The PQ is sub-standard but it's still pretty cool to check out trailers of movies in helping decide which one to go see. This is one of the main reasons I have this app since there are so may search apps already out there.

Love this app! At first I thought it wasn't gonna work correctly (I have a Verizon Storm and I work downtown). Once I got home it detected my GPS location on my Storm and bam! It works like a charm. Plus its free, can't beat that. Go out and download this bad boy ya bums!

We always seem to get the short end of the deal in the UK as all these great programs are coming out for the US only... when are we going to get some love??

I downloaded this app and really like it alot, especially if you are looking for a restaurant and don't know the exact name. It found all my test searches correctly, even weird names. One click to call them too is very nice.

The mapping works perfectly too on my Verizon 9530 (not sure why any of you are having problems unless you didn't turn GPS on), however I can't seem to find the ability to get turn-by-turn directions once I map the destination. I know that BB Maps has this feature and since Poynt piggybacks onto this app, why is this not an option in the menu?

The way I've gotten around this problem is to add the destination to my Contacts, then open BB Maps and get the directions. Maybe I'm missing something?