Get patriotic this 4th of July with these BlackBerry apps, wallpapers and themes

4th of July
By Adam Zeis on 2 Jul 2010 12:58 pm EDT

No matter what your plans for 4th of July weekend you'll be sure to have your BlackBerry by your side. Make sure you're loaded up with apps, themes, ringtones and wallpapers to help you through the weekend. Here we have a quick list that will help you find what you need no matter if you're traveling, staying at home or stuck someplace with your in-laws.


BlackBerry Apps for fishing

If you're thinking of something slower this weekend maybe a good fishing trip is in order. Get away from the fatty foods and exploding fireworks and take a quiet trip to the wilderness to relax. There are some great apps for both fishing and boating that will keep things in order. Don't be bothered with all the craziness and take some time for yourself. 

BlackBerry Golf Apps

Fishing not your thing? Maybe you're more of a golf person? There are plenty of apps for that as well. From scorecards to range finders, your BlackBerry can do it all. You won't need a caddy for your next trip and everything will be right in your pocket with plenty of great golf apps for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry bartending apps

So you're more of a partier? Well there are apps for that too. If you'll be firing up the grill and pouring some cocktails for your friends, you'll want to be fully prepared. There are loads of bartending apps for BlackBerry that will make you the hit of the party. You'll have a full aresenal of drinks at your disposal so when someone asks for a Miami Vice you'll know just what to do. 


Can't make it out for fireworks this year? There is a solution for that too (albeit a bit of a rip at $5.95). From e-Mobile comes e-Mobile Life: Fireworks. Watch fireworks right on your device ... and thats it. The app doesn't do much, but it's better than nothing (almost). 

If you want to skip that apps all together and just deck out your device with a 4th of July theme, ringtone or wallpaper we have options for that too. You can check out all the goodies in our galleries and show off your patriotism all weekend long. 

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Get patriotic this 4th of July with these BlackBerry apps, wallpapers and themes


I have a 4th of July Animated Fireworks theme on sale this weekend for 50% off! Use Coupon Code "America" to get the theme for only $2.49!

97xx, 96xx and 8900 series only. OS 4.6 through 5.0

Theme Link: (add http://)

50% Coupon Code: "America"

Theme Description:
Celebrate this Independence Day with a colorful animated fireworks display. Watch as the fireworks explode over the city in which the Declaration of Independence was signed, or toggle to hide the background to enjoy a full screen night sky display (You can even use your own wallpaper!). This theme is sure to be hit this holiday weekend!

So, apart from Canada Day and 4th of July for the US, will Crackberry be celebrating any other countries national day like this. No. Didn't think so.

...just about every day: If there is something you want to see covered in the blogs that isn't getting covered, send an email in. There are several email addresses you can send suggestions, comments, etc to. They are usually listed at the end of the blog post it relates to.

Your comment is fine and all, but, you didn't even bother to suggest what YOU would like to see covered. The CB guys are awesome, but they are not mind readers. There are over 2 million members of this site, and it's sad that most would rather complain than try to pitch in and make a useful suggestion.

I'm not complaining, well yes I am, but the in the bottom, you link to themes, ringtone and wallpapers. The only real good link is the wallpapers, because the themes are mostly all for older operating systems, so thats a bit outdated and the ringtones link take you to the main page...and its not very search friendly in my opinion.

and 5.99 for fireworks app? I'd rather sit in front of my computer and watch the fireworks screensaver, that shouldn't even get viewing time for that amount.

Happy 4th of July people.