Get paid to upgrade to a new BlackBerry? If eligible, YES!

BlackBerry Upgrade Promotion
By Adam Zeis on 10 Feb 2012 01:52 pm EST

Take advantage of the new BlackBerry Upgrade Promotion and get cash back when you purchase a new BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 or Curve 9350/9360/9370!

Yes you read that right .. you can indeed get paid if you upgrade to a new BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 or Curve 9350/9360/9370. RIM has had their BlackBerry Trade Up program in place for a while now, but according to some emails sent out to eligible T-Mobile customers (and a bit of our own recon), there is also a BlackBerry Upgrade Promotion that could net you some quick cash just for purchasing a new BlackBerry. RIM's Upgrade Promotion gets you cash back in the form of a shiny Visa gift card when you purchase a new Bold 9900/9930 or Curve 9350/60/70. The promo applies to US customers only, and you'll get $100 for a Bold or $50 for a Curve. Pretty sweet deal right? Well it doesn't stop there. If you want to go all Extreme Couponing you can get pretty creative and end up with quite a bit of cash in your pocket by combining some promos.

Take this situation - This weekend T-Mobile is offering all of their 4G smartphones up for free - so if you are eligible for an upgrade or just want a new line - you can grab a BlackBerry Bold 9900 on Friday or Saturday and you'll get a $250 rebate (of the mail-in variety) off the bat from T-Mobile, knocking the purchase price of your device down to $0. Add that to the $100 you'll receive from the Upgrade Promotion and you're at $100 cash in pocket. Not enough? Well say you have a BlackBerry Bold 9780 from which you're upgrading -- you can take advantage of the Trade Up Program as well and you'll get an additional $80 back (according to the quote I received). So overall you're looking at $180 in your pocket just for grabbing a brand new BlackBerry Bold 9900 from T-Mobile and sending off your old device. So yes, you're getting paid to get a new phone and unload your old one. Even if you keep your old device you still end up on top with $100. Pretty sweet deal right??

There are a few catches to this one (aren't there always?). The BlackBerry Upgrade Promotion only applies to US carriers and you'll have to be eligible for all of these promotions. It's looking like RIM and/or carriers are sending out emails to eligible customers over the weeks ahead, so keep and eye out if you think this may apply to you. The BlackBerry Upgrade Promotion goes along with any in-store promos, so like the situation above, if you can grab a device on sale or free from your carrier, you can still get money back from the promo as well. AND if you don't have a use for your old device, send it in via the Trade Up Program and you'll top off your wallet with even more cash.

So providing you meet all the criteria, you can make out pretty awesome in this deal. If you're not a T-Mobile customer don't fret as carrier sales come along quite often, so you should be able to wait it out and find a great deal. You'll net yourself some cash, have a brand new phone and be one happy camper. You can even use that money to buy a a new BlackBerry PlayBook so you're ready when OS 2.0 rolls out in the next few weeks! 

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Get paid to upgrade to a new BlackBerry? If eligible, YES!


It's coming ....
But I'm in no hurry .... would rather see offers like this once BB10 comes out ...

For the Upgrade program it says eligibility is based on them sending you a direct communication. Any idea how/when they would send the communication out?

I am upgrading as soon as OS 2 comes out for the playbook and all the help towards the purchase of the Bold is welcomed.

You sign up on the website and they send you a mailing label and voucher via email. You send in the old phone with a copy of the voucher within 30 days and they send you the card.

Most likely email. Maybe they'd even do PIN.

It seems like it could be either the carrier or RIM directly who reaches out on the promo. Might vary based on the carriers.  But US only, and note that you have to get contacted about it. If you're not contacted as being eligible, you won't be able to just walk into the store and ask for it.

I looked into the free phones this weekend deal and turns out you will have to sign up for an unlimited plan to qualify for the rebate. Not an issue if you already have an unlimited plan but its not so much a good deal if your monthly bill is going to increase by $20-30 dollars over a 2yr period.

Mine went up by $10 total for our family plan, and we went from 700 minutes for the family to unlimited minutes for the wife and I and 500 minutes for both of the kids.

If your bill goes up by $20 / month and you save $250, you essentially break even over the next two years. If you get more minutes, bonus.

Have you checked to see if you're able to combine the promotions? There could be some fine print that says customers aren't allowed to do so. I'd be surprised if they actually do allow you to combine promotions

You can combine the promotions as they're somewhat indepedent of RIM and carrier. So if T-Mobile does free phones tomorrow at $0, if you were eligbile and contacted about the Upgrade Promo you can use it tomorrow and literally get back $100 on top of the free phone.

The leader of crackberry replied to my comment. This to me is when thorsten heins called you so thanks! And I'm a canuck such as yourself so the tmobile promo doesn't work for me but I was curious about the trade in for your old phone plus the $100 dollar promo

PS yes I called family and friends to tell them about you replying to my comment haha thanks once again!

If you have an older BB device either of the two promotions are just awesome. I switched from a pretty nice Torch 9800 to a Bold 9930 and my work got a 9810 and they are way, way more powerful and smooth.

Timing is everything.

that's the problem RIM is facing many are waiting for BB10 to upgrade, instead of giving a cash rebate to BB7 purchasers they shold give out a future discount towards a BB10 upgrade later in the year? Buy BB7 now and get $150 off towards a BB10 upgrade.

It's sad Mexico doesn't get cool promotions, EVER! Carriers here are very cheap and we never get cool promotions like this ones, c'mon we are brother countries, and we have a very extense Blackberry Market, c'mon RIM give Mexico some luv

Adam, it's Feb... shouldn't that be 'toque'? LOL
Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to Torch soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

The used BB's are worth more money in your local classifieds than trading it into their trade-up program.
I suppose it's good if you are looking to skip the hassle of selling your phone.
For example, when the 9900 was released, the trade up value on my 9700 was $100. I sold my 9700 locally for $200.

I checked with my local t-mobile store and tomorrow Free 4G phone sale is for new customers only. Bummer, as I have a friend who is still rocking a 8900, and he is looking to upgrade to a 9900.

Whoever you spoke to is incorrect. If your friend is eligible for an upgrade he can take advantage of the sale tomorrow. This is quoted from T-Mobile's official press release:

"New and existing eligible customers can take advantage of this deal receiving their device for free after a mail-in rebate card when they sign up for a new two-year contract on any qualifying Classic Plan™2or for a $0.00 down payment after mail-in rebate card when signing up on a qualifying Unlimited Value™3 Plan."

I'm an existing TMO customer. I stopped by the TMO store after work. The salesperson assured me I am eligible for this offer. I'm aware of the hazards of relying on a salesperson's answers, but this jibes with what Customer Care told me a couple of days ago. I'm ready to get a new 9900 and $100. Haven't decided on the trade up program, though.

I am a Sprint customer that has a Curve 8350 for two years, After my wife went to the iPhone this month I was going to upgrade to one as well. But I really like the Bold 9900, and part of me wants to stay with Blackerry, so when I saw this offer, I was going to stay. However, I went to the site and entered my pin, and it said I was not eligible.

That seals it... BlackBerry has now lost another customer. I am going to buy an iPhone.

You can edit your original post, you don't need to repost a correction.

For the phone - consider how you will use the phone to make a choice vs looking at 100$. You are going to have the phone for 3 years at least... You don't want to be miserable with an iphone for that long

Thanks for the heads-up about correcting the post.

As far as the iPhone vs the 9900, either one will do what I need equally as well. But now that my wife has switched platforms, BBM has lost a lot of its cache. As a matter of fact, no one I interact with on a regular basis has a Blackberry any longer.

For me to stay and lock into an OS7 device, I would have to have some incentive. If I am going to pay the same for a 9900 as an iPhone, the iPhone is going to win. If I could upgrade with little or no money out of pocket, I would stay with BB.

I want a new Bold 9900 SO BADLY but alas I must save my phone upgrade for BB10 :-(
If RIM had some good deals for Bell Mobility in Canada that gave me this sort of cash to store away for BB10 device then i would get a Bold 9900 right away!

The 9900 is just simply great! Personally I feel that it does everything that I need and it does it very well.

This is a sweet deal no doubt but I still think I'll stick with 9800 till OS10 devices come out. I know I am rolling the dice here and hope when the OS10 devices do come out there is at least 1 I like and can live with.

I really want to upgrade to a 9900 on T-Mo, but I have more than a year left to get the full discount. I look at the price of $650 to buy the phone outright and it astonishes me every time. I don't see $650 worth of value in ANY smart phone on the planet. Trading in my 9780 (retail $430) for $80 brings it down to $570. I am still astonished. Add a line for what? That just adds $60 to my monthly bill for the next 2 years ($1440) and I sit stupid with two active phones. That is funny.

RIM isn't doing as bad as some media outlets would have you believe. Otherwise their prices would be more competitive.

Great for people that want it, but itsn't RIM canabalizing future sales of BB10 phones. That is, aren't current blackberry users likely the early adopters of BB10 phones?

Can RIM afford this? When your margin is only 8% you can't afford to be too generous. Or have I missed something?

I think it would be a better deal to get the upgrade visa card and then just sell your BB on ebay instead of trading it in to RIM.

Vodafone Australia could take a leaf out this book, went to buy a 9900 recently $800, they said. No I said. Come on RIM show some global love :)

Take this situation - This weekend T-Mobile is offering all of their 4G smartphones up for free - so if you are eligible for an upgrade or just want a new line - you can grab a BlackBerry Bold 9900 on Friday or Saturday and you'll get a $250 rebate

Since when is a BB Bold 9900 4G?

@Powdah As far as T-Mobile (USA) is concerned, its "enhanced 3G" - *cough* *cough* - is considered to be 4G, thus, T-Mo (USA) can get away with outrageous claims such as the obviously deceptive one you have indicated. Typical T-Mo (USA) B.S., I was a customer many years ago, less than one year after the name change was made from the old VoiceStream Wireless to T-Mobile, I was so displeased with their deplorable customer support that as soon as my contract term expired I quickly switched to another carrier, I have never looked back, good riddance T-Mobile (USA.)

Interesting! I have a family plan and one of my 8320s qualifies for the $100 rebate and the other one does not. They are almost exactly the same age. I wonder how they divided up the Pin numbers.

Sent my phone Tour2 in as a trade up for a 9930 and got a quote for $ 65 This will buy me some sweet accessories in 6 weeks when the credit comes in ! This is awesome!

This could be really upsetting to me. On February 5th my wife finally used her upgrade and went from the 9650 to the 9930 on Verizon. It will really suck if we could have saved $100 buy waiting a week.

Anyone have an opinion on what I should do about this?

In canada you can take the phone back within 14 days- contract gets canceled too. There is a condition although... You lose this right if you talk (on the phone) for more than 30 min.

Thanks for the advice. I guess from what I hear this is only by invitation who knows what determines if you get invited or not. So I will just continue to tell myself that my wife wouldn't have gotten selected any way and move along. lol

It's not bad anyway, She is in love with her new Bold, Even at the $179.99 price. That's all that matters.

I did the BB upgrade promotion (w/ and I got $160.00 back on the Torch. That was a great deal because I didn't pay a penny for that phone. I paid about $400 for my 9300 but it was like I paid $240 for it.

As stated in an earlier post, to get this "free phone" you are required to sign up for the Classic unlimited plan that is $15+ more than the value plan which has the exact same services. The Classic plan is when you buy your cell at the subsidised price. The value plan is when you own your own phone.

The T- Mobile Value plan is $74.99 with the very same services as Classic plan which is $89.99. So in reality you are paying 24 months at the higher rate for your "free Phone"

I was just shopping around for phones. You can also get a $50 Best Buy gift card if you purchase your upgraded phone there.

This makes me sad :-( I just bought a Bold 9900 a week ago and I was hoping that I could get the $100, but it says I had to have had direct communications with RIM about it, but I don't ever remember seeing an email about it or anything.

I went and upgraded my 9700 I got the first day it was available on T-mobile. Now have the 9900, kinda of sad miss the 9700 it has been a great phone. However, in last month it has begun to act its age with distorted sound on calls and the end button poped out the other day. Saw this on Crackberry last night and started making calls. I called customer care and they said my account did qualify without going to unlimited but did have to change to 30 dollar data until after rebate is processed. The 30 dollar does include tethering I was told, it is a limited time promo.

Will get 170.00 from Blackberry, 100.00 rebate card and 70.00 trade up. The BB rebate was easy don't even have to send anything in. You do have to activate and use new phone before it will say the new pin is valid I found out.

Thank You CrackBerry for the news... I grabbed yesterday a 9900 from an 8530 curve and freaking loving it! What a phone, what an awesome phone! Love BB!!! Dale

So is the upgrade promo available to US customers only ? I know that trade up is available for Canada but when I check my PIN for eligibility, it says that it is not eligible. Any comments ?

if i bought my blackberry curve 8520 in march 2011 would i be able to upgrade to a bold 9900 and how woud my contract be affected (im on 02)