Get OS5 ringtones back on your OS6 BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2011 10:56 am EST

BlackBerry OS 5 Ringtones

Last night I was playing around with my Bold 9000 and noticed some ringtones I really missed. I started exploring options to get them installed on my 9780. I was open to just downloading a select few one by one, but I came across a much easier method that actually comes straight from RIM. There is an OTA link for the ringtone file from OS5 that easily installs the tones on your device. Just hit the link and you'll have a fresh set of OS5 ringtones on your OS6 device. The only catch is you'll have to install again should you reload your OS - small price to pay for having a huge bank of tones. To grab them for yourself just hit the link below from your device.

Download OS5 ringtones OTA 

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Get OS5 ringtones back on your OS6 BlackBerry


Pretty old news! ju1ce discovered this in the forums almost 2 months ago:

You should also point out that after you upgrade/reinstall the OS, not only will you want to install this again - but you'll also want to restore your sound settings.

When you do the upgrade it will try to restore everything for you (from the automatic backup) but the "old" ringtones won't be on your phone so it won't work. When you do install them again, you can go to Desktop manager and do a restore again. If you want, you can just do a selective restore and restore only the item "sounds".

Actually, I just got the upgrade request 2 days ago from Verizon and also on my desktop manager. I would have had no reason to reference this subject two months ago when it "first" came out.
I have considered a downgrade back to the 5.0 OS just because I have become accustomed to the ringtones....for me this was a HUGE HELP and much appreciated!! Thanks again :)

I still find this highly confusing - even months later. This install will put audio files in your 'ringtones' app (is it an app?). If you change profile settings you wont see all these files in the drop down, instead you have to select media and find the file. Why can't we get the audio files in the drop down list whenever we see the ring tones drop down list?

After I installed the OTA of the ringtones, when i try to assign one of the OS5 ringtones i receive a message that says "invalid selection". Do i need to reboot after installing the file?

I have a question. Is there anyway to do the reverse? Get the OS 6 tones on an OS 5 Device?

If there is already a thread for that, can someone point me there?

I also found this a while ago in the forums and I wish there was a way to download the tones individually as I only use 3 of them. I guess its not THAT big of a deal, but its still wasted space and extra tones to scroll through.

I've personally never understood why RIM eliminated so many ringtones in making the transition to OS 6. At least in that respect, 5.0 seems clearly superior.

My favorite alarm to wake up is the evolving seaside on 6.0. I always wake up before the tone turns in the annoying alarm sound. Hopefully somebody knows what I'm talking about..

Dude, your the man. I was pizzed when I upgraded to OS6 on my 9700 and found I lost the Ringer_ClassicPhone ringtone. Thanks.

I miss the alert for BBM and email.

If someone could please correct me if I'm wrong, can I go back into my back up file from OS5 right before I updated to OS6 and restore the OS5 ringtones or is this asking for too much with such an easy task?

Sorry to sound a little slow, but I don't want any mishaps, but yet would like a few of the ring tones back.


I'm having issues trying to use os5 ringtones. They don't always work. I guess I'll stick to os6 tones.

Do these ringtones work on the Torch 9800 OS 6.x.450? I took a gander and installed it but it does not show up on my list of ringtones? ANy ideas as to why? Newbie, help appreciated!


I keep getting a 907 error on my torch when I try to download :( Any advice from a more proficient user?

*EDIT* Bahahaha! Sure. Seventh/Eighth try is a charm.

I've tried clicking the link a couple times. Both times, the progress bar has gotten all the way to the end, and immediately my Bold 9650 freezes so that I have to pull the battery. Any thoughts/ suggestions on how to get these ringtones without clicking that link? Any way to do it through BB Desktop?

worked fine with Bold 9650 just now. best to go to link thru phone on wifi and it worked great. went to change sounds for profiles and all OS 5 were there.

Thank you!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I had upgraded to a 3G Curve and just gotten the hang of things and set it up the way I wanted when the upgrade came... after that, I lot all my ringtones, and I could never hear the damn thing ringing!!! I've got my fave ringtones again!!! yaaaay!!!!

Thank you OP, I don't see any significant performance improvements from OS5 to OS6 just aesthetics, and actually I think my web browser is slower now. I guess it's back to using OperaMini

Just did this on my new 9900 with OS7 and it worked just fine. Thanks, now I have something to choose from. The 990 with OS7 has very few chooses out of the box.

just did the same thing as j10too. Loving it!!
The selection in Os7 is crap! This set of ringtomes is problably the best set of all the ringtones BB has come out with!!

Yes indeed the Ringtones came into the Ringtone section of Media. Thank you to the ones who got them ready for us to download. What I would like is the OS5 Wallpapers. I really don't know if anyone will see this post either. Don't know how to start a post either--I'm new to Crackberry.

Reverting to OS5 Ringtones in OS6 software from your computer.
Make sure you have both OS5 and OS6 software installed on your computer. If not go to your phone provider and download and install them on your computer. You need the correct versions for your phone from your own provider. The links for your provider anywhere in the world are here. Have the Desktop 7.0 Manager installed as well. On your computer right click "Start" and left click "explore", Go to Program files/common files/research in motion/shared/loader files/9700xxxx_v5.0.0.344.xxxx /java. Note the "v5". This is your OS5 software. This file will be named whatever model your phone, software version and country is and will be similar to the file above for a 9700 phone. Click the Java file and locate "net_rim_bb_medialoader_ringtones_480x360_03_b.cod" or similar and copy it. Click on program files/common files/research in motion/shared/loader files/9700xxxx_v6.0.0.706.xxxx /java. Note the "v6". This is your OS6 software. This file will be named whatever model your phone, software version and country is and will be similar to the file above for a 9700 phone. Click the java file and Paste "net_rim_bb_medialoader_ringtones_480x360_03_b.cod" or similar into the OS6 java file. You will now have two ringtone files in your OS6 java file. These files are different. Version OS5 ringtone file is called "medialoader" whilst version OS6 ringtone file is called "MediaOTA" but they have the same file extension .cod. Only the "mediaOTA" named file will work in the version OS6 software. You can't have two files with the same name at the same time so rename your version OS6 ringtone file first with a space or something inserted but make sure your version OS5 ringtone file is named EXACTLY the same as your version OS6 ringtone file WAS originally. Then delete your old Version OS6 ringtone file from your OS6 software. Plug your Blackberry into desktop manager go to "device" and wait for "update" to appear. You might be told there are no updates available. Don't insert your email address for newer versions, instead go to "view other versions" otherwise you are likely to get your OS6 ringtones installed. You will be given a number of options. Click on each and select the "details" for "Local installation of BlackBerry". Any others will take you back to the original OS6 ringtones. Note, if you disconnect from the internet first you may only see your "local installation OS6 software" available to you. That is good as that is what has your modified OS5 ringtones. Update it. Similarly if you use Blackberry Apps Plug in and install a new App later, when you use the desktop software to update your Blackberry it will reinstall your old OS6 ringtones. You will need to go through this process of changing back to your OS5 ringtones each time you update your software to OS6 newer versions from the internet. I also note that the button on the top left of the Blackberry case no longer shows key lock on the screen with your lock message after upgrading to version OS6 from version OS5 software. I just shows a blank screen.

Moderator, someone is really pulling your chain with this long version of installing ringtones. You should just delete the post. No doubt this poster has gotten the better of you

Well, I had lost ALL ringtones, notifiers etc when I took the battery out of BOLD 9900 whilst the phone was on, so clearly something wasn't right there.Before this I had a CURVE with those familiar ringtones, I downloaded it form the link...panicked because I couldn't find them, then looked under Ringtones and there they jolly well were under 'All Alert Tones'.
Still missing all the original pre-loaded tones as in zero '0' will remain a mystery.., or can we never take a battery out whilst the phone is on...isn't that called a 'Hard Reset' anyway?
Thank you for this link!

I have downloaded this file for os5 ringtones back in os6... But when i download it in my blackberry bold 9700 there is an error accruing "907 invalid cod file not found"
please help me to resolve this... i will be very thankful..

Wish there was a way to do this for my new Z10...I realize it's a completely new OS, so the file formats won't work. But it would sure be nice if BlackBerry (or another motivated/capable individual) could convert all the old tones and post a link that would work for BB10 devices as well...fingers crossed?!?