Quick Tip: Get Organized Using Saved Message Search Shortcuts

By Adam Zeis on 24 Nov 2009 12:40 pm EST
Saved Search

I've always tried to keep my email organized, leaving messages unread if I know they need a reply. This at times can be a pain since having to scroll through insane amounts of messages on my BlackBerry isn't always the quickest option. Chatting with Ronen a few days back, he let me know about a quick tip that was actually posted on BerryReview way back in March. I had no idea you could save a search and assign a shortcut to it. I tweaked up a quick search of unread messages, assigned ALT+U as the shortcut and that was that. Now when I'm in my messages, I simply need to use ALT+U to see all my unread messages. I'm sure many of you knew this feature existed, but I figured passing it along to those who didn't couldn't hurt :-)

Create saved search shortcut:

  • Open Messages
  • Press Menu key and choose Search
  • Configure the search settings, press Menu and select Save
  • Title the search, add a shortcut key and save
This can be done for messages from certain senders, messages with attachments, SMS and more. You can create multiple searches to fit your needs and always have them a shortcut away.
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Quick Tip: Get Organized Using Saved Message Search Shortcuts


I have always used this option in my emails and txt messages. I notice that i can no longer save txt's and pix messages anymore,and can only save emails that come through my blackberry.net address now. Does anyone know how i can fix this again to save all messages. i loved that feature....

Not really.
Pressing "U" will take you through your unread messages 1 at a time.
Setting up this type of shortcut will hide all messages in your message list except for unread messages. I have the same shortcut setup.
I also have mine setup to do ALT+S for sent messages.
I don't want sent messages cluttering up my message list, but at the same time I don't want to have to go into the Options and change "Hide sent messages" to no just to see one sent message. So I simply press ALT+S and all of sent messages appear.

I agree, I guess that makes sense.. I'll give it a try.
The new flagging option is really convenient too.

i have a 9700 with os and is not working i did all the steps above and still when i go to the message list and click alt+ f for flagged emails it doesn't do anything.. Any thoughts?

Exactly the same question I was thinking. I had tried to do these types of shorcuts before, but then I didn't had the option to change or delete the shortcut. So it bit scary at times. What if I need to assign Alt+U to some other type of search? How can I do it? I want to delete the saved search criteria completely, how can I do it?

Anyone please help!


Messages > Menu > Search > Menu > Recall
This displays the full list of saved searches which you can edit or delete.

All of the shortcuts can be configured on the Storm.
Creating and editing them is done in the same manner as a keyboard device.
To access the alt key hit bring up the keyboard and hit the "!?123" key. This is when it gets a little tricky. The number pad now is displayed. In order to execute the shortcut you hit the number key where the letter would have been shown. Example would be Hit "!?123" and then "5" to accomplish "ALT" and then "H".

Hope this helps. I find this very powerful as you can make a whole number of customizable searches to quickly find information.