Get NFC functionality on your Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 with latest OS leak

Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 NFC
By Adam Zeis on 17 Aug 2011 01:29 pm EDT

If you thought you were totally out of luck when it comes to NFC functionality on your Verizon Bold 9930 ... think again. It looks like it is indeed just a matter of software and what the carriers choose to release. The stock OS on the Bold 9930 had no signs of NFC, however the latest leaked OS brings back the option to enable it. Since the hardware is already there (in the form of the NFC battery door) you can fire up this OS and have NFC up and running. While we can't verify 100% that it's totally working since we don't have any NFC goodies to test it on, we're fairly sure you should be good to go. This is great for those of you wanting the NFC down the road or for developers who are looking to explore a bit more. Download the OS from the link below and if you try it out be sure to let us know how it's working!

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9930

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Get NFC functionality on your Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 with latest OS leak


Part of the reason new technology doesn't catch on is because of that mentality. Same could have been said about that crazy invention called "the automobile". Horses worked just fine didn't they. Giving new technology a chance, like NFC, paves the way for developers to have an incentice to create reasons for people like us to use it. Don't crush something just because you don't see where it can go. I can't wait to start putting this tech to good use. The possibilties are literaly endless.

I can have NFC on my phone all day long. Nothing around me uses it and I guarantee it won't for a while. I don't live in a big city or a city big enough that is going to make use of the tech. You can twist my words all you want. Just like you praise the idea of it, I don't. Get it?

I get what your saying and for the most part your right. I'm just finishing my engineering degree and this NFC tech is really going to take off. Your right in that some areas won't see the benefit any time soon but guys like me, in the career I'm in now and the area I live, will see this in action in less then a year. Believe me that this will become a big part of lives eventually.

Would be interested in hearing whether there is an appreciable difference in battery life on a VZW 9930 with this update (power drain from running the NFC functionality notwithstanding).

I imagine that (at least depending on the application/use of NFC), many people will leave it turned off unless they need it.

Now if we can get an NFC toggle in Quicklaunch, it'll be even easier to do that......

Using NFC with leaked firmware is a stupid idea. You can't trust the origin of the leaked firmware, so you shouldn't link your bank data with it anyway.

RIM's NFC push is initially on "building access" --- i.e. opening locked doors in buildings. That's another area where you can't trust leaked firmware.

The origin is RIM ... same as the origin of the official OS'. This just didn't get released by a carrier (yet). Not much to be worried about IMO. Not like some 16yr old kid crafted this OS up in his basement.

There are NO bank apps that we can use NFC with here in the US, i'm sure by the time we have any bank apps to use this with it will be official and 100% secure ;)

Banks are slow especially when it comes to issues with security. I suspect most banks won't have apps for this until we see the next generation of QNX phones. It's nice to dream about the possibilites in the meantime.

Everything keeps mentioning the Verizon 9930 with no NFC. Any word if the Sprint 9930 will have NFC access enabled by default?

NFC function is a software update and hasn't been released officially via Verizon. Its not a hardware. I spent appox. six hours with RIM from 6p'ish EST till midnight'ish EST about issue with Blackberry App world... please wait issue.

I am pretty sure that if you google "PayPass" and NFC, you can set something up with your Mastercard/Visa accounts to your NFC enabled device.

I use PayPass as much as possible.

So all of these "I have no use for this" would be the same folks who would complain in a year when this technology is rolled out to Starbucks which might enable you to order your morning coffee completely hands free.

Coudn't get this leak installed on my device, tried twice, twice ended in a 507. Tried desktop and Apploader. Be weary.

I got the same thing Scott8586.....I haven't tried it again. Did u eventually get this new leaked OS loaded on your phone after all? I didn't even try after that lol....I'm a little wearly now lol. Anybody get this issue??

I had the same issue, but then unhooked my phone, took out the battery, and reinstalled the OS from scratch. It was a pain in the ass, but I had a backup and the enterprise server on my side. Hope this helps.

Does the update have any features besides this? If NFC is all this one is adding, I don't mind waiting for the offical release. I'm still stoked just to have one.

It's a BOLD new world again