New Website Launcher for your BlackBerry: Visit to Download for Free!

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Dec 2009 01:57 pm EST
Download the Launcher App!

Here's one for all of our loyal CrackBerry readers and members out there... a new and improved web launcher! Our pal Fabian Heuwieser whipped up the new launcher as a little holiday gift for CrackBerry Nation. This isn't just a shortcut to the mobile site though - what Fabian built is a BlackBerry app that essentially mimics our entire site navigation. From within the application you can decide exactly where you want to go, and from there click the appropriate link that will open your web browser and take you directly to that page/section on the mobile site. It's basic and it works GREAT.

You can download the launcher by visiting from either your BlackBerry's web browser or on your computer (and send yourself the download link). This is the first version that has gone public, so if you run into any issues or have any suggestions you can leave them on this CrackBerry Launcher forum thread. Note to BlackBerry Storm owners: Be sure to disable compatiblity mode!

So what are you waiting for? Go download it now and get your CrackBerry on!! Thanks Fabian!

Reader comments

New Website Launcher for your BlackBerry: Visit to Download for Free!


Already got it up and running from the site announcement earlier. Everything in one place. Really nice app, can't wait for the notifications to be added

This app is awesome! already up and running on my s1.
Very easy navigation. Small memory footprint. Works great!

Only thing is it seems to be loading the full webpage instead of the mobile site. Only downside I see.

The mobile site remembers your preferences. It should fairly aggressively redirect you to the site.  If you don't like the mobile site, you can click the exit mobile view link to get back to the full site. Next time you visit, should remember the full site. Conversely, if you click the link it'll take you to the mobile site and should remmeber that for the next time you visit/use the launcher.

You're correct Kevin. All I had to do was quickly browser the mobile site and forums and then I tired the app. It remembered to go to the mobile and not the full.

Setting even lasted through a battery pull.

Great app!

Thanks for the help!

I love the app but it definitely goes to the full site. I click on mobile view and it redirects but it does not remember for the next time. If this can be fixed the app would be set,

you are right! thx for the patience. will get that fixed.  will collect a list of any bugs/tweaks over the next day, then try and get them all into the next build release.  good spot. not enough 8520/8530 users I guess on our beta testers.

well spottet. bugger, i thought i tried every single link.
an update will come soon.

I noticed the note to turn off compatibility mode....what exactly does that entail for me to be able to use this app?

this is awesome, thanks so much, ive been wanting to get this but since i have the storm, ive had to wait, thanks

This is so much better than the original launcher, with a smaller footprint. Already deleted the original...

Works like a champ! Pulls up the mobile site for me as expected.
Thanks for the holiday gift Fabian!

Works great on my 8330! At least once I figured out the version numbers. I (falsely) assumed this launcher would have a higher version number than my old CB launcher. Downloaded it, deleted what I though was "old" CBL 1.48 and then ran the "new" 2.0. version of CBL- only to find it looked just the same. Huh??? Finally double checked and noticed Fabian's version is the 1.48 one... Doh!

Deleted the original, just wish you could still change colors like the first one though. I like matching stuff on my screen =) Otherwise, the new version is awesome!!

I love the new CrackBerry Launcher application! I love the ability to launch to any part of the site you choose!!

Thumbs Up to the developer!!

Hey Kevin, so what is the "big improvement" over the "old" crackberry 2.0 beta? you can do everything from that one also.

Thank you! I tried my best in building a better Launcher. I use it sooo often every day that I thought a good launcher would help a lot...

This is a great app. Takes up hardly any memory. Is quick. Gives full access to all areas of Crackberry. Wish the RIM app store had something like this instead of a 2.4 mb monster.

Thanks for this holiday gift.

Fabulous and free!

Kevin, this is definetly on of the parts you were talking bout in the app talk of the Hierarchy of Needs....this is one of those apps that Crackberry addicts MUST have!! Great work and thanks!

- just downloaded the new launcher and it works great. I now have two individual CB launchers on my home page. The question I have is this... What would be the advantage of keeping the older launcher (version as opposed to keeping the new launcher (version 1.48)? Should I keep both? The way it's looking, the newer version is better due to its better navigation. Any opinions would be great. Thank you for your time and attention.

I say delete the original one if you like the navigation with the new one. You can always redownload and add again if necessary.

I've tried clearing my cache but it still only takes me to the full site. Am I doing something wrong?

Is it really that hard for a site to identify the BB Browser and default to the mobile site? The launcher is worthless without that in place to begin with, and no, it doesn't "remember" your preference. That should be coded into crackberry itself.

I like it a lot, but it's kind of a pain on the Storm2. I don't like apps that aren't created for it. It's counterintuitive to scroll. But a definite improvement from the old launcher.

The only improvement I suggest is that the icon seems a bit "off". It's kind of pixelated, if that's even a word :)

I and a lot of others have been seeing a huge trend in great idea apps, but unfortunately have a bad design. Either incompatibility, or just simply unusable. I really hope that designers, and programmers don't even through out a beta of there app until it is for specific phones, and are at least near finished. I design websites for people and wouldn't launch one for someone if it was 3/4 finished, or 75% finished. It seems anymore blackberry app designers and programmers are just throwing there apps out quickly without testing just to make a quick buck. There is something to say about apple with the iphone and ipods app directory. It isn't filled with a lot of the crap that you see here. Matter of fact they siphon through there apps daily and test them just to make sure not only that they'll work properly, but that they'll be a hit successfully with there customers. GET ON BOARD PEOPLE. Don't make me jump in this loop and out program you all.