Get Netflix on your BlackBerry PlayBook now with Flix

Netflix BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 1 May 2012 02:18 pm EDT

If you've been holding out for a Netflix app for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Flix is here to save the day. Flix is an app that allows you to easily stream your Netflix content to your PlayBook. The app works by transmitting the stream from your PC to your PlayBook over a shared wifi connection. It does currently have some limitations however:

  • Your BlackBerry PlayBook must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.
  • Flix requires approximately 5 Mbps transfer speed between your PC and BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • When you are watching a Netflix movie on your BlackBerry PlayBook, the computer's audio is redirected to your BlackBerry PlayBook.
  • Windows PC only. (Mac is not supported)
  • There are no player controls such as pause or rewind on the BlackBerry PlayBook at this time. I hope to improve this.

While it's not an official Netflix app (it has no affiliation) it is a great alternative. If you want to give it a go, you can grab it now in BlackBerry App World for $4.99.

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Reader comments

Get Netflix on your BlackBerry PlayBook now with Flix


Streaming via another device sounds dumb. If I had a laptop, I would just watch on that instead - why deal w/buffering which would mean lower quality on playbook. also why would anyone pay to do that?

Thanks for your feedback on the app concept. I completely agree that being able to watch Netflix at home is only part of the use case. That being said, for me personally, 90% of the time I want to watch Netflix content, I'm at home. The use case I'm most looking forward to is when our 3 year old crawls into bed with us and wants to watch videos, or "bideos", as he calls them. All of the cartoons he watches are on Netflix, so this will be perfect.

Ironically, watching Netflix while away from home is tricky because no one would want to burn through their limited mobile plan to watch a movie. At least not me, with my 1 GB / month I get with Rogers. Even if I'm at an airport, the bandwidth is typically not adequate, because there are so many users sharing the Wi-Fi.

So while not for everyone, I think the at-home use case will still be compelling for many people.

I have unlimited data on Verizon. Ever since I received my PlayBook I have not watched a movie on Netflix. Weird.

$5 for a netflix client server LAN only app is pretty outrageous. The only times most would opt to use their playbook for netflix is when they aren't at home. A plane, a train, doctors office, etc. This won't work in any of those situations.

Nice idea, bad price.

If it's $2.99, I'll give it a try. It would be more useful to use when away from home where I have a laptop, a Media Computer, my wife's Kindle Fire, & a Streaming box in my man cave... wait a minute... maybe I'll use the $3 to buy myself a smoothie ...

Let's see how the day goes

Thanks for making it though... Good work!


If you have PlayOn, you can already get netflix and a whole bunch more to work on your Playbook. Need the upgraded version of PlayOn though.

Too many loops to watch a movie. RIM is showing to be fixing the loose ends so I will wait to see what they've done concerning streaming movies.

This is definitely not a good sign, if they're putting this on app world that means netflix isn't coming, I wish netflix come to playbook, but this is definitely not a good sing of the original netflix coming to playbook any time soon!

Who is THEY? This isn't RIM releasing the app. It's a third-party developer trying to help out PlayBook users until (if ever) Netflix makes the app.

Holy crap the haters on here.

This is a "great alternative"? Really? What fool is going to start up their laptop only to stream the movie to a Playbook on the same wifi network that's 5 feet away? Ugh.

Maybe said fool doesn't have a computer or xbox hooked up to their TV? I guess not being able to afford an xbox or a PC to dedicate to a PC makes someone a fool.

We' I see myself buying this cause my PC doesn't have an hdmi outlet, so with this app I can plug my PB to my HDTV and enjoy netflix on a 42" screen rather than on my 7" PB or 17" PC.

so i can't use this app if i goto Starbucks and have to be at home since it have to be on the same wifi network? that is useless. why would i need this app when i'm at home?


Thank goodness I can watch Amazon with the PB update. I had despaired of ever being able to use the services I had already paid for with my PB.

To the developer: Good job and good luck!

To Rim and Netflix: Seriously?

"Your BlackBerry PlayBook must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer. "
Oh ok. I must decide to watch it on a 7" screen and only be at home (for me). Yeah right.

BTW Adam,are you guys forced to pimp these products or is this free will?

There are some decent use cases for watching Netflix at home on your PlayBook. As I mentioned to a user above, our son likes to crawl into bed with us in the morning, and he likes to watch his cartoons on our PlayBook. I'm probably like most people in that if I want to watch Netflix, I'd prefer it on the big screen, but not always... if you're in a different part of the house and want to watch something, the PlayBook works great, or if the TV is already in use, etc.

There's also the use case of people using their HDMI cable to watch the movie on their big screen if they happen to not have an Xbox, etc. (Although I need to fix a bug whereby the audio isn't flowing through to the HDTV for some reason)

As for the "are you guys forced to pimp these products" comment, ... that's a bit harsh.

It doesn't hurt to be encouraging of devs, even if they don't always nail the particular use cases you care about.

For me, it would mean watching full-screen on my TV... My laptop only provides a letterboxed (all 4 sides) image to the TV (video card restriction). Streaming to the Playbook means I can drive the TV from the HDMI, and get a full-screen image on the TV.

I like watching movies curled up in my lap and I would do it, even though I can currently get Netflix on several laptops, a desktop, and a Roku hooked to my TV. :)

I'll buy it. Otherwise, I was thinking about canceling Netflix. Their selection of newer titles sucks. And I can stream movies from Amazon Prime to my PB w/no problem... ;-)

I have cancelled my Netflix subscription because they don't support the playbook. This app won't bring me back. But time will tell. My wife is thinking about watching Netflix while on the bathtub.

Netflix sucks!!!! horrible selection and quite frankly if they don't make a native Playbook App I'm not really interested.

Congrats on the app. I have no need for netflix as I am not a telly addict that i need to watch tv when at the doctors or starbucks. I would like t apologise for all negativity received from the unappreciative CB members.

For months they have cried "give us netflix", you take your time and develop an app giving them a partial solution and the greedy sods dont jobs st ask for more they belittle your efforts.

This is a "first step solution" and do they thank you.... Like heck do they. You dont need to defend your app any longer for i have the answer.

If this app does not meet your needs, go with the grace of God and build yourself a better one. If you cant then please shut up unless you have some constructive feedback and maybe this dev, in their own time may be able to continue to develop this one.

good concept, but why not use an app like splashtop? you don't even need to be on the same wifi.
ok, i'll give you kudos for taking the first step though - and as soon as you're done with netflix then please tackle skype.

Has anyone stopped and asked themselves why the developers of popular movie apps like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon not only don't create apps for Blackberry but actively restrict Blackberry users from streaming from their browser or side loading (in the case of the Playbook which has Flash)?

First it was quality, screen size and resolution, touch screen, speed, browser. RIM answered back with BB7 and of course with Playbook whose os was developed using QNX. I mean heck you can convert an Android app with a few lines of code to Playbook. So now there is a Blackberry product out there for which there is no excuses. But still nothing!

Its because they don't want to! Not because they can't! Shoot RIM is even willing a ready to send a team of its own developers to Netflix to create an app. They don't want to folks! That's the bottom line! I am willing to bet that Apple and Google have much to do with this. They don't like eachother but they are united in eliminating the smaller competitors, especially RIM! Why because unlike Windows phones RIM poor in the market as it may be in the US, still has a pretty strong hold in the international market. Eliminate RIM and Apple and Google are free expand there international market.

I can almost guarantee the Apple and/or Google are in bed with many of these developers and definately influence there decision to create these apps for RIM! Its not going to happen guys. If they haven't created these apps already for Playbook, I'm almost certain they won't for BB10.

My humble opinion RIM? Screw Netflix, Hulu, Skype... Create your Movie App "BB Movies" make it better than Netflix and market it for everyone, accross platforms! Make it available for IPhone, Android and Windows. Do the same with BBM and BBM Music. Put the Blackberry name on apps on EVERY Platform accross the board! If you can't get them, Beat Them at there own game!