Get more BBM emoticons with Easy Smiley Pack for BBM

Easy Smiley Pack for BBM
By ObiGeorge on 1 Feb 2011 01:54 pm EST

All of us love BlackBerry Messenger, and it is nice to see a company develop an addon for it. Easy Smiley Pack for BBM brings 250+ smilies (and other symbols) to your BBM, at the wonderful price of free. You will find a wide variety of characters, like music notes, cocktail glasses, animals, and hearts. The application is simple. After installing it, you need only to open BBM, hit options and "Add Easy Smile" to access the huge database of characters. The smilies will show up on any and all BlackBerrys, whether they have Easy Smiley Pack for BBM installed or not. You can pick it up at BlackBerry App World for any device running OS 5 and up, free of charge.

Download Easy Smiley Pack for BBM from App World

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Get more BBM emoticons with Easy Smiley Pack for BBM


Remember it is still a beta version - so you will have bugs. Try being good citizen and also report the bugs, just not blasting off here. :)

sorry, not directed at you, more for the others who can only bitch instead trying to help the app so it becomes better.

LOL! gotta love this, so many bitchers and whiners on here that these preemptory posts are needed.

Amen, why CB does have the option of downgrading emails to oblivion I don't know.

Just installed on my Torch, and when you select "Add Easy Smile" I get a menu with a list of buttons with labels. It does not show the icons for the smilies.

Wrong. "You can pick it up at BlackBerry App World for any device running OS 5 and up, free of charge"

Same thing on my Bold 9650......boooo

....just tried playing around with it, rebooted my berry, and found the following:
1) adds "Add Easy Smiley" to the menu options. Why? To me, this is totally unnecessary, adds no value or functionality, and is a PITA.
2) whenever the menu option is clicked, the message "use in bbm only!" is displayed, even when in bbm.
3) after a reboot, it takes an exceedingly long time for the words of the icon list to appear. I could have shaved in the time it took for the items to appear on screen.

I'm running, FWIW.

I am going to delete this app.

I also am dissapointed in it only showing a labeled bar and not the actual smiley, makes it a PITA to use it. probably goint to uninstall this app.

Yea, as was said, it just shows the description. How dumb!!! It also doesn't allow to hit a key to jump to a certain letter. I can almost drink a glass of wine before I can enter the wine glass symbol. I'm better off just using AutoText and the big list of icons that are in the forum, which this app seems to add nothing to those.

What a waste of time... The first app ever that I was truly excited about, but then deleted within 2 minutes. Glad I checked it out before sending it to all my friends.

Very disappointed, I guess that's what you get for free.

yes a bit disappointing word description appears rather than an actual image, but what do you expect for free.

What everyone else said...doesn't show the smileys only words. Plus when you're in BBM and you hit the menu key you have to scroll down pretty far to get to it. I was so excited about this app but I will probably uninstall it :(

I was let down as well! Going to delete it too..... so gad I didn't tell anyone about this (how embarrassing)

I am using 0s 5 and I don't see the icon either, only the name/title

Would pay a buck or two as I'm sure most would for the full set of icons to be displayed. Even as free I have to delete. It's just to hard to use.

Its not as bad an app as everyone on here is saying.

Very cool smileys, many are not available elsewhere
It is integrated into BBM
Many Smileys to choose from
Other person does not need to have it installed to see the smileys you send them

You cant see the smiley before you add it, only a description of it
The list is long, and you have to scroll to through the whole thing to get to the ones at the end

My opinion: Room for improvement, but it can spice up your BBMs a little

Actually, these are all the same smiley's that have been available in the forums for years...I've had them added into auto-text for the past 2 or 3 years now! I think the problem people are having with it, same as I am, is scrolling down thru the long list of word labels instead of just having all the smiley's grouped together for quick easy selection! Its faster to type the auto-text word I have these smileys saved as, then to scroll all the way through the long list! Great idea for an app, just execution needs a lot of work to speed up and make it easier to use! If you're interested in a complete list of smiley's and characters search the forums, or let me know and I'll send them to you!

I agree, it's not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Sure, it's kind of a pain scrolling through all of the smiley descriptions, but I'm sure that they're probably working on an update that will show each particular one.

The app is relitavely small (less than 200kb) so I don't think I'll delete it. I'll just keep it around for when I want a different smiley, I don't want to mess with copying certain ones in my autotext and adding a shortcut.

Okay gonna give it a second chance..... probably gonna delete in a day or so..... trying hard to not be so quick to judge..... its is free.

Update: I tried..... I really did. Hate it!!! Have to delete it!!!!

Honestly - these emoticons are barely a meg. RIM - you can't add these in? Or put them in App world as an add in? I mean its not like I'm asking for my e-mail to not be truncated, or full html e-mail, or ring tones and alerts to play through the headset, or be able to forward an e-mail with out the full thread.

Seriously RIM just add the functionality.

Seriously what? They have emoticons in BBM. Ones that you actually use. But I guess some people like you have conversations where you need to show a pic of a soccer ball or a handicapped sign or an ear....(head shake) <-- see it's just as effective without the icon. But now that I think of it, all I ever see posted from you is comments bagging on RIM. So I'm going to use my brain a little and deduce that this is nothing more than another troll remark.

These ARE already in BBM, they just aren't accessible through the interface. Otherwise it wouldn't work on the receiving end unless they had the add-on installed too.

Also "barely a meg"? To what are you referring? This app is 196KB, which is .19MB, very far from 1MB.

It's garbage - a complete waste of time but I then I guess what did I expect for free? lol
Does not work at all on my Torch with the latest leaked O/S...When I press the option button all it says is "use on BBM only" and nothing else.

Soooo cute. What's cuter is that it says I have 1MB on my Storm. "No storage available" (I have 5 "apps". come onnnn. Verizon iPhone thank you very much. Mua. Bye Brickberry. Sorry to hate, but come the eff on, they don't even offer to update our browser let alone not have us update to OS6 that is extremely ancient now. Thanks for nothing BB, but I can't even install smileys due to lack of space. Sad face.

The concept is great. Having additional emoticons available is a nice option if you like to use them. BUT the list of icons rather than seeing the selections make this cumbersome to work with.(IMHO)

Perhaps in a future release the developer will take this into consideration. In the meantime, thank you for providing this for us.

Hmmm, the screenshots are a bit misleading aren't they? Was getting ready to D/L until I read the comments. Maybe will try anyway?

its ok.. kinda, frees always good but its hard to find a face or symbol. They need a better way to scroll thru the faces and symbols. It would be nice if it added it to the pictures of the ones that are already on bbm but i think it would be crazy huge. good idea i guess, something new

Yup. They get "Angry Birds". We get smileys.

Hey, but I love that new Bold Gucci holster that attached to my walker. Just have to carry two of them so I don't topple over sideways.

Gotta go... Matlock is on...

I actually have these icons for bbm for almost a year already. I got them from an older crackberry post. They show as black boxes but once you press the spacebar after putting them in they show up. I just copied all the black boxes and saved them in my memo area. So instead of downlaoding a wastefull app here they are. Just copy and paste. Just remeber to press the space bar afterwards.

          

 
 

Guys, want more smileys while being able to actually see them? Go to in your mobile browser. You still have to look for them in the menu under "Movi Emoticones" and the descriptions are in Spanish but you should be able to identify what you want to use. Works like a charm in my 9700.

Could the next version include a preview of the emoticon next to the descriptive text

thank you.

Or drop the text completely, and just have the icon.

When you can see the icon, you don't need the text. Besides, scrolling through a grid of icons is much quicker than a lock single column of text.

My $0.02

Sorry if this is duplicate - I only skimmed through the previous messages.
I purchased fancy characters to send texts to iphone users and to put them into email a few months ago.

1. Inserting one of their smileys will cut your message size down by a lot. like you can only type 80-some letters.

2. those are just not the kind of "emoticons" i use daily. I'd prefer it added variety to "smileys" (the yellow round faces - no race joke intended as I'm an asian myself). I used it probably twice just for the sake of using it.

3. It worked perfectly fine on OS 5 and OS 6 on my 9700.

4. Scrolling etc. is fine - I didn't find it to be any less convenient than the oem smileys (although like most of you i type the smileys instead of selecting from the chart most of the time)