Get On Your BlackBerry, Kinda..

By Bla1ze on 24 Nov 2009 08:41 pm EST
Get On Your BlackBerry, Kinda..

The CrackBerry tip line has been hot today with our users letting us know about the "new" application that is available for BlackBerry smartphones. Now we totally love our tipsters, so we're gonna put this up but just to clarify a few things. The app is not new, it's actually been available for a while and the reason why it's been low key so far is the fact it only supports US (AT&T, T-Mobile) and UK BlackBerry Bold and BlackBerry Curve 8900's.

Not a huge outreach there with such limited support. But, here's to hoping all the press has received forces them to update the application for newer devices. Making it available to even more carriers would certainly take the cake as well. For those of you that can use it, you like it? Let us know in the comments folks!

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Get On Your BlackBerry, Kinda..


Just saw the T-Mobile US one, when I looked I only saw T-Mobile UK. :)

On the same note, it doesn't even show up in the Canadian app world, I had to go to the online app world site just to even see it. 

If you just want the scrobbling, you can check out flipside. I use it and it scrobbles well but it doesn't have the radio feature (which I don't use because my trial expired).

They just launched Last FM on xbox live. After it launched I went looking for a BB app and found out that it was extremely limited. I was disappointed. Hopefully they get on the ball.

I've had a profile for about a year without really using it, but I recently got into it again. I got excited at the idea of a app, but in the three weeks I've had it on my phone, I have yet to get it to work. :/

Just followed the link to in app world and I have no option to download.

I'm using Bold 9000 / Vodafone UK

OS is .348 is maybe the problem?

Please help or provide an OTA link.


I got it downloaded as well, but can't get it to work right. The app loads just fine, but it won't search. I click search, but it does nothing at all.

This have been had this program for the iphone!!! I got my music on there as well!!! Check it out!!! FredStar