Get to know the CrackBerry Idol competitors - watch their audition videos! (part 4)

CrackBerry Idol Contestants!
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jun 2010 07:24 pm EDT

We're back with our fourth preview (see parts 1, 2 and 3) of five more of the contestants competing in Round 1 of CrackBerry Idol. The CrackBerry Idol winner will become a regular contributor to the CrackBerry blogs, so among the audition vids you'll be witnessing a future CB blogger. Who that person is will be up to the community to decide, so be sure to watch all of the audition videos so when it comes to the competition rounds (app review, case review, accessory review, device review) you'll know who each competitor is.

Next up we have Aloha Joe, Tim, Earl, Kerri and Manav. Each of them is ready and more than willing to be the next CrackBerry Idol, and they each have some compelling arguments as to why they are the ideal candidate for the position. Watch their awesome audition videos below and be sure to leave some shoutouts of encouragement in the comments - the road to becoming the CB Idol is paved with hard work! Keep in mind the community judging starts with the app reviews (not the audition vids), so please keep your comments relevant and constructive.

CrackBerry Idol Audition Videos

1. Aloha Joe

2. Tim

3. Earl

4. Kerri

5. Manav

Reader comments

Get to know the CrackBerry Idol competitors - watch their audition videos! (part 4)


Tim is very enthusiastic and sounds like quite the dedicated individual. Joe's video was flashy and pretty creative so i give him credit for that. But when it comes down to everything I think the team could really use Carrie. She could bring a lot to the table and everyone would benefit!

Holy crap, that is such a fail. You just rolled out of bed and decided hmmrgghh Im gonna do a Crackberry video hurr durr?

This round was easy.

1. Joe - good job youre on top this round!

2. Kerri - First vote for me for a female!

3. Tim - Had to pick a 3rd spot.

So good luck to all!

I hope you enjoy my app review as well.

I admit Joe's video is pretty sweet. I miss my office view of Diamond Head more then ever now.

Nice use of iMovie. I love the software, You look just like me with the blackberry on the Mac Pro. i do alot of traveling and thats how I get my work done. I also have that same song on my ipod. You definitely got my vote. Keep it up.

Yes Joe. This is the best guy ive seen. He knows what hes doing since he made a whole slideshow instead of just talking to a camera.

Manav reminds me of Om Malik. Yea, I know, imagine that. I am anxious to see him in the next round. I like his relaxed, laid back style.

Thats how it should be like right? We're all addicts and thats why we're all here. I never believed that I would make it by wearing a clown suit and jumping up and down holding a BB. I'm more of a religion promoter then a attitude filled "expert" But yeah if you want me to wear a clown suit ill do it :p

Would go with Tim on this one. Fits in the best with the current team, knows his stuff, well spoken...Led Zep T-shirt...legit

WOW! That was very well put together, lots of thought went into it, good content and info and probably the most enjoyable/funniest video that i have seen on crackberry since i joined 4yrs ago!! 100% yes to Aloha Joe!

Yes I did infact on impulse made my audition video. Instead of the others who decided to select glorious locations and video editing software. My pitch is simple I am a honest crackberry addict for a long time and honestly believe that I deserve this as much as the other guy for my skill and love for berries.

Lets hope that my skills speak for themselves and would definitely try to shine in the app review. Thanks guys, do add me in either case would be lovely to interact with other crackberry addicts.

Perhaps, that the audition was all about getting attention? Many of these winning audtions do not showcase the contestants writing or review talent. Some of the videos at least give a glimpse on the person's Blackberry knowledge, but many of them are stupid or sound like the contestant was stoned or drunk when they did it. The sad part is that many prospective contestants were cut based solely on their audtion tape. So, if positioning your appearance so that it gains attention, aka Brittany and Kerri, or showcasing your tropical paradise like Aloha Joe, can get you noticed, I guess that's a good audition. Now, let's just hope the cool audtions can write as good as they make themselves look.

I'm female & have breasts. Didn't want my video to look like a disembodied head lol. Sorry if my "knockers" offended anyone.

I want to see who can write and post a great review, but any audition that features Hawaii and a Corona, definately deserves my vote for attention! Thought it was cool how Aloha Joe featured a $50 app that also showcases the utility value of a Blackberry. Love the touch at the end of replacing the lime with an actual Blackberry. Now I am craving a Corona! :-)

i feel these two really knew what they were talking about i would trust them for crackberry . the others were BORING!!!!

I loved the audition video Aloha Joe made! I wish I lived near a beach!! Still good job everyone! I don't see how people can complain about someone's "knockers". It's just a vid where someone explains why they like BB and why they want to be the CB Idol. I mean, I didn't see Kerri showing off her chest to the cam, she just stood there and introduced herself. I mean, in person, when you talk to a woman are you always like "whoah! she was totally showing me her rack!" They aren't going to go away, they are there. Live with it. Grow up.

Saying your appearance got attention is not to detract from your skills as a writer. This contest is not about videos, it's about writing. Your writing skills are going to take you the distance. Your video was just to put a face on the writer. And, let's face it, to create discussion and attention to the contest. It's summer time. Look at the summer TV show, So You Think You Can Dance, for example. If they don't sell sex appeal, I don't know what does, but you have to be really talented in your dancing skills to make it to the finish. However, the contestants of that show that do not stand out in their appearance in a positive way, don't make it to the final rounds. Like it or not, sex appeal sells. But in the end, talent is what wins.

...but why so much "love" for Joe? Hell, I live in Hawaii, on the same island in fact, and so what if he shows the beach and "paradise"???

Not saying he doesnt know his stuff, but how can anyone here say he does? All I got out of the video was:

- His name
- The model of BB he uses
- The fact he uses Tether with his 13" MBP
- He drinks Corona
- He knows how to use iMovie and templates
- and he wears really ugly shirts... (sort of a joke)

Now, again, not saying he doesnt know his way around a BB, but it wasnt all that informative or enthusiastic really. Creative? Well, I guess so, compared to the rest of the entries so far, but not really.

To me it seems just as much as some mention the female entrants using their "assets" as an attractor to their cause, he sort of used his location in his favor.

Well, guess we will see what comes of all this....