Get to know the CrackBerry Idol competitors - watch their audition videos! (part 2)

CrackBerry Idol Contestants!
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Jun 2010 06:01 pm EDT

OK, we're back with our next preview of five more of the contestants competing in Round 1 of CrackBerry Idol. The CrackBerry Idol winner will become a regular contributor to the CrackBerry blogs, so among the audition vids you'll be witnessing a future CB blogger. Who that person is will be up to the community to decide, so be sure to watch all of the audition videos as we get them up here, so when it comes to the competition rounds (app review, case review, accessory review, device review) you'll know who each competitor is.

We did a random drawing for which order their audition videos would hit the blogs and next up we have Dave, Finza, DJ, Nick and David. Each of them is ready and more than willing to be the next CrackBerry Idol, and they each have some compelling arguments as to why they should be the next CrackBerry Idol. Watch their awesome audition videos below and be sure to leave some shoutouts of encouragement in the comments - the road to becoming the CB Idol is paved with hard work! Keep in mind the community judging starts with the app reviews (not the audition vids), so please keep your comments relevant and constructive. 

CrackBerry Idol Audition Videos

1. Dave

2. Finza

3. DJ

4. Nick

5. David

Reader comments

Get to know the CrackBerry Idol competitors - watch their audition videos! (part 2)


IM still sticking out my vote to either JOseph the Strange from the 1st round, and Youseif the Weird from Round 1. Round 2 brought no competition to the table. The real chips were Yousief and Joseph. I wish both of them could win. Id already miss the other.

From rounds 1 and 2 I would say it goes like this.

1. Joseph

2. Dave

3. Nick

Either one of these guys wins, and I'll be happy.

It's not going to be an easy CB Idol.
The only thing I have to say is number 2, 3 and 4 should talk louder, or edit their videos with louder sound, was it just me or it looked like they were whispering?

Out of this round Dave & DJ get my vote, in that order. But I agree a winner is going to be hard to pick. The competition is a riot and I think we are going to see some excellent talent. Good job guys!

He seems to have the knowledge and experience with BB to have a well rounded viewpoint and also seems to have some decent presentation skills. Joseph would be my second choice, but Dave is leading the pack right now.

I think Finza looked a little bit shy, I know I always get nervous in front of people and on camera, so I know this must've been a bit tough. Takes guts to do this, so congrats to everyone! I would pick as my top choice from these 5, Dave! Good luck everyone, I know you must be working hard on the reviews! Just to the "quiet" ones, try and edit the audio ;)

It took me over two hours to submit my video after numerous attempts and I am an extremely shy person. I don't know what gave me the chutzpah to do this. But it paid off as I'm waiting for them to post my video. My friends have seen the video and were laughing their a***'s off. I feel embarassed just thinking about when Kevin is going to post it. And to answer the question about the audio, I do not own video editing software so if mine is a little low I apologize. Right now I'm on the millionth draft of the review. This is much harder than it looks. I don't know how the team does this on a daily basis. I'm pulling my hair out for just one review. Congrats everyone and good luck!

My votes on Dave, he started the video just flat-out on what's it about, and he just said what he hadda say straight-out, the realest in my opinion. Dave FTW!

They are all annoying except Dave! DAVE! Dave has my vote, but if I had to pick a runner up out of this group it would be David. I can stand him, but not the rest!

Out of both rounds so far I would have to say Dave is the best. His presentation was far superior then all the rest. He also seemed the most well rounded and confident.

Actually to me he vaguely looks and sounds like KEVIN just a little lol..

My votes on Dave.

Man these auditions are tight. I got my eye on 3 people right now. Still 14 more and myself left to go. Only 10 move on and Its getting better by the min.

Hey guys, I've been keeping my eye on the comments since this post has been up. I want to thank you guys for your constructive criticisms and will try to make sure my review/video are better and will wow you guys. Even the harshest of words help. I want to make clear that all I was trying to make sure shone through in that video was my will to be a CrackBerry contributor, if any other impression was given or interpreted, it was not my intention. Good luck to my fellow contestants. Looking forward to seeing more videos and reading their reviews. :)

I think Dave was awesome. He seemed very knowledgeable bout Crackberry and blackberry. I choose #1!!!!! Go Dave :)

Pick up Dave, thats it finish! fin fin fin

If he has time to write stuff then it has to be Dave the crackberry idol

Nick looks like a pretty solid guy for the job in my opinion. Not to mention Crackberry could use a contributing member from Montreal! It seems pretty much every single one of us McGill students has a BlackBerry...

I'm gonna have to go with #1 Dave on this one...#5 was a close 2nd but I was more impressed with Dave...he seemed to be very knowledgeable and I really liked his sign-off...if he wins this whole thing and ever gets on a podcast he should keep that sign-off lol


Dave and David knew what they were talking about and they both got to the point why they should be picked for crackberry idol. The others need more practice speaking either you couldn't really hear them or their energy just wasn't there.......

You are so right, I couldn't agree more. The participants from the first round was very good as well. I don't think I'm able to decide who I think should win.

Dave is clearly heads and shoulders above in terms of knowledge and presentation! I would read his stuff. So my vote is #1 Dave.