Get to know the CrackBerry Idol competitors - watch their audition videos! (part 1)

CrackBerry Idol Contestants!
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jun 2010 09:29 pm EDT

25 contestants are currently hard at work prepping their BlackBerry app reviews for Round 1 of CrackBerry Idol. But before their reviews hit the blogs next week we have this week to get to know the competitors via their audition videos. The CrackBerry Idol winner will become a regular contributor to the CrackBerry blogs, so among the audition vids you'll be witnessing a future CB blogger. Who that person is will be up to the community to decide, so be sure to watch all of the audition videos as we get them up here, five at a time.

We did a random drawing for posting order and first up we have Joseph, Yousif, Brittany, Zander and Shankeith. Each of them is ready and more than willing to be the next CrackBerry Idol, and they each have some compelling arguments as to why they should be the next CrackBerry Idol. Watch their awesome audition videos below and be sure to leave some shoutouts in the comments at your favorite. I can tell the battle is already heating up, and the first round has yet to begin!

CrackBerry Idol Audition Videos 

1. Joseph

2. Yousif

3. Brittany

4. Zander

5. Shankeith

Reader comments

Get to know the CrackBerry Idol competitors - watch their audition videos! (part 1)


of the 5 pictures shown one of them is a young attractive woman with a smartphone pushed into her bra, and people think the vote will be about talent or something? LOL

Since she's at least marginally cute, I had somewhat high hopes for her, but there was really nothing special there. And to suggest that CB needed female representation after admitting that she has a Blackberry because her boyfriend threatened to break up with her...not a strong, independent female voice, IMHO. She then goes on to put "Britt + Oliver" on the closing credits...what is she, 13?

Sorry...there are better choices here.

why even have a contest, u think any man would vote for someone other than the barley legal girl you have with a blackberry in her bra? this is stupid.

GET RID OF THE GIRL!! she is "OKAY" most girls around NY look like the cookie-cutter girl that is britney. ITs shameful you guys put her up there, KNOWING she cant review or write for shit about BB's. IF she wins, ill quit this site for good. THe REAL choices were between JOseph and Youseif. Id actually love to hear more from BOTH since theyre so different. THe girl has got to go first, she should just stick to myspace, and everyone below that, is (truth be told) kinda boring).

she will win... why because she's a girl and guys will vote based on looks. she's okay i'd hit it. my vote would go to her, I won't even have a bb in about a week. My 9700 sucks i'm getting an iphone4 unlocked. so just to show how much of a joke the bb is Brittany all the way she's cute =) my vote is based on looking at he pic for 3secs.

thats the sad truth.. BB has a looong way to go before it catches up to modern phones..esp androind. THe slider is blackberry's hope, but the UI has to be more than a column of "choices".

Who wouldn't have guessed that someone would want Brittany to win when she has her blackberry in between her lady lumps?

It needs to be voted on who will be the BEST not the cutest but the BEST representative for Crackberry Idol !

WTF get out more guys. The girl is cute, but seriously.

People are acting as if they never seen a girl in their lives.

Get out of your mothers basement and go out more!

She sounds very robotic, and is reading a script!

I vote for Joseph by far. Go Joseph!

She is beautiful and knows more about BlackBerry's and Crackberry than 90% of everybody on here so before you idiots start judging her cause she is cute wait till her app review comes out and then you will see what she knows and can do. This video was not suppose to show how much she knows, it was an audition. I guarantee she will make it to the final round! I dare any of you to BBM her and question her about anything Blackberry and she will put you in your place

She hasnt even had a BB for 9 months yet so the claim she knows more than 90% of the people on

If she wins I am going to quit coming here too. Its pretty obvious that she would just win because she stuck her phone between her knockers in the pic. And please don't try and justify her winning by saying crackberry needs a "fresh","new" or "chicks" perspective. And its not sexist if there is no girls on the crack team. If they are not the best dont let them win just to have someone different. She doesnt know or appeciate anything technical, just a little fantasy world of bbm, texting and stumbling upon

Disgusting is the only word that comes to mind when I see that someone who chose to use sexual appeal is getting the most attention from a bunch of perverted internet junkies.

Yes Crackberry, chose Brittany and continue to destroy your image and reputation with soft core pornographic video stills from this kid.

theres still another 20 people to go!! and nobody can vote until they have published the reviews, so seems a bit premature to me!

After viewing these, they were all good to great, Zander in my view though was the best!

Zander has that appeal to be a great fit for being an idol for crackberry!

Don't get it here, he should be in front of the camera not in sound editing- Uhmmm do I hear New York or Hollywood, you got the look!


Re: Brittany... 18 isn't too young, but not having a BB for too long is not going to help the community all that much (nothing personal!) UNLESS her writing really takes everything (reviews) to task, that is.

I therefore second numbers 1 and 5, but good luck to all! :)

EDIT: Wow! Part of my original post got sanctioned! My little jibe was over the line, I take it? (I meant it in good fun, and appreciate your right to edit. Admit it, though... You chuckled, didn't ya?) *sigh* To each their own. Salut!

I think crackberry is doing more the keep their members happy, and satisfied about being Blackberry owners then RIM actually is. Sad but this type of event shows its true in a way.

Was Brittany the only one with a Storm, and superb CorelDraw skills? I won't say who I am voting for until I see a few more videos, but I will say I am only considering contestants brave enough to rock the Storm. Everyone else that's pre-judging for superficial reasons can (should) keep their petty opinions to themselves. We are all adults here (I think.)

(Edit: oops, nevermind, I see Zander has a Storm as well... guess there's at least two in the running)

If we're all adults there wouldn't be a contest so pathetically childish as "Crackberry Idol" going on here, nevermind the even more childish comments like "if Brittney wins I won't visit this site anymore". I mean seriously, sounds to me like most of the people here are pre-teens at best (the target audience of the actual terrible show this contest is spawned from).

Take em all. just take em all. there all awesome. And seriously if a person does not use any advantage they can there idiots. and the losers who say otherwise should cry me a river build a bridge and get over it (not my saying but awesome none the less) so go Brittany... and all the other dudes who are really awesome for some better reasons (i mean the dude is in the film industry for potatoes sake)

Sure she has not had a blackberry for very long...but my vote goes out to Brittany. Hot, cute, sexy voice, and that wonderful "natural holster" she is sporting in her pic just really makes me forget that other may know more than her. LOL

"my BF try to break me up if I didnt have BB" LMAO!! I think she just made it to impress. And that's so lame.

I'll vote for Zander. He's good. He's being himself.

Just a reminder, keep your comments clean. If they get too outlandish they'll simply be deleted. This is for fun and for the community to enjoy folks. No need to take it places it doesn't need to go. :)

Give Brit a break. I am a woman and Brit doesn't threaten me. I am voting on whoever I think is best........boobs or not. Hope enough of you will have an open mind and give everyone an equal shot by what they can add to crackberry. And guys..really...don't tell me if you had a really big,ummm, blackberry, you wouldn't use that on an interview. Lol- just saying.....
Good luck to you all!!! Good job.

DQ Brittany for reading and Shankeith for owning an over sized Jesus phone. Zander gets my vote.

Why would you DQ her for reading?

And why would you DQ someone for using an iPad? Kevin and Bla1ze own iPhones and probably ipads. I think its awesome that they have a broad perspective of all smartphones and smartware because it gives a blog editor an open mind and an open perspective on what is on the market and how we can use them and their products to improve ours. It would be a dumb move for a blog editor to be biased against all other products. That probably means you know very little about the smartphone community.

(If you look at the bottom of every page on CB you will see links to all of our sister sites)

Wow, some of you guys are taking this way too seriously. I am well aware that our CB Team has iPads, iPhones, and MacBooks. I know of our sister sites. I visit them daily. I swear people can't even take a joke nowadays.

Man, day one of CrackBerry Idol and folks are already hating on Brittany. Personally, I thought it was a pretty good video. Actually, this whole first crop is pretty dang good. Can't wait to see the other twenty.

Looks like I've got some competition. My vote goes for that first guy. It's cool if I vote for myself, right?

Anyway, folks, make sure you get ready for twenty-five app reviews in the next couple of weeks. Might want to save up now for all the apps you're going to want to buy! Good Luck CrackBerry Idol-ers; we're going to need it.

My vote goes for both Joseph & Zander...
Shankeith put me off when he had his crap pad out. Yousif needs to be on something to calm the heck down. Finally that brings me to Brittany, all she is trying to do is show us how cute she is... She hasn't had a BB for long so she is still new. Also she says she "loves" her 9530... something must be wrong because I had that phone from the day it first came out on Verizon and the longer I had it the more I hated it... She obviously doesn't use it much or else she would notice screen click issues and the overall non-responsiveness that happens on warm/humid days.
So again my vote goes to both Zander & Joseph

i'm saying Zander as #1 choice and Shankeith asa close second. ya the girl is cute but only having a blackberry for past 7-8months just doesnt seem long enough with people here have had them for past 6+ years.

Some people already seem against the idea of a female being part of this competition. We were all picked to advance for a reason and hopefully our app reviews will show our potential (as a writer lol). Congrats to those who have advanced into this round along with me. I know we're all going to give it our best shot.

having a female writer. I'm not. I do worry that people are going to be more focused on a girl's looks rather than on their ability to write and their knowledge of BlackBerry products. And we can blame both the Idol contestant and the (immature) readers for using sex appeal to win over votes. Imagine if a guy took pics of his BB in his jeans pocket with his junk bulging out like in those CK or underwear commercials. Would that be a reason to vote for him? No. I'm not saying Brit took a cheap shot, we still need to see the app reviews, so she might have the talent, we just need to focus on those and not the "natural bb holster" that women have.
I wish you all good luck, both men and women. May the best one win!

I have to agree with KerBerry. No matter what Brittany's approach is, I'm glad that some female contestants a) auditioned for the contest and b) made it into the first round. =) Good luck to all my fellow contestants with their app reviews. xD

The ultimate prize here is being a regular contributor to the Crackberry blogs. As a daily reader to the CB blog, I am looking forward to that new addition being somebody who knows his or her Blackberry at guru level or can deliver a very good review. As a seasoned Crackberry user who has seen a Crackberry contest of this magnitude before, I know that anything goes in a Crackberry contest, so who knows who will win this. But if these first 5 entries are any indication, it ought to be a fun contest to try to choose the winner. Age and looks shouldn't matter in a contest like this, because in the end, it's the contribution to the blog that counts. I would think your voice and your writing skills may be more important than your looks, because when you do a review, the product has the center stage. You are behind the camera, doing the voice-over. Or you're writing an article to review the product. I wish good luck to the competitors and may the best reviewer be the winner.

I'm goanna go with either Joseph or Shankeith. Joseph seems slightly crazy with his 50s audience comment and idyllic music, which appeals to me, and Shankeith is rocking both modern and retro berries, as well as as a sense of the fourth wall and some humor. Good show :)
And with regards to Brittany... There's no sexism involved here whatsoever imo. She's overly-loud, robotic, can't name a youtube video, flaunts her 'natural holster'... (seriously? What's her app review going to be? 'Okay so like, look at the storm, yeah, right there in the top of my shirt? See the screen?' -__-)

Zander: for being humble, natural and convincing (he looks like Toby McGuire too lol)

Brittany: because a girl could really be useful by attracting some other girls to the community

I'd like to see them go for a direct BlackBerry focused challenge, like an app or device review

Shankeith: Don't pick this dude please, He's just Pretentious!

Joseph was good, more like a writer. So he can do well

Well all talking abt Brittany -
1. She already leaked her PIN lol
2. She was reading her speech like a robot. Maybe useful to bring girls on to the community or marketing CB if they are.
3. I say NO, but other guys would love to visit CB what shes doing.

Shankeith - NO NO NO... hes just showing off everything he has, cannot talk abt TV he has behind him but he did put in his background.

Should have seen more auditions.

I would have sent one too and put story on how I used the broken screen BB 7730 for 3 months with not much hassle, stepped back coz I dont live in North America.

and post my BB blog to showcase how dedicated I am. ;) LOL

Should do when CB trying to get news from Middle-East or Asia Pacific

My PIN is on there so anyone who doubts me can shoot me a BBM and ask me anything about BlackBerry. Don't be intimidated that a girl knows more about your BlackBerry then you do!! Hope to hear from a bunch of you soon!! Can't wait to see some of the interesting questions I get!!


P.S.Robots are really cool!! Google them!! Some of the technology they have now is mind blowing!!

Britanny seemed so much fun I would totally enjoy her in video reviews and such. Joseph has a great personality seems like the kind of guy id hang out with and have a beer with. The other contestants where good but just not eye popping. Anyways may the best contestant win. And Britanny let me know when you break up with your BF :P .

Hey guys, this is Brittany!! I have seen a bunch of negative comments that I don't agree with! I am not just a pretty face, I am also a girl that knows what she is talking about! I understand that a lot of you feel like I only got through for my looks! All contestants were selected for various reasons, whether you agree with these selections or not. Before you start judging me you should give me a chance to show you what I am made of! I am currently working very hard on my app review and I am very excited to share my point of view with you all!! Thank you for your opinions!! I am looking forward to proving a lot of you wrong.


P.S. I am very proud of my "natural holsters" =]]

All good auditions. I have to admit, I like Zander the best at the moment. He has 'that' voice that you know is great to listen to on tutorials etc.

I don't know who has my vote. I'm pretty hard to win over.

Stop the Brittany bashing though guys. Honestly, a LOT of females tuck their phones in their bras. I do it ALL THE TIME, right along with my id card & some cash. I honestly don't think she did it to get on the good side of guys, she did it to get on the good side of GIRLS. After all, WE will be her worst critics. WE will be the ones not listening to her & instead looking at her hair or trying to figure out if she used black or brown eyeliner.

While most of you males were like OHH YEAHHH, most females scrunched their faces up & went NEXT!! It's just reality, us women are harsh, cruel, mean... Name it.

BUT, tucking the BB got her some cool points, simply because after all of that horrid 'I'm CLEARLY reading from my computer screen' reading, I can relate to her. She even went all out & put cutesy stuff up like babies & snowflakes & stars &shxt. You guys REALLY think she did all of that for MALE votes? Nah. You should get a better thought.

While Brittany is reading from a script, she does bring a lot to the table.........and no it's not her "holsters", she is new to the BB world, so it would a fresh look to get her views and opinion. Let's give her a shot guys.

Zander also deserves a nod as well, he was very candid and open about his profession and his dedication to his craft and of course his blackberry.

Other than needing a haircut, a shave and a decent shirt; Joseph gave the best overall presentation!

Joseph was more comfortable with the camera.

He was better prepared with his information.

My vote: Joseph

Hey fellas; Brittany=Felony!

Hey pkcable! You are too funny... "Yousif looks kinda familiar to me."

Both had the presence necessary for video blogs. It will be good to see how they write. I do feel old after seeing how recent the "vintage" models were.

People impressed with Brittany's looks should get out more often. But she ís getting my vote. She might surprise us.

"Brittany! Brittany! Brittany!" Sung in a kinda World Cup topical chant way. She's deffo cool, and she's quite right about the "...other CrackBerry chicks". She gets my vote anyhoo, all the best, Will.

Good Job Joseph, Yousif, Brittany, Zander and Shankeith. It takes courage to just throw yourselves out there! good luck to all of you!!

so far theto im liking are zander and shankeith, zander sems ool and down to earth (as a `podcas` style voice tothat would ork well with the current cb team, and shnketh as iv followed sme of his theme tutorialsat and hes very up n his knowledge.

the others look good too, but hey, theres 20 more people to come, and then they gotta review stuff, so its what they say that really counts i guess.

lastly, what happened to the monday theme roundup CB? poor.

My only thing about all the people voting for Brittany based on looks is this.... How often do you see the person reviewing the app? I dont care if shes a 600 lb chick stuffing her face with pork rinds while working on the pc, as long as she can write a good review (and not have it written for her)

Is it like a turn on to think OMG the girl that just reviewed BerryWeather (or whatever app) is so hot...

Also, i would prefer a more seasoned BlackBerry user, 18 years old is just not enough...

God I hope she doesn't review BerryWeather. What a piece of crap. Weatherbug is the only weather app worth a damn, especially for the 9530. Wait, what were we talking about?

Congratulations and good luck to everyone that made it, and thanks to all the people that are supporting us. This is definitely going to get interesting!

One out of 5 is female. Like she said, it would be nice to have that young female perspective.

And don't knock her for having a BB for a short time. She could be as or more enthusiastic as an experienced user.

My first thought after watching all the videos was that if this is only the first group how are we ever going to choose? Very impressive! However, real reviews will show integrity in style & product. They are all good, tho right now I am leaning toward Joseph & Zander. Don’t dismiss Brittany too quickly. Don’t insist the winner should be a “guru.” Bringing a broader perspective (reviews from someone trying to learn rather than already an expert) may have great appeal to many CB readers. As for the bashing, it says a LOT about the basher, and little about the “bashee.” Keep this fun, and feel free to make useful critiques the contestants can use to improve. Their learning curve will be fairly steep. Thanks CB!

As an Idol contestant I am glad to see the other audition winners. I'm a little concerned about Joseph and Zander now that I see what my audition video will be compaired to. I hope my video and review go toward the end, sometimes going first can help build steam, sometimes it can help people forget you. Good Luck Guys but I hope you all end up dissapointed.

BTW i know that she isn't the only female, and I hope they are judged on content and this doesn't turn into a beauty pagent. I know if it does, I'm OUT!

I'd vote for Shankeith or Joseph.

Brittany, you are auditioning for the wrong competition. It's Crackberry Idol, not Crackberry's Next Top Model. And for those who may be concerned, that isn't a sexist comment. Just watch her video and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Joseph has the simplest presentation, which shows he is sincere and not desperate...

The rest of the guys did great!

But my vote goes to Joseph. Good luck to all!
P.S I didn't like Brittany at first, but after that I think she's quite alright, except that she need to change the way she speaks. LOLLLL

joseph i think did the best job next to yousif anyway thats what i think and i like what your doing i go to crackberry alot so keep it coming
do you know !
and now you know!

You'll see the rest of us soon enough. You can always go over to YouTube and check out the videos there by searching for Crackberry Idol (although you won't know exactly which ones were picked to advance). I'm looking forward to seeing who else advanced besides myself, the five shown already and the other three I know about. Again good luck & congratulations to all of us who have advanced!

Kerberry, I took your idea before you posted here and jumped on YouTube to check out some of the other videos. Brittany is young and cute, definately the eye candy for the summer, but I think your video will get attention too. :-) I liked David Peckin, comes across so naturally, like he does this for a living or something. I don't know, but he sounded like he can pick up where Kevin or Adam left off and you wouldn't miss a beat. Like you say, we don't know which ones got picked. But at least you can see that Collin16 is Brittany's boyfriend. His submission didn't make it per his YouTube comments. So, I gather you guys already know if you made it?

I don't know about reviews on the blog, but the Podcast can definately use a female's voice and perspective. Some of the most popular Leo Laporte podcasts and other very popular podcasts, often feature a female participant. I would encourage the CB Panel and community to keep that option in mind when evaluating the female contestants.

I was a little concerned that my being a bit (ok a lot) older then Brittany would be a bad thing but I have to say that the majority of the BB users on this site are more in my demographic. I know if I was a male I'd probably be drooling over the cute female too so I won't bash them for that lol.

I just hope that our reviews are actually being written by the contestants with no "outside" help so we can truly show what we bring to the table. I know myself and others have been working very hard on these app reviews. Hope you all enjoy them!

Never occured to me to search Youtube xD, thanks, even though I just saw the next 5 I'll definitely look up the others on youtube!
Good luck, kerberry :)

I haven't had the time to send in my audition this year. I'll apply next year.
For now, Zander gets my vote.

I liked 1, 2, and 5. Not much for Brit or Zander. Voice was annoying and it bugged me how she was reading..idk. Zander bored me in the first 2 seconds talking about the Storm. Enjoyed the 80s style educational video in 1.. liked 2 for the multiple languages..5 because he has had quite a number of phones and I'd say he is a pretty techy guy.

In my opeinion i think Crackberry needs a girl and a new perspective. Blackberries are for girls and boys and we need to get a girl on here

Brittany needs a new writer. She sounded like a 9th grade teenie bopper. But Brittany, please continue with the photos, and show a bit more cleavage please.

Some of the comments are getting very sexually charged, and borderline harassment....and its hilarious!! Hopefully britney doesn't win it would water down the credibility of the wonderful crack team just to say they have "added a new perspective". She has no technical knowledge. Liking your blackberry and using it is not enough to be the idol. You have to know your shit, which I think is fair to say she probably doesn't...

The skank at the end is ok, but he's dumb for showing his iPad. Just buying that proves he's dumb. Also, WTH, amd?

Now that's low.

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