Get "How To" Videos From HowCast On Your BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 1 May 2010 01:50 pm EDT
Get "How To" Videos From HowCast On Your BlackBerry

For everyone out there that considers themselves a do it yourself person, you'll certainly want to check out the HowCast application that recently appeared in BlackBerry App World. The application is a rather small download and mainly acts as a launcher for mobile versions of the videos available. But, that's not to say it's just a launcher. The app does allow for some additional features, which are pretty cool.

  • Watch the best how-to videos on the web, straight from your phone
  • Search for a specific how-to video on just about anything
  • Save a video to your list of Favorites so you can watch it at any time
  • Recall videos that you have previously watched using the History feature
  • Share any video with a friend by email
Having checked out the app for a few days now, it's certainly good to have around just in case. I can't foresee anyone needing it on a daily basis but given its small download size it's no bother to have it installed. At the moment, BlackBerry App World indicates that it's only available for all devices in all countries but that seems conflicting of what is said on the HowCast blog. The blog indicates availability for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and BlackBerry Storm 2. Maybe we should be posting our CrackBerry BlackBerry how to videos there as well as YouTube.

Reader comments

Get "How To" Videos From HowCast On Your BlackBerry


App works great on my 9700 on att. Videos actually work better than the youtube vids. Thanks for the heads up on this app!

Yea on a 9000. Glad that that's the only reason why it won't download. Hopefully the next update will fix that.

Successfully download the app, only to find out that when I opened the app and the app tried to establish a connection.
An error message "Sorry, we couldn't connect to the Internet, please try again later" kept on popping and the app would not work.
I'm just wondering when 99.99% of my app can successfully connect to the net, why "Howcast" tells me that it can't!
Epic fail, although it would have been awesome if this would have worked.

"This application is not available on your device or for your carrier"

- courtesy of Blackberry Crap World.

When I opened HowCast in App World, I am only given the options to read reviews and see screenshots. There is no download option. So, I guess that means it's not available for my model phone.

I have a 9000 with 5.0, says, "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier". Went to input "how to make this application work for my blackberry", nothing back.