Get a free download daily during 25 Days of Gifts from BlackBerry World

Get a free download daily during 25 Days of Gifts from BlackBerry World
By DJ Reyes on 29 Nov 2013 12:45 pm EST

BlackBerry is getting into the festive feeling and will be running a BlackBerry World promotion during December to get into the holiday swing. 25 Days of Gifts from BlackBerry World will start from December 1st and run until December 25th. Every day you will get a free premium download.

You will have a choice to download from a selection for apps, games and movies every day. If you're a BlackBerry 10 user be sure to check BlackBerry World every day starting this Sunday to get your free download. What is available to download will vary depending in your region.

Can't wait until then? You can check out the BlackBerry World Black Friday sale that's happening right now. Nothing free but plenty of discounts to be found.

Let the festivities begin! Don't forget, visit BlackBerry World every day starting this Sunday for your free download. Offer only last for 24 hours, so if you miss it, you miss it. Also, what you get will depend on your region. There should be a banner in BlackBerry World for the 25 Days of Gifts, that is where you will see what is free for the day. Don't go searching for the app, game or movie as it may not be free for you. Check back here daily where we will post links to the daily freebie.

Please note: There is only a limited amount of video downloads available. Once the download limit is reach in your region, an alternative will be given for the rest of the day.

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Get a free download daily during 25 Days of Gifts from BlackBerry World


Free apps?! Why yes I would like 25 of them.

I actually like these free apps. They choose well and every single time it happens I seem to get an app that I didn't know I needed.

+1. There is usually one of that I don't like but they choose very wisely and it's stuff most people need or want!

Can't wait to see

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

Are the movies associated with my BBID? Will I be able to download and watch them if I switch devices?

Tell me BlackBerry that this is not available for the Middle East and I am gonna kill you....

Posted via CB10

And once again, an offhand attempt at what was no doubt intended by the poster to be a "harmless joke" (And to be clear: I'm certain that jojo meant no offense.) ends up being an off-topic entry in the growing pile of evidence built by Westerners that makes the rest of us look like stereotyping bigots by association.

Dude dont generalize people from this country. I am a Filipino and i am proud to say that here in middle east is safer than in our own country. Believe me.

Posted via CB10

Promotions like this give me faith that BB really does value its loyal customers, and may actually bring some more into the fold - provided that the word gets out.

Too bad games can't be downloaded to SD card. Can movies be downloaded to SD card? Kind of useless freebies for 16GB phone memory. Any suggestions, aride from deleting and moving media from phone to SD?

Posted via CB10

Awesome! What would be even sweeter, is they offer apps for the PlayBook. I know, it's a stretch.

Posted via CB10

I couldn't agree more, I have both (Z10 and PlayBook) and it would get me to power it on again. Not that I didn't like it, I love it, but it's just that I want to watch movies on my Retina MacBook Pro. If Blackberry releases a second high res Playbook, I will get it again. #IloveBlackberry (and their products XD).

Came here to post the same.

But more than that, I'm surprised that nobody has yet asked why BB isn't offering the same gift to those on non-BB10 BlackBerries which are running still-supported OSes (as opposed to the "no more significant updates" status of the PB OS)? Not that I don't understand that BB might want to run a promo which pushes apps for its current-and-future platform; I'm just surprised that no Bold owners have asked "What about me?" yet.

I've bought alot on my Z30.....but I'll drop a few freebies on mine and my wifes Q10
Thanks Blackberry !!

I love this type of advent calender. Much better than chocolates every day.

Posted with my Z10 via CB10

Yes yes yes YES! So excited. Did I pull the trigger too early buying apps and movies from the BlackBerry Thanksgiving Sale through?

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

I bought the Seidio with kickstand Z10 case, total from Crackberry including taxes and shipping was less than Amazon base list by a couple of bucks

Posted via CB10

Incredibly n00b question, but suppose I wiped my Z10 after picking all of these (normally) paid apps and wished to install them again. Will I be able to free once again because it is linked to my BBID, or would I have to pay the 2nd go around?

Nonetheless, awesome deal, BlackBerry! This reminds me of the last $25 fall apps deal, and I was very impressed with the selection!

Can someone please tell me WTF is going on?

How come BlackBerry is acting like a business all of a sudden?

Feel It, Swipe It, Love It. BlackBerry Z10

If I download this premium app for free now on my Z10 and after 2-3 weeks i shift to a Z30 will I be able to download these apps for free again, the ones which I already downloaded?, cuz I don't want to back up and restore on my Z30 and ruin it!

Posted via My Black BlackBerry Zed-10

After i updated to 424 i can't open BlackBerry World , every time i try to open it says( there was a connection problem BlackBerry World must close)

I bought a movie yesterday on my Z10(Black Friday deal), but I'm having trouble transferring to my PlayBook and laptop (Lenovo, windows 8). There's no help from the BlackBerry site. It's not showing up on my PlayBook as a download and i'd I try to copy the file over, it say I don't have the rights. On the laptop, it says it's unable to read the file (even though it appears to have a .wmv). How do I download before my time is up?

Posted via CB10

When you download the movie, it's locked to your device. You can download it again on another BlackBerry 10 device but you can't play it on your laptop, because the rights are tied to the download device. In a perfect world, you could download it on your PlayBook, but the PlayBook gets movies from a separate app rather than using BlackBerry World so it's not transferable. You'll have to buy it separately on the PlayBook. If it's one that's on sale for 99 cents, it shouldn't be a big deal.

Love freebies as long as they are not crappy. Looking forward to tomorrow being the first day of December already! Yay! :-)

Got my free angry birds though there is no Christmas banner in my aw indicating that.

AT&T Z10STL100-3/

Angry Birds Seasons for BlackBerry 10 is FREE.
I'm in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on Rogers.

Posted via CB10 via Z10.

No free apps whatsoever, dubai..., this sucks. going to have to use a vpn or what.

Z30, and yes, it's a bit on the heavy side..., but the Carbonate case is Killer!

Yep! Just got Angry Birds Seasons as the free app.
Location India!
Its surprising why they haven't advertised it though, I just looked at these comments and searched for angry birds and noticed it!

Posted via CB10

Got my free download using a tip provided by Ams083 who suggested that you remove your Sim card, turn it back on (on wi-fi) and the free download is there.

Posted via CB10

App world showing free download in dubai, guess it just took some time :)

Z30, and yes, it's a bit on the heavy side..., but the Carbonate case is Killer!

Aaaand angry birds season. The only angry bird series I've never played on my android but I guess i'll skip it. Can we get the other24 apps without downloading today's giveaway?

from a broken white z10

Dear BlackBerry, just as am FYI, it's December 1st in Europe but no Calendar or sort of offer here...

Not that I would have a need for, but hell, that's disappointing!!!

Ferrari ZetaDieci_10.2.1.1055

And by the way dear crackberry... the comment pages switch on CB10 is awfully done... really bad...

Ferrari ZetaDieci_10.2.1.1055

Anyone here in Saudi Arabia downloaded this free apps? I guess this will not implement here because this implies Christmas. Other countries does have too?

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded Angry Birds on Z10 here in UK, goes with Angry Birds Space free on Z10 launch day,
A great Christmas season idea from Blackberry, looking forward to next 24 days, thanks Blackberry.

So angrybirds Seasons is the first game... What a pity that if you activate it on a Q10 it is not unlocked on the PlayBook. This works with sooo many apps. But then, it's free so I won't complain.

So angry birds is showing up for me on the 25 days of free apps page but it wants to charge me 0.99 anyone else having this issue?

Posted via CB10

Not only is Angry Birds not free for me here in Canada on Rogers, but Shark Dash is also not free...

This is annoying! Why can I not get in on this deal, BB!?

So Ummmm I went to the free apps section and Angry Birds was the only option on the menu but I was charged for the app?

Posted via CB10

Yeah, Angry Birds Seasons is "free" for 99 cents...I'm in Toronto. Is this promo U.S. only?

Posted via CB10

Same here, I tapped to see the gift and it wants me to pay for it (granted $1 is not expensive for Angry Birds seasons). Not really a gift if you have to pay... seems like something Apple would do... except their users would love it.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

So how is the Angry Birds Seasons game free? It shows as the free download but there is clearly a charge for it when I move forward to download. Anyone???

In Canada, goto bbworld,goto search,type in angry birds,search. Will be in the list for free

Posted via CB10

interesting! it would appear that way... and it looks like they're also doing the times relative to location.. as others are saying Angry Birds is not free anymore but for me it still is (just past midnight where I am)

I see Home Alone 2 as well (in the "25 free gifts of December" section), but if I go to get it, it says it's $17.99 (I thought maybe it would adjust on the invoice so clicked on it), but still asks me to confirm as a $20-something purchase (I did not confirm/buy it)

Nothing free on PB but some significant discounts to 99 cents. Regional differences again but some interesting dark thirty, world war z, iron man 3. Worth looking through the titles.

nothing here again in Portugal..... the angry birds is now .89€... which I suppose is some 'improvement'

Awesome! Home alone 2 free early this day and now Shark Dash available. Two freebies in one day...this is definitely going to be a great promo! Thank you BlackBerry!

I missed my chance for home alone 2 :-( I had to go to work this morning and was hoping that it would still be there when I got back home..

I can't remember the last time I paid for a gift. The first "gift" out of the gate is a paid for Angry Birds variant? Really? Angry Birds has jumped the shark long ago although it's one of the only major game titles to make it to the BB10 platform, but we have to PAY for a GIFT????

Thanks BlackBerry. Thanks much.

Posted via CB10

Must be regional variations cuz each of my downloads haven't cost me a single cent. I trust that any charges applied will be corrected and refunded. Don't give up hope.

Angry Birds was Day 1 (December 1st) gift. It only lasts for 24 hours, that's why you were seeing a price on it already. The offer for Angry Birds had been and gone.

Question: I'm running 10.2.1, when I upgrade or whatever happens I will lose all my apps. Is there any way I can see the list of apps i've "purchased" (whether they were paid or not)?

App purchases should be tied into your Blackberry id so should remain available regardless of OS updates....don't think a leak is any different....but please correct me if I'm wrong (anyone). I direct all my downloads to external memory so I'm hoping that enables easy transfer to additional devices.

Doesn't look like the "free" giveaways are going to be free all day long. It's showing "Jingle All the Way" to rent for $2.99 or buy at $.99. Didn't realize you had to pay for "free".

There are only a limited number of downloads for videos. Once this limit is reached, an alternative will be given.

1st day got angry birds got free,today home alone 2 and shark dash - in b.c. Canada. My wife is in phx with z30 but is having trouble downloading, gets an error that says it won't download while roaming even though she's on Wifi and phone data / network is off...

Posted via CB10

Even though the 25 day gifts banner shows up, but why does my BB World doesn't show the apps as free (they're worth 0.99) same goes for the angry birds season and shark dash. Is the content regional specific? I'm in Indonesia.

One freebie a day. Angry Birds was only available on day one. Shark Dash on day 2, we're now onto day 3 which I believe is Card2You for most regions.

Ok, can anyone please give me instructions? I downloaded and registered and entered my región (Spain).

Unsure where to browse for the apps that are available, please help!

When you go into BlackBerry World there should be a banner that says 25 Days of Gifts. Tap into that and you should see the free download

Posted via CB10

I have only been able to download one out of the 4 that have been offers so far..
And it's not even one I really want... just tried and it worked yesterday...but not today again.. how frustrating..

Posted via CB10

There was no alternate last night at 9:30 when I tried to download. Have anyone else experience this.

Posted via CB10

Is anyone able to use Color ID properly ? I made the notifications off and no led color ? Could someone advise on this please ?

Cut the rope for $1.99 also, but most likely because not yet past midnight in Eastern Time zone.

Posted via CB10 via Z10.

It's free now, but I had to do a search for "cut the rope".
Downloading as I type.

Posted via CB10 via Z10.

The first 9 days i was getting the banner for BlackBerry World for the 25 Days of Gifts.
All of a sudden form yesterday the banner has disappeared. Any idea how to get it back.

Hi blackberry and crackberry and all BlackBerry lovers. I'm from Iran and I can't access any of these free apps. Please do me a favor and let me know WHY our people can't use blackberry productions in my country?

Again I express my question..
Hi blackberry and crackberry and all BlackBerry lovers. I'm from Iran and I can't access any of these free apps. Please do me a favor and let me know WHY our people can't use blackberry productions in my country?

Again I express my question..
Hi blackberry and crackberry and all BlackBerry lovers. I'm from Iran and I can't access any of these free apps. Please do me a favor and let me know WHY our people can't use blackberry productions in my country? Please answer me

--Thank you, BlackBerry, for all the 25 gifts; and Thank You, DJ, for keeping track of them

~~ Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to You All ~~