Get A Free ATT Refurbished BlackBerry Curve 8310!

FREE BlackBerry 8310 Red Curve!
By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Apr 2008 12:56 pm EDT

For the next few days and while supplies last, new and renewing AT&T Customers can get there hands on a refurbished BlackBerry 8310 Curve in RED or TITANIUM for ZERO DOLLARS!

How sweet is that?! Browsing through the customer reviews it seems everyone has been very happy with their refurbs, saying that they look brand new! Apparently the sale ends April 24th, so you'd better move fast if you're interested!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in to me. If you pick one of these babies up, let us know in the comments!

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Get A Free ATT Refurbished BlackBerry Curve 8310!


That is a really good deal on the GPS Curve! However, I am going to save my upgrade credit to hopefully purchase a new 9000 series device. Since I have heard it is going to retail for something like $900.00, I will need the credit.

Dang! I must have bought this right before it went to zero dollars! I picked the refurb up in red for $50 which is still a great deal...awesome phone that holds a great signal which is a must where I live!

I just bought a refurb Curve on Saturday for 70 dollars. I just got off the phone with AT&T customer care, they say I would have to send the phone back when it comes to get credit and than reorder it to get it for $0.00. By that time this offer will be expired.

EDIT: Just called and talked to someone else, my credit has been applied to my card. I am once again a happy boy.

Well I upgraded my phone about 1 week too early!! I got a refurb Curve Titanium and it is great, but I had to pay 50 bucks for mine. But I am still happy with that. This is a great phone. I like the Curve much better than my Pearl. I can't tell this phone has ever been used.

Last week on the 14th I ordered my refurbed Red 8310 Curve from AT&T. At the time they were selling them for $49.99 but since I am such a good customer (and sweet talker) I got mine for free. My shiney new BB arrived on the 17th and ever since then I haven't gone anywhere without it. I spend my time on CB and playing with my BB.

I did have trouble connecting to the DM using the CD that was sent with the BB, but after reading some of the posts on CB I found a solution. I ended up not using the CD at all and now I can connect to the DM.

Overall I am very pleased with my BB and don't know how I got along without it.

WTF? I just got my 8310 a couple of weeks ago and I had to pay $50. Argh!!! Anyway, mine is a refurb, and it does look brand new. Not a single scratch on the device, inside or out.

All of you who just bought and paid for your device..AT&T offers 30 days buyers remorse period..take it back to POS and then just buy it again...if that's too much cust care and have them issue a credit to the account for it..although that will be even more work lol!

I called AT&T at lunch, and they gave me a credit for my purchase! The first person I spoke to was no help, so I called back. The second person was much more helpful. I explained that I was within the 30 days to return, but that it would be a hassle for me and extra work for AT&T, and that it would be easier to just issue a refund. I also mentioned that if I had known, I would have waited the extra couple of weeks to purchase. Just be persistant, and if the person doesn't want to budge, call back and speak to someone else.

I purchased mine online yesterday for $50 and after seeing its free, I called and within 3 minutes and had a $50 credit added to my acct!! Im so glad i saw others doing that with good results.

Let me find out I missed the chance to get my BB for free. I purchased my red curve 8310 for 238.97 when it first came out. Its aiight because the phone is free, but you have to add a plan and a service with the refurbs and I just got the phone because I already had a plan. I still love my bb!!

thats nice, but in the uk we get a new phone free with a 12 month contract. then again, i pay $70 a month.....

I bought the refurb from AT&T about two weeks ago and after calling in, they credited the account back to my account! I originally bought the refurb for only $50 plus some odd dollars for tax, but wheeee!! More lunch money Thankss =]

Thanks for the heads-up. I just got my refurb Curve last week for around $50 so today after I saw this post, I called AT&T and they agreed to credit me back the whole thing. So... thanks! :)

Oh and also that refurb Curve, it looked brand new when I received it, all the accessories were wrapped and sealed (including the manual and the software CD). I couldn't even tell that it's a refurbished unit if it wasn't for the box.

I received a red curve 8310 that was refurbished for valentines day. I almost forgot that it was a refurb. The phone itself was in practically new condition and I've had no internal or external problems since receiving. I love this little phone.

well, switching to AT&T to get the refurb curve would be nice...but their plans are so much more get a voice plan, bb plan, unltd messaging and would be almost $100 a month. I have a good deal with sprint right now anyways...500 AT min.,unltd n&w @ 7 p.m., unltd. m2m, unltd. txt, unltd. web/data/email and insurance...only $37 a month. even if i added the bb plan to'd be less than $70 a month! my plan is to use my tax rebate, and look on ebay for a 8330 Curve.

My son bought one (refurb) two weeks ago for $49.00 and he loves it. I just ordered one for free....Can't wait to get it.

But it was not free. I guess I missed the train on this one. I will attempt to call at&t and see when I purchased mine. If it was in the last 30 days maybe they'll give me the same discount... I could return it and reorder it... but naw, that's unethical.

Well, if anyone got a "free" new/refurbed phone hope you enjoy it. Mine is a refurb and it hasn't had any issues. It still has the one year warranty on it with warranty exchange.


I just spoke to ATT tech support online and they told me that this offer is only available to new subscribers and existing customers with expired contracts... has anyone else had this response or did the person I talked to just bursh me off?

Just ordered mind today it will be here on Friday. With the money I saved I could bye a ton of apps and an 8GB card sweet.

I just saw all of your postings and I also paid 50.00 for mine a week ago. I called and asked for a credit and with no problem I had a 50.00 credit to my bill. I LOVE my refurb Curve. Could not tell it was used. Will never buy new again!!!

Its not true that only existing customers qualify for the free curve. I have never been a AT&T customer and I was able to order one online! However the "Two day shipping" I'm not so sure of. I ordered mines last week Wednesday and its now Monday I still haven't received it yet! I called the courier this morning who said its due out today(fingers crossed).

Just wanted to let you know that I took advantage of this offer and just received my new phone. It's been a little trying transferring my old to the knew but it's fully functional now....Thanks for the update!!


You show the refurbished Curve price as $0 but when your site takes me to AT&T, the cost is $99. What gives?

Last night I saw the blackberry curve online at for 99 cents with an upgraded or new contract. Called about it and they said if you are out of contract or in the last 2 months of contract ,you are eligible!!!