Cool New Theme: FlowBerry For Your BlackBerry!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Aug 2008 11:08 am EDT

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Last week we teased you with the first look at a killer new theme coming out soon from the folks at bplay. A couple tweaks later and the FlowBerry theme is now officially ready for action. FlowBerry has been getting an awesome response from customers and for good reason, it ROCKS. The "flow" action is unique and the Mac-ish look is clean and crisp. The theme is available for $6.99. More details and a video demonstration after the jump!

FlowBerry in Action

FlowBerry Details - from bplay

Go with the flow with the most unique theme for BlackBerry. Flip through a set of crisp custom icons bringing your the application you need front and center.

This theme is compatible with all device software, however animation performance is optimal on devices with software 4.3 or higher.

Note: The homescreen icons cannot be customized in this theme

Homescreen icons are:

  • Messages
  • Calendar
  • Address Book
  • Media
  • SMS/MMS*
  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • MemoPad
  • Keyboard Lock

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Reader comments

Cool New Theme: FlowBerry For Your BlackBerry!!


Yes this is a unique new theme. I would not shell out the money since the homescreen icons are not changeable.

If they put together the look feel of Flowberry with some of the features of Crossbar it would be a killer.

> Mac CoverFlow look and feel as in FlowBerry
> Ability to see today type stuff for Calendar, Messages and Missed Calls like in Crossbar
> Ability to change homescreen icons after Calendar, Messages and Missed Calls like in Crossbar

For now I'll stick with my iBerry 2.0 TodayPlus from BPlay.

I'd love to buy it, but I will be getting the Javelin once it comes out so I wouldn't want to shell out money for new themes, knowing that I'll be selling my bb curve unless my husband wants it and dump his Treo 650. Hope you could upgrade to where bb users could change the icons. Very nice theme though!!

I really want to test this theme out. And i'm pretty sure i would buy it. but i never buy software that i don't test out first. PLEASE GIVE US A FREE TRIAL PERIOD!!!!

I don't know why people keep making Apple-esque themes for Blackberries. If you really want that kind of theme and user experience, just buy a mac/iphone. For as much as people trash the iphone compared to a BB, it sure seems they want their BB to be just like it in every other way with apps and themes like this. Kind of hypocritical/ironic/counterintuitive if you ask me.

To each his own, just my opinion.

I don't want an iphone that is out of date in terms of technology, but I love it's slick that's about all I want from it.....

"out of date in terms of technology"?!?

Even as a blackberry user, I have to laugh at that. I love my blackberry curve but even I wouldn't make "out-of-date" synonymous with iPhone. We ALL know that iPhone is missing some things (voice dialing, MMS, 2.0mp camera, etc.) but we can also admit that iPhone is not out-of-date because that's just ridiculous.

I like the look and flow the of theme, but it won't find its way onto my BB. I prefer Today-style themes (even the Crossbar theme has Today information displayed). Now, if they came out with a Crossbar/Flowberry/iBerry Today Plus 2.0 cross-theme (Crossbar/Flowberry functionality, Today Information, and iBerry icons), then I could defintiely go for that.

As stated before the main problem with this theme is the homescreen icons not changeable. My all time favorite theme is from not sure if it got a review or not on here but it's both blue and red silk zen themes. The red looks really good with the red curve or pearl and the blue looks great with a skin or a case.

I have a couple of friends that have blackberries and I found the easiest thing is to have one of them download a theme and give it a whirl, you can tell pretty quickly if it's the theme for you.

I love BPlay themes, but one change in particular that I like with this theme is the freedom to change fonts. I was so disappointed with the fonts for the Crossbar and Explorer that uninstalled immediately. So this is a major hit for BPlay!

I bought this theme and placed a flat black wallpaper in place of the purple haze - looks great for a change. I have trouble staying with just one wallpaper or theme anyway...

Its not the SDK that theme makers like me use. They have a special version. Even still the icons are boring and that same Apple BlackBerry image and feel is getting old. They didnt even bother changing the menu popup and it uses the same application font throughout.

I actually really like this theme. I can control fonts and it is REALLY clean looking. My favorite theme in a long time. Very happy with it. I wish I could change the icons on the homescreen, but I'm ok with it as it is a such a nice complete theme.

I wish I had read this before I bought it. It is a pretty cool theme but I don't think its worth buying, especially if you can't customize it.

I like this theme. Something different to look at which is a relief. $7 isn't bad for a theme IMO as it keeps my Curve fresh and new. But to each his own ..

I just purchased this theme and I love it! Just being able to change the fonts is a big plus in itself. I've bought some before and ended up taking them right back off because of the font. I think it's a very nice theme and worth the little amount of money I had to pay for it. I've paid more, and gotten less, on other themes. Being able to change the homescreen icons would be great, but not that big of a deal to me.

and really love it.
someones i have downloaded for free..although are cute..i find too clutterd. this one is simple yet very cool. gives it a bith of spash.
it has alot of hte important icons on the desk top so im not too upset you can't change them..but i do agree they should be changeable.

still very cool

WOW! Flowberry HAS to be the sexiest theme I have ever seen for the blackberry. The home screen which has the 8 or so applications which you can "flow" through is very cool. From the looks of it the applications are pre-determined but they are very good choices. I will see if I can update or change them manually. But a very nice, clean, neat theme. Kudos and seven bucks to the designer.

but can i download it to a i asked Bplay and they said it should work on any recent offical OS release..i don't want to mess up my curve. thanks

I get this error message that says "visit this link from your blackberry", which I ALREADY AM DOING!!!

I recently downloaded OS so might have something to do with it...NOw I'm getting frustrated!

I am not really sure what the cause is but after installing this theme the only difference I noticed is the Facebook app was no longer available. I tried to reinstall the app but keep getting errors on the browser. No matter what I try I can not get the Facebook app to install. I switch back to the preloaded theme and everything works fine. Can anyone help with a fix? Thanks.