Get some laughs with the official 9GAG app for BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jul 2013 11:08 am EDT

The folks at 9GAG have released an official app today that brings plenty of laughs right to your BlackBerry 10 phone. The native app is an official offering for 9GAG and allows you to view the funniest photos, GIFs and videos from all over the net.

There isn't really much to the app itself but that's not a bad thing. Right now you can choose to view your feed by hot, trending or fresh and the developer notes that there will be plenty more features on the way soon.

Currently you can email posts to share them but I'd love to see a full-out share feature for Twitter, Facebook, BBM and the like in a future update.

Overall it's a great start and definitely worth the free download.

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Get some laughs with the official 9GAG app for BlackBerry 10


First wechat, then this...We need popular apps like this..keep it going blackberry!!!next path?instagram?line?

Posted via CB10

That explains why they shut down third party support a long time ago.
They just didn't let apps connect to their server or something.

^^Poster above, I think the one thing people miss is Instagram. That's really it. Really waiting for the first third party support for that.

The sideload was awful, it would save every pic i skimmed through. My phone had like 500mb of 9gag photos i was like wtf?!

You have no idea how happy this makes me, only thing I got to say is, it's about time,
And native to boot....awesome, it's like looking into a unicorn's eyes

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Wish they had a button to share using sms though...

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I will never ever be bored again :D I don't mind this dressed down beta version one bit, but I do look forward to seeing how the app will develop overtime. As mentioned in the article, it will be great to get more sharing options. I also wouldn't mind being able to log in and a toggle for nsfw content. Still a very good start though, I'm quite happy right now.

That is great. Never heard of this site, not that I look for these much. This will be fun to show people. I impressed some folks with Web Splitter yesterday
Got to keep advertising. Go Team BlackBerry

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9gag is incredibly popular among teens. My friend kept bugging me to get the app (he's a die hard apple fanboy) but I was too ashamed to tell him it was not available on the Z10. Lol.

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I did find another 9gag app in BlackBerry World though. It's called WorkBreak, and you can save pictures to your device as well as share.

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