Get an extra browser tab on OS 5.0 with SecondTab

By Adam Zeis on 8 Nov 2010 01:20 pm EST
SecondTab for BlackBerry

With the latest BlackBerry 6 software, the WebKit browser brings along tabbed browsing for viewing multiple web pages at once. OS 5.0 users aren't so lucky, but today our friend Fabian released a cool free app that aims to help out a bit. With SecondTab you can now have a second browser window open on your OS 5.0 device to make browsing the web a little bit better. The app is activated from the menu while in the Browser and can be swapped out using the application siwtcher (holding down the menu key). While it doesn't mirror the native browser (ie. providing bookmarks, history etc) SecondTab does allow you to enter a URL and have a separate browser window open. Pretty cool functionality and free is always good. You can download SecondTab from BlackBerry App World from the link below.

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Get an extra browser tab on OS 5.0 with SecondTab


Some user also choose not to use BBAW. An OTA link should be provided for all apps if possible - thanks.

Opera Mini and Bolt don't work well on devices that use a trackball (and I've tried both - I use a Curve 8900 running OS Yes, I still choose to keep an incredibly reliable older device that does what I need it to do - don't need the "latest thing." There are many of us out here, and several devices are don't have or may not get OS 6.0 from RIM. This app was designed just for that - just need an OTA link for the download.

App is ok, much slower than the regular browser window, but hopefully would be equally fast on a newer BB like the 9700. My other complaint is that I don't see a way to access the "go to" page from the second tab, to get your bookmarks and history. You can only enter URLs. I'll probably keep it around just for when I REALLY need to switch between 2 sites

Cool! Always happy to add some more functionality! Thanks for the free app Fabian!

And a tip of the hat goes to CB as well for the heads up!

Didn't work too well for me, 8330 Os 5.0.0438. Have close to 30mb file free. Don't know what the problem was. Dumped it like a bad egg. Forever stuck on a facebook page. I don't even do facebook. Maybe that was the issue. Don't know, don't care.

This app does not seem to work on my Bold 9650. It installs okay, but when I open the second tab and enter a URL it doesn't work. Removed it from my BB.

Works great on the Tour 9630. But meh really why would want another tab of this awful browser

Edit: unislnstalled, seemed to make original browser really slow