Get e-GPS for Just $0.99 Until January 14th

By Adam Zeis on 7 Jan 2010 10:03 am EST

Back in October we checked out remote tracking software e-GPS. Felix let me know that the app is currently on sale for just $0.99 through January 14th (down from $4.99). The app lets you track and wipe your device remotely, all via email commands. You can locate the device by GPS, and even email your contacts list to youself should the device go missing. e-GPS is a great alternative to some subscription based trackers if you're willing to sacrifice for fewer options. Head over to the CrackBerry App Store to pick up e-GPS at a huge discount.



Sounds a lot like BuddyGuard, which is free.


I couldn't understand a word he said, but at least he hid his fingers.


I believe e-GPS came out before BuddyGuard... anyway, does anyone have any preferences between the two other than their price?


I tried e-gps and it drained my battery way to fast. I have since uninstalled it and got a refund. I am just looking for an app that can wipe my phone via sms if I lose it. I dont want the gps tracking feature draining my battery.


I loaded it to my Curve, but my question is if I do lose my phone, where do I send my email to???? I got an email showing me the commands to send, but where do I send them? If I lose my phone I can't send an SMS to my phone so what email do I use?


I loaded it to my Curve, but my question is if I do lose my phone, where do I send my email to???? I got an email showing me the commands to send, but where do I send them? If I lose my phone I can't send an SMS to my phone so what email do I use?


You have at least one email account you use on your phone, right? THAT is the email address you use. Email yourself in other words. Obviously you need access to a PC (Or someone else's smartphone) and email (or I prefer sending a sms text to my phone #) the command you want to launch.


How long does it take to receive the email of your backups and location? I have SMS'd myself as well as emailed and it's been about a half hour...NOTHIN'.


After loading it on my Curve and finally figuring out how to use it I tested it. When requesting my contacts list within several minutes it emailed them to me, so a thumbs up there. I also sent out an alert request and within a minute my phone was beeping and would not stop until I shut my phone off, so a thumbs up there. The only problem was when requesting my location, it could not locate my current location, it gave my last known location which is miles away and was off there about a block or two away from my house, so a thumbs down there. Two out of three ain't bad I suppose.


if you have the gps turned on, it pointed directly to my house on google maps.


I bought two copies when it was on sale for $2.49 in December; one for myself, and one for a friend who lost her BlackBerry and a very expensive bottle of Barolo in a gypsy limo in San Francisco a couple of years ago. We both think it rocks.

It's a great app for a fraction of the price of subsdription tracking software like SmrtGuard. In fact, its "alert" feature (your BB makes a loud sound so you can find it) is BETTER than SmrtGuard's, which doesn't work properly if you have the phone on the loud or medium profile. (I misplace my BB often, and love being able to find it when it's under my bed, stuck between sofa cushions, in the pocket of the jacket I put in the closet, in the bottom of my basket of dirty laundry...).


I did a review of e-gps a while back...


I am able to enable/ disable the app on my Storm by simply clicking the button and pressing back without ever entering the pin. Not much piece of mind...


The code that you send the device to wipe... is it a standard code? Or is it unique to the device?

Reason I ask... what if someone sends random texts / emails with the code just to wipe peoples phones...?


e-GPS has features that look very promising. However, the implementation of this program, fails miserably. The program fails to work consistently. The locate feature or the alert feature will occasionally for me, but the majority of the time, the commands seem to do nothing.

I contacted customer service and they suggested a battery pull. I pulled the batter again (also did it when I installed the program) and the results did not improve. I then emailed customer service back multiple times without a response. After a couple of weeks of no response, I asked Felix how I could get some assistance. He asked me for all of the various details on my Blackberry, what other programs I had running, etc., so he could send to the programmer to determine what the issue was. I sent this info off, and never got a reply from Felix or the developer. After several more weeks of no responses to emails, I asked for a full refund since this program does not work. Felix has refused to provide a refund. Blackberry App World will not respond either.

If you want to take a chance that this program may work, go for it and I wish you good luck. If you ever need technical support or customer service, good luck on getting any response. If you do get a response, I doubt it will help resolve the issue.

I suggest you save your money you would pay for this program, and instead go with the free version of SmrtGuard. I’ve used it for a few days, it works consistently, and their customer service is vastly superior to that offered for e-GPS.