Get Druglord Wars For Only $1.49 Until January 19th

By Bla1ze on 12 Jan 2010 01:00 pm EST
Get Drug Lord Wars For Only $1.49 Until January 19th

After having won the CrackBerry award for best game of 2009 and sitting in the top downloads of BlackBerry App World for a while. There is no doubt that Druglord Wars is a fan favorite and hugely popular game among BlackBerry users everywhere. In celebration of winning the CrackBerry Best of 2009 award, Epic Applications has reduced the price of Druglord wars to just $1.49 from now up until January 14th. That's over 70% off of the original price. Big thanks to Epic applications for the sale.

We here at CrackBerry also want to send birthday wishes out to Laura (Epic Applications founder Derek's girlfriend) who also helps out and well ... lets Derek live despite his obvious BlackBerry and gaming addictions. Happy birthday Laura!

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Get Druglord Wars For Only $1.49 Until January 19th


Just purchased it from the CrackBerry App Store! This game is legit for sure! I play similar game on of the many of FB games ha.

This game is sick tho! :)

the drug u purchased will be shown in parenthesis. to sell it, simply move the scroller toward the desired drug and press enter/trackball and a window will pop up where u are able to buy and sell all or some of the drug available.