Get Dead Space, The Game of Life, and other EA PlayBook titles on sale for 50% off

EA PlayBook game sale
By Zach Gilbert on 24 Apr 2012 03:10 pm EDT

If you're headed to the mall or the grocery store, what's one of the first things most people do? They look to see what sales are on and when they're expiring. So why not do the same thing with apps on your mobile devices? RIM has let us know that they currently have a two week sale going on. In partnership with EA and RIM you can now get all the Electronic Arts BlackBerry PlayBook titles for 50% off.

EA Games on sale

With the sale you can expect to save about $3 per title, but be warned the sale ends on May 3rd. I've just picked up Monopoly and The Game of Life; the question is which ones are you looking forward to downloading and playing? Let us know in the comments, and make sure if you download Dead Space use headphones and crank up the volume, it gets a little creepy :-).

Reader comments

Get Dead Space, The Game of Life, and other EA PlayBook titles on sale for 50% off


Glad these are on sale.

Always thought $5-7 for a game was too high....but $3.99 is still too high to me too lol

what happened to trials?

You don't need trials for Dead Space. I bought Dead Space at full price. Missing the oportunity of buying Dead Space at 50% discount is not a good idea.

Did I mention you should get Dead Space? :p

Playing it through for the 5th time towards that pulse rifle ... still amazing. All games for the PlayBook should have resolution and flow like Dead Space.

I basically went on an EA buying spree when this sale started. Finally could buy Monopoly without guilt and happy I did cuz it's pretty good. Haven't tried Sim City yet but it's a classic and the PlayBook is awesome so... It should be just peachy

Well good grief, I hope I get my PB shipped to me before this sale ends! I do want PvZ and Dead Space!

I picked up Dead Space and Monopoly. The graphics and sound on Dead Space are fantastic. Gameplay is good, though I haven't gotten that far into it as yet. Controls seem fairly intuitive.

Monopoly is one I bought thinking maybe I'd have a chance to play it; I've already played a few full games. It's without a doubt the best version of this classic game I've ever seen. Fast and fun.

EA really should offer trials...I'm convinced they would sell a lot more that way.

For those that have played it, is Plants vs. Zombies worthwhile?

PvZ is my favorite game on the Playbook. You will see it's so addictive and the gameplay is always evolving and every level has something new which makes it very fun.

Hah! You ruined my argumento against Rovio's pricing!

I'd get the original Angry Birds for this price, though.

Oh that's easy, they pirated it instead of you know, giving back to the developers and supporting the platform.

I paid the ten pounds for dead space then after a security wipe and 2.0 app world is telling me I have to purchase the game again wtf y has it disappear from my uninstalled apps???? Can someone tell me who's the theive rim or ea sports???

Nobody is thief. Contact their support and ask them that you bought it (you must have the mail about it). I am sure they will restore it for you.
On a separate note, I have done security wipe 2 times and never had any issue with any of the purchases (apart from the ones which I bought free earlier but later developer made them Paid apps).

Just sent an email to blackberry customer support with a forwarding of my email confirmation of the piurchase I made for dead space. I hope I get anwsers. Also I'm in the uk and my bbc iplayer and bbc news apps have disappeared from my plabook.

It was for Angry Birds Space release on PB today. The phrase which they used was just reference from "2001:A Space Odyssey" movie. Rest was just hype which all of us created.

QQ!!!! they put on sale all of the games I already have!! Got excited for nothing... I should get something from RIM for having only 3 gigs left on my 32 gig PB... I'm ridiculously full of apps.. lol I'm spending way too much money on my PB... but its worth it!

i picked up madden nfl 2012 for $2.99 and i will buy dead space tomorrow. thanks for the great deal blackberry and ea games. madden rules!!

Anyone can help me please i'm in france and in the appworld i have all the games except NFL! And if i check the link i can't download it because "this item is not supported by your current device profile"! I change the language but nothing happen! I want this game please help me!