Get up to date weather forecasts on your BlackBerry with XWeatherPro - 30 copies to give away

XWeatherPro BlackBerry
By Zach Gilbert on 6 Mar 2012 09:05 am EST

Trying to figure out what the weather will be like tomorrow, or even 5 hours from now, is no easier than a human flying without any mechanical assistance, and that's where XWeatherPro from Berryset Labs comes into play. XWeatherPro gives you the ability to see the weather forecast right on your BlackBerry smartphone. The application incorporates a few notification options to ensure you're kept up-to-date on what's happening with Mother Nature. Some of the options and features are;

  • Customizable homescreen icon showing current conditions
  • Completely customize XWeather via themes, background wallpaper, font, and icon sizes
  • Accurate weather data info
  • Multi-languages support (more language will be available later)
  • Current conditions including "Feels like" temperature, wind, pressure, UV, humidity
  • 6-day wind forecast
  • Easily switch between different views (Current, Daily Forecast, wind Forecast etc.)

If you're a weather fanatic like myself needing and wanting to know just how it's feeling outside, then you will most likely want to get this app onto your BlackBerry as soon as possible.

Contest: We have teamed up with Berryset Labs to give away 30 copies of their XWeatherPro app for BlackBerry smartphones. All you need to do is leave a single comment below and you're well on your way to knowing what the weather is every step of the way. Contest ends Sunday at Midnight.

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Reader comments

Get up to date weather forecasts on your BlackBerry with XWeatherPro - 30 copies to give away



Got to love the comments you get when you just say leave a comment to be entered in a contest.
but here is a real question?
What does this app have that i cant get from accuweather or or weather underground?
why should i pay when I get the same thing for free?
Cellcom Empoloyee

Since my girlfriend won't stop complaining about how her Berryweather won't work, I would love to win this.

The work I do heavily relies on accurate weather reporting, would love to give this a try!! Thanks for the chance Berryset Labs and!!!

Being from the East Coast and having this crazy weather all the time, would like to have a copy.

I wonder what the weather is today, I know I will check the weather app. Wait!! I don't have one......yet!

wow....what an asset to have a programme that can tell you about future weather trends - would lopve to have this on my BB Bold 9900...PV

wow done some reserch on this app - this is the coolest app would love to have!!!!
way to go team - you guys are great

Currently using Ace Weather Forecast and not completely content with it. Would love to get this app. Thanks.

Didn't know there was something like promo codes for app giveaway?!?!?! How do you get them? Also while I'm truly interested by the app I can't since it doesn't seems to be compatible with the playbook. Thanks anyway

Would love this app! I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, and my current weather app doesnt provide accurate data, so this one looks like just what i need! Pleaase!

I don't know if this will give me more weather, better weather, worse weather or whatever, However I would love to have this app for use in every berry weather season.

Have tried so many weather apps and bought a few. Still looking for a good one that accurately forecasts including amount of precipitation

My son's a meteorologist, but I can't keep bothering hium for the forecast. This would come in handy! I hate the weather app I have now.

weather apps rule, well, okay can just look out the window most of the time but who of us working nowadays have one of those?

I would love to have a copy!!! This is exactly what I have been looking for!!!! It would help me a lot determin what to wear every day!!!!