Get the "CorkBerry" Theme - FREE!!

The CorkBerry Theme!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jun 2008 11:53 am EDT

In honor of passing the 200,000 member milestone, we have a special treat for all of our loyal members. Courtesy of Zach and Zman Themes, I'm proud to introduce to you the CorkBerry theme! It's Free, it's Original, and it's AWESOME.

Featuring a corkboard background and sweet-looking shortcuts with thumb tack rollovers, the CorkBerry theme is bright, friendly and easy to use. But the COOLEST part of the CorkBerry theme is the BATTERY LEVEL INDICATOR. That's right, the logo will tell you how much JUICE is left on your device. Fully charged and you're seeing orange. Running low, and the logo turns grey. PURE AWESOMENESS. You can get download it for free (both OTA and DM install options available) from the Free Theme Gallery. Thanks Zach!

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Get the "CorkBerry" Theme - FREE!!


For a few people who use Internet Explorer, there's a compatibility error that pops up from time to time when downloading the .zips (depends on a few factors). The files are fine (not corrupt), but IE does something to them while downloading that causes that error. Has to do with our content management system and the way IE treats the url redirects that count download statistics. We are trying to solve this problem - but comes down to IE more than us. Looking into it though.

If you ever experience that, try Firefox or use the Over The Air install option (Email Me this Theme) which will email the download link to your phone.

I love it. It's so cute. Just have to get used to the new designs of the applications.

anyone know what the envelope means at the top? That's killing me..

Hello guys! Thanx for letting us use such a great artwork!
I'm using a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 with OS 4.5 (...18) and it looks pretty nice, it did last, nevertheless, a lot trying to turn the theme I was using. But, furthermore, it did work.
I use to work with zen versions, you know, small icons and so on, so I'd like to use, when available, a zen version one.

How freaking adorable! Thanks for the free theme!!! How do I get the font to work inside my SMS and email messages?? It's perfect. Anyway...great work!!

Always love new themes. Makes me feel as though my Curve is out of the box all over again. You guys did an excellent job.

However, why are some of my smileys aren't showing in messenger? It appears as though its off center.

I did an OTA download & install, now my 8700C won't restart. It keeps trying to, but just doesn't go anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions?

This theme killed my 8700C. I just got off the phone with AT&T Customer Support and apparently there's nothing that can be done to restore my phone. Thanks.

Hey Mike, You didn't check that you met the minimum OS requirements before installing. There are specific instructions on how to do this on the download page. You can fix your BlackBerry - follow these instructions. - How to Fix a Bricked BlackBerry I sent an email to you with further instructions.

I see it in my applications list but I cant seem to find it with the rest of my themes, I pulled the battery but nothing shows up. Could it be the os I'm running?

Looks awesome!! I will have to get it

Does anyone know if this so happens to support OS 4.5... or if there will be a version for 4.5 in the future?! Thanks!! :)

There are bugs with this theme.

1) When going into Options/Advanced/Applications the % bar that scrolls across is cut off a the very bottom of the bar. This same % bar is used for downloads as well... same issues, cut off at the bottom.

2) When composing a message and you hit the SYM button to get the screen that shows symbols, the right hand side of the screen is cut off and you can't see all the characters.

I've seen these issues before with various themes... it's small bugs that can be easily fixed. Other theme makers in the community know well how to fix these problems.

Geez JR...what an eye you have. I never noticed either of those things before. I wouldn't even call them bugs..more so things that just weren't noticed.

I'm sure Zach can get tweak those fixes right up and I can update the versions on the site, but they're pretty darn minor/insignificant for a theme, especially a Free theme.

I nominate you to build the next theme for the CB community when we hit the 300,000 mark! You talk the talk and have the eyes of eagle. Time to see what you got! :)

Hey, not complaining about the freeness, but I do know my stuff when it comes time to test.

Sure, I'll throw a theme together for you... right after Plazmic gets off their butts and releases the next builder because the current one blows with limitations and bugs.

I will say this. If anyone of you needs a theme tested, I'll find those pesky little bugs for you. I love testing software and hardware... I always find the things the devs overlooked. ;)

ok so i downloaded the cork theme for my pearl, it is on my phone i can see it under the applications, but it wont show up under my themes to choose from

I am not a big fan of the icon screen but this theme is so cute you just don't care! and the battery indicator is sweet i cant wait to use some bat life and watch it drop. thanks guys!!!

I downloaded it to my curve, and shows up in my application list...but I can't find it. Can someone help me please?

I have it, I enjoy it but when I change my profile between vibrate, silent, or normal the top row of icons goes away until I open up something else. That is just annoying enough to keep me on the L theme.

i really like it, but i wish it came in Zen and its also kind of annoying how you cant reach the profiles from the top left corner like usual.

everythings just too big for my liking...wish there was a "shrinking" feature on blackberries..haha

Not very elegant, but it's darn cute. I really like the font: very clear yet lots more on a screen. I probably won't keep it long because I like something a little more sophisticated, but there are certainly times when this is gonna fit my NOW!! LOL!

I really like the theme. I did notice something though.
the notifications icons that show on the top disappear before you actually check your messages or instant messages. It only stays of there for a few seconds then its gone. Does this happen to anyone else? I"m using a Pearl 8120 with 4.5 os.

Hey I have the same problem with the message indicator dissapearing before I check the message on the corkberry theme jus wonderin if there's a fix for it

Tried to download this theme and my blackberry 8703e is frozen. Error says "data abort reset". Nothing works. Have taken out the battery and I get the same message. I guess I have a great paper weight now.

I sent the theme OTA about 5 mins ago and still haven't gotten it. Should I just be patient? Or is there too many ppl trying to get it at one time?

Even though I generally like the "Today" themes, I haven't found one that I love. So, I had settled for the iBerry theme, and I liked it well enough. This one is even better. I think it is because it is similar to iBerry, but is more geared to Blackberrys, rather than the iPhone. I think it's great.

I did have problems downloading it to my computer using IE as the browser, however, but I downloaded Firefox and used that browser to download it and it worked fine. And, actually, I think I found that I like Firefox better than IE, so I actually got two things I like out of this! :)

Thanks for making it for us, and giving it to us for free!!!

I've downloaded and now my blackberry is whacking out on me...does anyone have a solution? I've pulled out the battery 3x's...I keep getting the hour glass.....

I can download the file just fine but when i try to go and open it, it states that there was no content found in the file. I have tried both ways, through the air installation and the desktop installation. I just got my blackberry curve 8310 2 days ago. I have to problems downloading music or ringtones. Is there a way around this. Please let me know. You can email me at

I'm fairly new to Blackberry, so with that said... I didn't/don't know how to check my OS version? I have a BB Pearl 8100. And I downloaded this cute/cool theme and even though it said download successful, I can't find it in my applications ANYWHERE.
Can anyone help me???

I made a new folder while using this theme and put all my games into it. When I open the folder there is nothing there, they are not hidden just not there. I still have them on all my other themes. Is this a small bug or am I just an idiot on this one? Love the theme, just want to see my games again to get me through those slow times. Any ideas? (8330, Verizon,

I too had several problems downloading it. I got it to load once, and I set it as my theme. It was really groovy for about 20 minutes, then my Curve 8300 went all wonky and I ended up updating to OS (338) Now it shows in my apps list, but is not listed in my Themes list. :(

I've pulled my battery, uninstalled it, re-downloaded and reinstalled it, but nothin' doin'.

Hey guys i love this theme alot i just realized yesterday when i went into my facebook account with this theme and try and send a message to your friends the box stays empty no letters show up but if you were to start typing the name it shows up in the drop down with there name and you can type some letters and send and then you can see what you typed but not while you are typing the message itself.

Come on Crackberry guys! Tell us how to fix this. My 8703e is now useless. It is stuck in some loop and won't do anything. Give us the solution.

I understand you pulled the download because people didn't check their OS but what about those of us who have the right OS? :)

i always check my OS requirements before i do an install i have the 8700g i installed it and then i did a battery pull because it wasn't in the theme list and i am running it just fine. so i'm glad i have it and it looks SWEET!

Very Impressive!!!

I'm awed, it's hard to know where to start.

In no particular order, I really like:

The power monitor (very ingenious and impressive)
The cartoon in the top left during a call, esp. when you press Mute ;-)
The default typestyle is very easy to read
The default selection highlight is very easy to read
I really like having all the setting visible during a call!!!
... any many, many more !!!

Minor issue:

Some screens are should have a little more margin (white space).
e.g. On my 8820, when I press Alt-Cap-H (Help Me!), it appears squished.


The Time is too small. I know real-estate is tight, but if there's anything you can do, it would greatly help those of us who don't always have our reading glasses on ;-(

The WiFi notation is too small and gets truncated. Same as above.

Where can I donate a few bucks?

P.S. Did I say impressive?

i have the blackberry pearl 8130 and it wont let me download this theme to my phone. everytime i try and email the link to my blackberry it doesnt work.. i NEED this theme.. somebody please help me!!

I am having the same problem. When I send the OTA email, it never comes through. I'm on a Mac and don't know how to do it not OTA. If someone knows how I can get this FANTASTIC theme, I'd be very grateful!

Please make it available for the Bold! I've had this awesome theme on my 8820, and it would look soooo cool on my Bold! :D