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Get a cool slide show screensaver packed with important data with Ultimate Screensaver

By DJ Reyes on 1 Jun 2013 04:08 pm EDT

When I'm sitting at my desk on my laptop my BlackBerry sits next to it, like I'm sure many of you do. While your BlackBerry is just there however, why not put a screen saver on it so it doesn't just sit there idly waiting for the next notification to come through? Let it cycle through your favorite pictures to help get you through the day. 

Okay, so that sounds cheesy but there's a pretty neat app that lets you do this if it's the kind of thing you're looking for. It comes in the form of Ultimate Screensaver. As well as just cycling through your choice of pictures, it shows you the time, date, current local weather, battery meter and even includes a news ticker, which is also customizable.

You can choose pictures from your own collection or download packs via the app.


  • Use your own pictures or download packs from in the app
  • A weather widget (click on 'Full Forecast' to see upcoming weather)
  • A scrolling news ticker that can be customized with any RSS feed (click to open article)
  • Date and Time Widget
  • Analog, Digital and Flip style Clocks
  • The perfect screensaver for your device - Day/Night mode

Ultimate Screensaver is a pretty cool utility app that is keeps for me and also has the stamp of Built for BlackBerry, so you know the app has been built to the best standard. It's available in BlackBerry World for $1.99/£1.50.

For more information/purchase Ultimate Screensaver from BlackBerry World



I like Wallpaper Changer HD

Posted via CB10


It's by the same developer of Wallpaper Changer HD, so to know that this is a good app and has great support.

I'm not sure I like it on landscape only for my Z10 though.

Posted via CB10


I agree. I think it should have an option for portrait style / vertical.

Posted via CB10


+1 on this. Love the night mode option as well.

Posted via CB10


Sounds like a great way to drain your battery, but neat nevertheless

Posted via CB10

jojo beaconsfield

How are u going to drain your battery when you are plugged in to your computer?


Yeah, not really liking the landscape only!
Other than that it's a great app

Posted via CB10



Sent by Bbry Z10


Would love it on my PlayBook. It is usually docked just off to the side of my computer doing a whole lot of nothing. And it's a big enough screen that it could function as a clock from other spots in the room. On my phone... not sure I would really have enough use for it.


There is a version for PlayBook from the same dev.


Do you happen to know the name for that app? Or even better, have the link? I searched on my PlayBook for screensaver and didn't get it. Searched the site for ShaoSoft and didn't see it there either.


I've got Ultimate Shaosofts 'ScreenSaver - Aquarium' on my playbook, it doesn't have all the options this app has, but it's great. I run my PB in the charging dock and I always get comments as people walk past my desk.



I wonder if it's not for sale anymore. Can't find it either on the PlayBook or through the website.


If you go to (on your PB), click on the playbook tab and click the linksto the app it works, but you cannot find it by search, very strange!


Apparently it is no longer available. That explains why the search can't find it. Bummer.

Erik Lehman

Doesn't the z10 screen auto dim and go dark after a maximum of 5 minutes?

Posted via SEGA master system


Not when it's charging.

Posted via CB10


Going to kill the battery on the Z10

Posted via CB10


If it could suck in my photos from FB, etc. Now that would be a killer app.

Posted via CB10

Felipe Barradas

How hard is it on the battery?

Posted via Z10 awesome sauce CB10


Why only in landscape?? Otherwise good!

Posted via CB10


Seems like it's meant to be used with charging dock

Posted via CB10

so crow

Should be free.

Posted via CB10


Then why don't you code your own screensaver and make it available for free.


Exactly. It's simple to ask for apps to be free, but you should only ask if you're prepared to write one yourself and offer it for free.

Posted via CB10


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I will give it a try!!