Get Cooking with BlackBerry Apps!

By Ryan Blundell on 1 Mar 2010 04:15 pm EST

Not everyone has a flair for creating amazing meals in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure every one of us, at some point in our lives, has incorporated Macaroni and Cheese into your weekly (or even daily) meal plan. Though I consider it the Yellow Death, I too have whipped up this quick dish to satisfy my hunger. I’m sure my wife will agree I have become much more experienced in the kitchen and can come up with some fairly tasty meals. Not bad for someone who probably could have even stumbled upon a way to burn a pot of water.

Now take this and add a dash of a busy professional and family schedule, making sit down meals a bit of a challenge. Stir over low heat and slowly pour in a lifestyle change; trying to keep meals healthy, in order to lose weight. The one ingredient that is crucial to ensure this recipe turns out is organization. This doesn’t mean keeping the numbers to fast food and pizza joints in your address book. I mean using your BlackBerry to help you wake up from your “Kitchen Nightmare”. I have compiled a list of applications that should help you become the Duke or Duchess of dinners. Grab an apron!

These applications should only be used as guidelines; you are still responsible to make sure you don’t poison your family or guests. With practice, and a few foolish/brave volunteers to participate in a taste test, your creations will eventually become a hit. As always, if you have been using an application, other than the ones listed below, please share! If you’re ready to go, make sure you have your spatula. If you don’t know what this is, give up now and throw in the over mitts; even I won’t be able to help you.

5 in 1 Kitchen Timer

Rookie chefs may find multi-tasking a heart attack inducing feat. When you’re trying to concentrate on getting a step correct, you suddenly realize that something’s burning. Meanwhile, a pot is boiling over and you become frustrated. The 5 in 1 Kitchen Timer is here to help you keep track of multiple items. The application is based on the DoneRight Timer from The Food Network. With the interface designed to look like four burners and the oven, you can visually see each clock ticking away. This give you a better handle on critical timing and see when each item is done. You can pick up the 5 in 1 Kitchen Timer for $2.99.

Bill’s Barbeque Assistant

Mmmm. There’s nothing like cooking with fire. That’s one area where I excel; charring animal flesh and helpless seafood or vegetables. It makes you feel good when your friend’s kids insist that you barbeque when they come over. If you’re looking for new ideas, or even afraid of getting burned, why not have a look at Bill’s Barbeque Assistant? The application provides over 50 different items to choose from. You can easily browse for ideas by category (beef, poultry, etc). You’ll be able to see grilling time, steps and timely alerts or reminders. This will reduce the chances of second guessing and hacked up pieces of meat from cutting and checking so many times. The only thing it won’t do is help you perfect your flipping skills. Ah, who cares, the grass blades only add to the flavour. Bill’s Barbeque Assistant is available for $2.99.

Fast Food My Way

Sometimes, your life can accidently veer into the fast lane. Between work, the kids and their after school sports or recitals, you may be chowing down on drive thru delights. This isn’t really the most healthy, or economical solution. It may even result in a bowel related emergency, just before the championship game! In the Fast Food My Way application, you’ll find helpful advice from Chef Jacques Pepin. Within minutes, you will be able to whip up fantastic and nutritional meals without losing precious time. You can look up great menus very easily. If you only have a few minutes to cook and eat, why do you need sacrifice taste? The Fast Food My Way Guide can be picked up for $6.99

Nat Decants Wine and Food Matcher

If the kids are over at their friends houses, you may be able to sneak in a romantic dinner before they barge in the door. To make the evening perfect, you want to make sure you pick out the right wine for your meal. It’s a special night and you worked hard at cooking a beautiful meal, who wants to ruin it with a glass of milk or pop? Nat Decants Wine and Food Matcher will aid in your wide-eyed wine wonderment. The application provides over 380,000 pairings based on type of wine, type of dish and even type of dessert. If you play your cards right and pair the perfect wine, you may be able to sneak something else in before the kids get home. Nat Decants Wine and Food Matcher is available for $2.99.

Cellfire Grocery Coupons

You can frugal with everything, even food. If you’re going to be spending time on creating new meal ideas, you should also have a handle on your grocery budget. If you spend too much on your meals at the beginning of the week, you may end up resorting to the previously mentioned Yellow Death, by the end of the week. With Cellfire Grocery Coupons, you’ll have access to promotions and coupons from thousand of stores, including; Safeway, Frys and Kroger. The savings are also continued on to shopping and restaurants. Just remember that, even though the expired beef is on sale, it’s still expired beef. The Cellfire Grocery Coupons application is free.

The biggest problem you encounter, when planning a meal, is that you don’t know what the heck to make. You can stare at the fridge and cupboard all you like, they aren’t going to cough up ingredients and ideas. If you point your browser to, you’ll see a whole bunch of ideas open up to you. You can search through thousands upon thousands of recipes, view a list of your favourite recipes and participate in their social network. Best thing about It’s free!

iFood Assistant LITE

I mentioned Mac and cheese a couple of times already, in good humour of course. Most know this meal as Kraft Dinner. Speaking of Kraft, they power the impressive meal master called iFood Assistant LITE. Through this app, you can check out numerous recipes, healthy tips, and snack ideas. You can even create and manage a shopping list based on needed ingredients for each meal. Like Kraft Dinner, you can probably have the app with ketchup, but don’t take my word for it. iFood Assistant LITE is free.

I'm Full...

Hopefully these applications will get the creative juices flowing. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to start cooking. Anybody want to spice up the recipe by adding other applications that you use?

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Get Cooking with BlackBerry Apps!


Yeah because the droid doesn't have any lame apps or food apps. Whatever. A food app is pretty cool if you need one. Why knock it for no reason?

Trust me, you don't want to go down the Android road. Been there, done that. Now back to BlackBerry. I've had Windows phones, the iPhone, Android phones and I've always come back to BlackBerry. If I did anything, I would get an unlocked iPhone and use it on T-Mobile but that is too big a pain in the butt. I might consider a Windows phone, but since I'm a Mac user, I doubt it. Believe me, you think that BlackBerry apps are lame, wait until you try Android. The only plus is there are more free lame apps on Android, but even the "cool" apps on Android turn out lame after the first 10 minutes. Oh, and how about the fact it can only handle 5 email addresses, if that many and they aren't true "push" like they claim.

That's just how I been feeling toward BB. Maybe, just maybe with the intro of flash and the webkit browser I might have a change of mind. But i'm on the edge not the network but on the edge of the Android. Excite me RIM. I tried to switch themes to make it look like I got something new but ugggggggghhhhhhh!! no work at all..Even worse, I just noticed this cooking app is $2.99. I can buy a McChicken with that.

To the first commenter, i understand the frustration with RIM and their platform. I feel the same way as well after being on this MONOTONOUS platform for 7 years now.

I won't be on the Droid anytime soon HOWEVER, i am purchasing a 3GS in the next few days and once push mail becomes the norm for all mobiles very soon, i'll be saying goodbye to my Bold. Sad but true.

Back to the topic, iFood Assistant Lite gets the thumbs up :)

Better to have something rather than nothing. One point I must make to "edge" is that I did the same once and all I will say that is that get used to the battery dying on you every day. It will drive you nuts and you can't carry a spare. All its good for is web browsing. You cannot beat BB as a phone and com on webkit browser.

Why does one feel the need to come on and say things like that? As if, by their post, all of us, will ditch our BB (which I love mine). Like a celebrity saying similar, ummm, I can make my own mind thanks... I am digging the coupons and the mac and cheese...LOL be well! OH and if you can somehow win something here...PICK ME...LOL

Well to be fair, he/she didnt actually say everyone should ditch their BB... so maybe you guys need to chillout a bit. They were just venting their frustration, with what they perceive to be "Lame" apps.....which I deem is perfectly on topic.

...and besides the blog is here for all of us to comment on.

Wow.. now those can be some really usefull apps! the BBQ one is awesome. even the timer one too.. because surely you 'd always have your BB beside you so you can monitor the times easily even if oven has its own timer,with an app like this one you will definitely not miss the time!

I read that about the Mac and Cheese, and I JUST ATE THAT LIKE 10 MINS AGO :) , BTW what's the webkit and flash that everyone is talking about ?????

What about the 'Food Network Canada Mobile' App. Even though the measurements may be in metric still a nice App, and it FREE!

Who calls it Kraft Dinner besides the Barenaked Ladies?

Maybe its because I'm from Iowa, but its been Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for all I can remember, except when they had the ad campaign to change the name to Kraft Cheese and Macaroni. (Anyone remember that one?)

Kraft Dinner. Cute. Like 'catsup'


Anything that can help 13 years of eating my wife's meals would be a God send!

Just Kidding, but I do think I will put these on her Storm.

Kraft Dinner is what the Canadians call it. (hence, the Barenaked Ladies calling it that..). Yes I remember that it's Kraft Cheese and Macaroni because it's the cheesiest (as were the ads).

$2.99 for a timer app is nothing compared to ruining a soup with $50 worth of ingredients because you were too busy trying not to burn a $100 prime rib in your oven.

Why do people always have to be so negative? If you don't have anything nice to say, just keep it to yourself so that those of us who appreciate these tips can see some valid feedback!

And to the user who hates the BB so much that you're switching to Android, what are you still doing on a Berry enthusiast web site? Make the switch if you're that unhappy! Truth is you know it won't be any better...

"$2.99 for a timer app is nothing compared to ruining a soup with $50 worth of ingredients because you were too busy trying not to burn a $100 prime rib in your oven."

IF you're using your BB timer for a prime rib, you going about it all wrong. MEAT THERMOMETER - set it for the perfect temperature - boom! it goes off when it's perfectly done. no guessing...

and soup?? going over a few minutes isn't going to ruin it...

MAC-N-CHEESE...get it right!!!

I agree with the "If you don
t have something good to say..." comment.

what's the point hof having a comment section then. Crackberry facists. Might as well not have a forum if that's the case. Since ya'll are talking about food here's a nugget for you facists berries. THIS IS NOT BURGER KING>YOU CAN'T HAVE IT YOUR WAY. FREE SPEECH.....

I was so excited when I finally found this app, only to be horribly disappointed when it didn't work on my torch :-( how can I get it to work???