Get a closer look at that BlackBerry 10 device with the textured back!

By Bla1ze on 11 Dec 2012 01:57 pm EST

It was only a few days ago RIM teased that textured backing on an unnamed BlackBerry 10 device on their BlackBerry 10 information page and already, we're getting a better look at it. Granted, it's just the back but it's a beautiful sight either way. According to @MujibAzizi, the image was found in the latest update for the BlackBerry Dev Alpha. Too bad it wasn't also flipped around. Thanks, @MujibAzizi! You can jump below to find out how to access the video that goes along with the image courtesy of

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Get a closer look at that BlackBerry 10 device with the textured back!


Agree. I kind of knew that RIM wouldn't leave the back of the phone just plane and simple. If you take a look back at some of their Bold phones, they have used a carbon fibre print, leather materials, etc. But this seems really attractive since the back is one piece. Most of the bold phone have different materials because the camera part doesn't come off. Good Job RIM!

Nice finishing touch. I just hope no one has already patented the textured back - otherwise, here comes another lawsuit. Patent trolls seems to be thriving nowadays to shore up additional cash flow.

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!! Thats like taking the apple logo off the back of the iphone. BB10 would get lost in a sea of devices without it's name printed on it's face. WEAR IT PROUD!!!

Ya, I hope it's not just hard plastic like Samsung phones. Knowing RIM though, it'll likely be something much better than that.

Well I hope it's textured with the black felt/rubber like feel of the original BB Torch 9800 battery cover. It is the one thing I dislike about my silver 9810 battery cover, it feels cheap to the touch and is slippery. The 9800 cover was velvety and stayed in your hand nicely and so I bought one to replace the silver colored one. Thing is, the black soft touch one flakes off with I switched back to the silver one. Can't win I guess.

Granted BOTH doors are creaky plastic and should have been more substantial so I hope whatever doors are included in any future models, make them more robust please and not some flimsy creeky crap!

On the bright side, we at least have doors to replace our batteries on our current phones! I love RIM for that reason alone.

Agree. Everything about the lead up is SOOOO well choreographed. Every. Single. Move. Perfectly executed.

Bravo to Thorsten and Frank's leadership. Something big is going to happen Q1 2013.

It's a tiny detail, but I wish they'd put the logo higher up on the device, so that when I'm holding it, the logo is visible :)

I think it more of a functional thing, if the logo is on the top portion there is a risk of a light reflection when clicking a photo with the flash enabled. I had bad experiences with my iphone's back protector and I had to strip off the reflective part to some degree.

Where the hell did you come up with that? The logo's only function is its branding for the device. It doesn't interfere at all with the flash as the flash flashes straight and not down! Example that I'm not talking out of my ass - look at the back cover of the Bold 99XX.

dude calm down if not for talking off your ass off try searching Google as it is a legitimate problem, the images come out washed out with certain type of cases or protective films that are reflective in nature and when used in close proximity to the camera flash(esp nighttime photography), google "iPhone flash washing out pictures" and you will thousands of complaints, also a white iphone is more probable to produce a washed out picture than a black one because of it's reflective nature. A logo is reflective and sensitive to light too.

Yes!!! Curved edges and corners are much nicer than those on the DEV devices being seen prior to now.

Everytime I see a post on a BB10 device I can't help it and just have to get my FIX and view it A.S.A.P but then at the same time feel really naughty that I should wait till Jan 30th ......Damn u Crackberry!! LOL.....

True elegance!!! Want it NOW! Hopefully it has a nice solid feel to it and some weight. Don't like the cheap plastic looking crap out there.

Now I just need to see what's hiding on the other side. Hope the exciting momentum remains!

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

> Now I just need to see what's hiding on the other side.

Actually, I disagree. I want to savour the anticipation of waiting to be wowed by the device on January 30th. (Hoping the front looks sexier than the previous L-Series leaks).

I like it a lot. Under Thorsten and new top management he hired RIM is going in the right direction now. Bla1ze could turn the pic to the other side now. LOL

Blackberry By Choice

wanted a playbook back but hey we got premium leather this will look good when im stunting around with my leather speedy.

I think it will be a playbook rubberised back but in that texture. That will make it sooo unique, cannott wait!! :-)

not sure if thats because of this pic. it is more likely the whole gold SDK news...

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

Yea it looks good and all but I was really hoping for a high-end material device like the 9900 or the iPhone 5. I have a 9810 now and i'm so over the plastic battery cover. From what I can tell from this picture, the battery cover is the same. This is supposed to be the flagship device for RIM, I want to feel the luxury in my hand. Apple shouldn't be the only company that can make expensive feeling full touch screen device at that price. Just sayin'! : /

I'm more concerned about durability. I toss my devices around a bit, it is a phone after all. I wouldn't want my phone to be a luxury item that is super fragile.

I see what your saying but I've seen 9900s survive drops to the pavement before so a phone on that level build wise is all i'm looking for.

When I say I want a luxurious feeling phone I mean more 9900, obviously not P'9981. I think my original post came across that way.

if that expensive feel that you speak of prevents me from using emerging technology like NFC, count me out... just sayin!

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

And I agree with that totally but RIM was able to make the 9900 with NFC without putting a plastic cover as cheap as the 9810s. So with that said we all know it isn't out of RIMs reach to design a high quality device with tech like NFC, etc.

In my opinion if this is going to be RIMs hero/flagship device, I'd rather it not feel as cheap as my 9810.

Some companies want their devices to look good without it being at the expense of their functionality unlike apple.

I just hope it has a better back than that of the 9000, that thing looked and felt really nice but mine broke 3 times in the 2 years I had it and I had to by replacements parts to fix the housing that held the back on. This back looks like it might fit on the phone similarly to that...

RIM is becoming such a remarkable company again, this time better than ever. Thanks to Thorsten heins of course! :) 49 days left!

The corners of this device looks more rounded than the corners of the leaked L we've seen! Something is brewing here! But this looks hott..

Awful and cheap. If this is the device they are going to announce I am damn sure they dead soon. They can't complete 2013. I think only apple lovers say yes to kill RIM. Honest opinion is it sucks