Get a closer look at the BlackBerry 10 camera

By DJ Reyes on 30 Nov 2012 01:37 pm EST

One of the things that we here at CrackBerry are looking forward to in the upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices is the time-shift camera. For me, when I look back at many of my home photos, I am the one notorious for having my eyes closed all the time or not having the most pleasing facial expressions. So, when I saw this feature, I was happy that eventually I could have decent photos taken or at the very least, have my eyes open.

Many of you will have seen the videos already, all the way back to when it was first introduced at BlackBerry World in May and again at BlackBerry Jam Americas last September. And those lucky enough to get hold of a Dev Alpha are no doubt making plenty use of the feature.

Check out the video above with Senior Product Manager, Multimedia, Arun Kumar on why he loves this feature.

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Get a closer look at the BlackBerry 10 camera


I think the time shifting thing is kind of a gimmic. It's not going to be the deciding factor in purchasing decisions. Maybe as a piece of a large feature pie it will hold more sway.

I wouldn't call it a gimmick... It's actually new, refreshing, and useful for social situations.

It may not be the deciding factor in the purchase, but it'll be a nice and easy way to spread the word to others that BB10 is truly different.

Just make it a good camera that can take great photos. The abomination of a camera that RIM put in my 9900 is a joke.

"~I am BlackBerry by choice~"

Yes and it's a terrible one.

It's funny you douchebags criticize other platforms because of some gimmicks but then you all cry when Rovio doesn't make a BB7 Angry Birds version. Let's face it: Angry Birds is gimmicky. But even your dear leader writes a letter to Rovio to break the boredom of BlackBerry devices.

I'm sure he moved on to another platform and just pretends to still like BlackBerry because CrackBerry is his cashcow.

Actually mobile nations is his cash cow and last time I checked Kevin was a grown man and could use whatever phone he wants. When I see post like yours I can only come to one conclusion. Your miserable and probably don't have much of a life outside of the Internet. I recommend going to and finding a partner or better yet how about your local animal shelter, adopt a dog from what I understand they will love you so long as you feed them. I'm also sending you a virtual hug because it's clear that you really could use one [hugs]

and you have so much of a life to read his post and then write a paragraph about it? "Your miserable and probably don't have much of a life outside of the Internet. I recommend going to and finding a partner or better yet how about your local animal shelter, adopt a dog from what I understand they will love you so long as you feed them."

I know tons of girls that would find this useful. You know how many times i've been asked to take a picture and when they look at it I have to take another one? Now they can get it right the first time and if not just fix it. With instagram, twitter and facebook being a huge part of peoples lives (we all know someone who posts pictures of everything) this is a feature that is truly unique, useful and somewhat of a game changer in the simplicity and pure genius of its execution.

Unfortunately it's not unique. Lumia WP8 series has the same feature just because Nokia bought the company that developed the technology (Scalado).

Hey, stop being like that.. see the big picture... you cannot mention a brand and demise BB. You have to ask yourself: Is every Windows Phone enjoying with this feature?

Answer is NO

Will every BB 10 phone enjoy this feature?


i'm pretty sure girls are more then just "OMG this totally can rewind time and get perfect pictures of our faces". there is the 'coolness' factor, and blackberry doesn't make this cut (i know i'm going to hear and ear full but i own a bb).

I still think it has value. Nowadays in tech, there is not one single deal breaker of a reason why a piece of tech wins, so every little thing helps. And if your experience with each facet of your device is a positive one, you are more likely to enjoy the overall experience.

My question is: is the time-shift piece working on those faces separately? As in If my eyes were closed for the first half of period covered by the time-shift range of the pic, and yours are closed in the second half, can I time shift just one face to get both eyes open even though that never happened in reality? Or are you simply time shifting through the "whole picture" to find the best point in time for your final output?

The video certainly seemed to show him selecting each individual face, adjusting each, and then saving the pic as a composite with individual changes to both faces.

Both options are available. You can time shift the whole picture using the bottom bar. And you can also time shift individual "faces" using the face detection square independently of the whole picture or other faces in the picture.

That was one of my first thoughts when I saw the initial Keynote some months ago. I'm sure it has limitations, but it'd be nice to know.

This is very useful for people who love taking pix. Especially when you're trying to take pix of your pets. The lil f'ers (lol) are always moving around when you are trying to get that one pose haha. BB10!!! \m/

hahaha I agree with you! I was never able to get a good picture of a dog! Maybe the time-shift camera can help!

As much as I love this feature, I know that for me to really enjoy it, I need the opportunity to take multiple pictures, and then go back into each and do the time shift. This basically means that each picture file would be much larger, but it would be more helpful in situations when you don't have time to time shift right away.

Do you think this option would become available, or maybe as a setting that you can turn on and off?

You raise a good point. It would be best if we can do time shifts to previous taken pictures and not have to do it immediately after we've taken the picture.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Take a picture and then go back hours or days later to do a time-shift correction? Or is time-shift only available immediately after you take a picture, which would really restrict its function (and actually not be good at all).

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I think it would only be immediately, due to the size the pictures would be if it was available for use at anytime.

True about the size of the picture but couldn't it be possible that you are allowed to adjust the image later, then is ask whether this adjustment is final - yes, then you can no longer use the time-shift feature and the picture size becomes smaller. This way, the choice is left to the user. It will allow a lot more flexibility with the time-shift feature, especially at parties or other situations where you may want/need to take multiple pictures and not have time to adjust. Oh well, just a thought.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

My only worry is how it will work when you have to use a flash. Might be a little more challenging, put the flash typically goes on long enough to capture someones eyes open.

Pretty sure the flash is disabled in Time Shift mode. You have to choose from one of three modes - regular camera, time shift or video. 

How about taking stills while video recording? Though since it hasn't been talked about, I guess this isn't available :(

Does anyone know if this is only for faces or can you roll back or forward each frame or to a different section in each frame?

He says his favorite thing in BlackBerry10 is the media applications. I have heard that the baked in editing tools are really amazing and I cannot wait to see them in action!!!

Just give me an extremely high quality camera that's fast and can be accessed from the lock screen. That's all I need.

I own a BlackBerry Torch 9860 and a PlayBook. Both are four month old and during this time the Torch was three times repaired and was useless linking up for Internet Banking as it always timed out. I had to use a cheap Hauwai phone to do my mobile banking instead of the 'formidable' BlackBerry Torch.
Fortunately the dealer exchanged the Blackberry against the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 4G. What a difference! - It is superb and I expected this performance from a BlackBerry, what a disappointment! The Blackberry is outdated, slow, and unreliable. It does not pay to be different but I was fortuned that I received the Galaxy S3 4G instead. BlackBerry you have missed the train it is passed and sadly so are you RIM -RIP.

RIP your unappreciated trolling. RIM is doing better while you're dropping low. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

The time shift trick is really cool, but I want to have a great camera that has an awesome sensor which can handle low light, produces good color, has great optics, is fast shot to shot. Let the developers build apps around it.

Maybe you should also check that this feature is also present in Android. So it is not a new ground-breaking, outstanding idea - others already have it -- present tense. It is very good that a FUTURE product will also have it.

No matter what happens the blackberry 10 is launching. Every device i have is fresh for about a year. So even if bb10 miserably fails i will be in a one year blackberry blaze of glory until q1 2014.

And depending on aristo, if and when it comes out...we may be watching world cup 2014 games on our L-series phones.

Hi Bold

BB10 is gonna be a success my friend, believe it. Blackberry is now, where another fruit named company ''Apple'' was in 1997 before they had a massive comeback. And I've read that Thorsten Heins is pretty much following the same basic Apple strategy. So if you do the same, you WILL be sucessful.

This BB10 ''Timeshift'' camera is an incredible feature. Can't tell you how many times I took pictures and my wife closed her eyes, and I had to redo it.

This is a great feature although it is a gimmick. But lets face it, gimmicks are a mega cash cow or no one would even own an iPad or an Android.

I'm gonna be happy when BB10 launches and tons of devs are on board with BB10 and we don't have to wait like second class citizens anymore for an app Like Angry Birds Star Wars.

Playbook is my main Tablet, but I actually had to go out and buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab for $199 so I can play this game which I'm addicted to. Proof right there that gimmicky trendy apps sell hardware.

Gimmicks like Angry Birds turn into trends, and I'm really happy RIM is getting so many devs aboard for our BB10 Playbook launch in 2013. Thanks RIM and keep up the good work. If all goes well with BB10, will be retiring my Samsung to my dresser drawer in 2013.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

The app runs okay on my Nokia 920. It doesn't always recognize faces and if there is a lot of movement in the picture (ie: a flailing child) it doesn't work.

however, I do use it to to get several shots of the kids playing. I find the one at a time shots don't always work out and with this app you have a better chance of capturing at least one good photo.

Don't forget we have that Panoramic feature whatever it's called to take a very large picture by just moving our phones from left to right.

If all you stop bickering if this is a gimmick or not....If any of you guys have kids, this camera feature is an amazing feature when trying to get the perfect smile from all the kids! THAT is the purpose of this camera feature. Yet another awesome feature of BB10!

To the troll saying he dumped his outdated blackberry torch 9860 and says rip rim, rip himself in pieces is all I can say. What an idiot.

The timeshifting camera is gonna kick ass!!