Get in the Christmas spirit with free Santa Dash game for BlackBerry

Santa Dash
By Adam Zeis on 1 Dec 2011 12:26 pm EST

If you're looking for a fun little game to bring that Christmas cheer, check out Santa Dash from Smarter Apps. In Santa Dash you'll have to help Santa from rooftop to rooftop as he drops his presents along the way, but watch out for obstacles like chimneys and buildings.

Help guide Santa and his reindeer across the rooftops while avoiding chimneys or crashing into the buildings or the ground below, all while managing Santa's speed. With the sugar-rush of candy canes and milk and cookies, Santa and his reindeer can reach break-neck speeds, or you can use snow piles and Christmas trees to slow down the sleigh's acceleration. Too fast or too slow can end in a holiday mishap, so you'll need to be careful!

Santa Dash features BBM head-to-head play and you can share your high scores on Facebook, Twitter or email. You can grab it free from BlackBerry App World.

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Reader comments

Get in the Christmas spirit with free Santa Dash game for BlackBerry


Saw this and downloaded it, it is a fun game and has a Christmas tune to far no problems :)

K so there in no instructions. You can just use the volume rocker to trun sound off. Use the trackpad to jump and most important thing to you need to know is that you can "double jump". I love smarter app they make great stuff and 2 player makes this even better. This game really starts to go fast. But the snow piles slow you down. Not sure what the candy cane, trees, or milk and cookies do. I have a high score on this game of 485 lol

It's a cute little additive game. Thanks for letting me know about the trackpad Connor83, I was using the It worked, but the trackpad is better. After playing a few minutes I got a high score 233. It's fun to kill a few minutes with.

I find the Space Bar even better than TrackPad or Touch Screen. Guess we all will have different preferences, glad we have these options.

This game is soo addicting! I think the snowfall makes it lag tho. But the candy canes make Santa go faster (and faster!) and anything else u hit will slow him down. U have to jump over the red and blue chimneys or Santa will eat snow. So far my high score is 593 gifts delivered :)