Get in on CardStar's 12 Days of Christmas Contest

By Kerri Neill on 15 Dec 2010 12:09 pm EST
CardStar Contest

A while back we ran a post about the application called CardStar. It takes your membership/rewards cards out of your wallet and onto your device. You simply enter your barcode numbers into the app, and it instantly transforms them into portable cards. Open the app, select your card and scan away (make sure to have the cashier use a hand held scanner). CardStar is great for membership cards, rewards & loyalty cards, gym memberships and more. The huge database includes a lot of well known cards and more are added every day. One of the biggest complaints was the size of the app (3.6 MB), and I’m very pleased to announce that it has been downsized to 1.2 MB. They’ve also updated with any deals running for each store.

CardStar is available as a free download and during the holiday season they are running a 12 Days of Christmas contest. Every day you can click the in-app link and enter for your chance to win a new prize. The contest is already moving along so download the app and enter today!

More information on the 12 Days of Christmas Contest
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Get in on CardStar's 12 Days of Christmas Contest


figures and I just rebooted my phone from deleting an app now im gonna d/l and reboot again to check this out again :/

Don't forget to read the rules. This is only open to people who are: "LEGAL U.S. RESIDENT AND PHYSICALLY LOCATED WITHIN THE U.S. AT THE TIME OF ENTRY" (CardStar caps, not mine).

Has anyone tried this lately? I had this app a while back but could not find a store that could actually read the barcodes. I tried stores with flatbed and handheld scanners.

I use it ALL the time and the only place I've had issues with the scanner is at my Jewel-Osco (grocery Store). The clerk usually just types it in if it won't scan. It's still one less thing to pull out of my wallet since my BB is usually in my hand anyway.

I've used it on the 8330 (sometimes didn't work), 9650, 9800 & 9670. It's also important that you don't have a screen protector on your device since it can cause a glare...

Anyone else have a problem with loosing all CardStar settings whenever updating a device? Anytime I load a new OS, the card disappear and I have to redo them.

You can now backup the cards onto your media card and restore them any time you reload an OS. I've done it several times and they all come back. It also now has the "Deal" tab activated as well as the option to get the stores phone number or website.

I have a 9700 and Card star did not work for me about 6 months ago when i tried it. It could not be read a Jewel Food store, Walgreens, Petco, etc. Has anyone with a 9700 tried it recently? I have seen the iPhone's version work at a Jewel.

Sorry CardStar, I've tried to use you at 4 common stores and none worked. I've tried Flatbed and Handheld scanners.

Places I've tried:
Ace Hardware
Giant Food Stores

I even did the recent software upgrade to V2.

The clerk at one store said a lot of people try apps like this but they never work. She tried for several minutes just to see if I would be the lucky one.

Sadly I'll be removing it. I had such high hopes.

I'm using the 9800.

What with all the Christmas shopping I've been doing lately< I've moved CardStar to my Favorite section. I've used it at the following with no issues on my 9670 & 9800:

Hot Topic
Barnes & Nobles
Jewel Osco
Best Buy
Toys R Us
Sam's Club

It is hit or miss for me once in a great while but you can always hand your BB to the cashier and have them type the # in. This allows you to still get rid of those annoying cards on your keychains. Just my opinion...

*Also, when sharing the same cards with your spouse or partner, you can backup your cards, email the backup xml file to the other person's BB. You then need to create a CardStar folder on their BB and move the xml file into it. Once you've done that can use the restore card option and presto, your cards are all there. It took me longer to type that scenario than it actually does to do it btw.