Get the BlackBerry Z10 in India and pay monthly

BlackBerry Z10
By James Richardson on 24 May 2013 03:58 am EDT

Back in February this year we announced that the BlackBerry Z10 was available to buy in India but it came with a hefty price tag, which judging by the comments didn't go down too well. Due to the nature of the phone market in India payment is required up front for smartphones and the Z10 was retailing at Rs 43,490.

Things have now developed and new EMI Schemes have been introduced which will allow customers to by the Z10 and split the payments over 9 months interest free - it doesn't get much better than that! That works out to be Rs 4799 per month.

In addition - the BlackBerry 9220 can also now be picked up interest free and with this option you can pay over 12 months. As you will see from the following press release the scheme will be rolled out to 3000 BlackBerry outlets by this weekend.

If this doesn't make a big difference on BlackBerry market in India then nothing will.

Press Release

Press Release:

India, May 23, 2013: BlackBerry today announced the introduction of new EMI Schemes, for ‘BlackBerry Z10’ and ‘BlackBerry Curve 9220’ devices in India.  Customers can now buy the BlackBerry Z10 via their credit cards (Axis Bank, Citibank, HDFC bank, HSBC, ICICI Bank, Kotak, SBI Card and Standard Chartered) by paying an EMI of Rs 4799 per month for 9 months. A similar scheme for BlackBerry Curve 9220 is available where customers can use their credit card to buy the device and pay an EMI of Rs 799 per month for 12 months.
Both the schemes have the unique feature of Rs.0 down payment, 0% processing fee and 0% interest and the plan will be rolled out in 3000 BlackBerry outlets across the country by this weekend. On top of it all Idea Cellular customers can avail a full 1-year unlimited data plan at just Rs. 999/year in 8* circles. The implementation of this scheme will be facilitated and overlooked by the financing companies and the carriers will have no role in the process.
The launch of this plan reasserts BlackBerry’s commitment to make smartphone experience more accessible and affordable to the masses, especially the upwardly mobile youth. The whole proposition of availing the premium experience of BlackBerry Z10 or Curve 9220 by paying a nominal EMI per month is definitely very lucrative and will definitely attract potential customers.

*List of 8 circles: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh


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Get the BlackBerry Z10 in India and pay monthly


Well when I went to purchase my set it was sold out, I wanted a white one,and I had to buy a black one and well, now they have stockpiled a load I barely see it selling :( , product life cycle I guess.. it was all sold out without any emi schemes...

Posted via CB10

Many smartphones in India have same thing actually. A good offer on MRP, and 0% interest EMI.
Wish the people would at least check out BlackBerry 10.
With similar offer for Samsung's S4 and Note2 I don't know what are the chances for Z10.
But anyways I know I am loyal to BlackBerry, already have white Z10, black Z10 and a 9900 :p

Please check the link, that's today's front page of my favourite newspaper..

Posted via CB10

It's surprising that the press release came out yesterday, when the newspaper advertisement was out last Saturday.

It was the same advertisement that motivated me to get this Z10 :D

Posted via CB10

This will definitely work. EMI schemes work great in India. Great going Blackberry. Hope they launch the Q10 on EMI. Blew all my savings on the Z10. :D

I've never seen someone so happy to "blow their savings" on a phone. Solid financial planning there.

Posted via CB10

I don't think that the emi scheme is going to make a difference. This is because everyone is on the wagon of those OS's who have a lot of apps. While I am a fan, I am sorely disappointed to see that BBRY is not doing enough get app makers join the BBRY club. The fact that it took Skype and whatsapp so much time to get onto the bb10 platform is really telling and still no Viber no instagram no Tumblr no path. BBRY seems to be confused where it wants to go. On the one hand it wants the enterprise market but on the other it wants to be the darling of the masses. Yet again on the one hand they claim to want everyone to adopt bb10 but then decide to make BBM cross platform. So in light of all these flip flops why should anyone except die hard BBRY fans invest in an expensive proposition the z10 and the q10. The real fans already bought the phone. Those that remain might give it a look see but other than that conversions look uncertain with these high prices emi or not.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

BlackBerry has done All they can to get apps on bb10 they have made bb10 one of the, of not the easiest os to develop or port a app to. I never understand when people blame BlackBerry for a different company not related to BlackBerry at all not developing and bring a app to the platform. Some apps can cost companies between 50,000-500,000 dollars to develop, test etc. BlackBerry can't pay all these people.

Posted via CB10 - FinalD_WPG - C00016D82

This EMI scheme is $#!T
Why would someone buy a phone for 43K when you can get it in 30-32K from UAE ??
Current price in UAE is @ 2000 dirhams = 30500 INR approx

I know of people who were waiting for the Z10 and decided to buy a different phone because BlackBerry priced it obnoxiously high in India($850). I think if they want to sell Z10, they need to lower the price, atleast keep it competitive.

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Brilliant act but wrongly timed!!!

I would have gone for the scheme if I hadn't have bought the Z10 already.
But many BlackBerry enthusiasts like myself had bought other brands after awaiting for a week post the Z10 India launch. Besides the price being a let down in the current market scenario, it didn't seem to reduce in near future ( which apparently didn't yet happen). Let alone expecting an emi offer.

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