Get BlackBerry Unite! (even if you are not on Bell!!!)

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 May 2008 11:10 pm EDT

Get BlackBerry Unite!Earlier today, Bell announced the availability of BlackBerry Unite! to its Canadian BlackBerry subscriber base. I dropped word of the news in our Carrier forums, but left it off the blogs as it would be hitting our Weekly Software Round Up Friday morning.

HOWEVER...*news flash* it turns out the Bell-Canada copy of BlackBerry Unite will work even if you are on another Carrier. Sweet! I just downloaded a copy and am going to give it a try shortly. If you're inclined to do the same thing, you can grab a copy from the link below.

Warning:  It seems BlackBerry Unite! puts an IT policy on your device when installed (thanks CJ for pointing this out!). Here's  quick note from one or our buds who were playing with this all night:

"The idea behind the software is very neat. The content sharing and syncing is similar to a BES. One of my favorite parts is like a BES you can restrict what users do. I have my phone completely blocked down so I couldn't receive incoming calls or use any third party applications. NOW WARNING! If you install this application MAKE SURE YOU DO A BACKUP OF YOUR DEVICE as you will have to do a hard reset to remove the Unite! software from your device when finished (unless you want to keep it on?).  It works just like a BES server and locks your security IT polices in place until reseted."

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Get BlackBerry Unite! (even if you are not on Bell!!!)


Tried installing but keep getting database error, error creating a database. Anyone encounter this or know why this might be happening? Anxious to try this new software out...

Yes, RIM have been posting knowledge base articles for a couple of days now about BB Unite. There does seem to be one gotcha. The machine on which BB Unite runs must be kept running. This is understandable. But if it DOES fail (crash, or just power fails) it seems you don't even get email on your BB! I guess this is no different from a BES, but a BES is normally looked after in a corp data centre and may even be in a redundant configuration.

So all I'm saying is 'beware'. You may be significantly reducing the robustness of your B solution by runing BB Unite at home, say...

That is awesome. I can get stuff off of my home pc from anywhere... that is ridiculous! so glad i ditched my nextel for the 8830. Definitely upgrading to a 9000 as well but I'll wait until the TOTL version appears. all this madness about scaled down cheaper versions is retarded. I just want a super BB with a decent browser. This Unite is the toy of the month.

spoke too soon

It puts an IT Policy on your Personal Device.

Doesn't seem to be worth the OTA sync, as it isn't really true wireless sync, it has to be input into the Unite, then it will push to the devices, for the contacts anyway.

Calendar is 2way sync.

Has the ability to remote wipe the device, block phone/sms/mms/internet,

I keep getting an error too. Is there another way to download it? Why cant you just get it from the BB web site?

It works fine with BES, make sure to activate device with BES first, or you'll receive a policy error.

To get rid off IT Policy (should you decide to remove Unite), you can do a security wipe available on the device.

Also if anyone is interested, I posted a review at

It installs the MS freebie SQL server, which has a few limitations that you will never reach with average family usage. The idea is totally there and this is a good jumping stone for future enhancements. I would love to see it use a shared calendar on a platform like Google instead of burdening the user's system with a database and the need to be always powered on and connected to the net...

How do i ditch the policy, it is stopping me from using my browser. it's evil... i spent hours on the phone sprint trying to wipe it off. It just keeps coming back.

Unfortunately, if you have a device that came with OS 4.2 or lower, you need to follow navilyn's thread about replacing the Policy with a "blank" policy.bin file, and you're firewall will always be locked, to enabled. You can find that thread

On the devices that came FROM RIM with 4.3 or higher, basically the Pearl 2's and CDMA Curves, you can use JL_Cmdr's command resettofactory. Or possibly just wipe the device, although i have no experience with that.

Ok, this is how i got the IT policy COMPLETELY off my Curve. Very time consuming, some google searching, but there is no remnants of the IT policy, or even the blank policy.bin

First to start is BACKUP YOUR DEVICE

load BETA 4.5 OS (where the google searching comes in)

Load JL_Cmdr

follow instructions for 4.3 RESETTOFACTORY, then pull battery WHEN PROMPTED

delete 4.5 off your PC

Reload 4.2

Restore your device.

After this, it will be COMPLETELY gone.

the only 81/83/88 device that WILL NOT be able to use this method, is the 8830 and 8820, unless there is Betas for them, but i'm pretty sure, theres not.

I also posted this in the forums.

totally agree with cvaria, it's evil and stupid how it renders your browser useless. it's a freakin RIM app, why would it do that crap?? plus, it wiped out my home wireless, i had to uninstall unite and reset my wireless adaptor to get it back in working condition. just plain stupid, and totally not worth it since u have to do all the work online. NEXT!

i am following cvaria's link for removing the !@#$ policy, wish me luck....i did a backup, but i am a little paranoid...