Get a BlackBerry Smartphone or PlayBook for Christmas? Here are some must have accessories - Leave a comment and you could win!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Dec 2011 01:01 pm EST

Keep reading for your chance to win an accessory of your choice from!

BlackBerry Cases

So you got a brand new BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook for Christmas, and now you want some accessories to max it out? Not to worry because we have you covered. If you want to start small with a new case for your device we have them in all the best styles and colors. Looking for a bit more like a BlackBerry Charging Pod or Bluetooth headset? Yup, we have those too. Pick from best sellers for your phone like Case-Mate, OtterBox or Seidio products. We have all the BlackBerry OEM cases and accessories for the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. You can check out our full stock of cases, batteries, charging solutions, car kits and much, much more at

Keep reading to see all the latest and best-selling accessories and enter for your chance to win one!


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Chargers

New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories


To enter to win a BlackBerry accessory of your choice*, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Contest winner may choose one (1) in stock accessory from up to a $100 value.

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Get a BlackBerry Smartphone or PlayBook for Christmas? Here are some must have accessories - Leave a comment and you could win!



My Storm2 could need some love and protection.

For my Storm2!!!

Pearl 8100 > 8800 > Storm > Storm 2 -- Call me Oldie :)

Hummm, what to get, what get, for which one? My new Torch 9810 or my new Playbook! Maybe the phone because I already have a leather case, and charging pod for my PB.

Just got my new Playbook for Christmas and I'm loving it. Thanks for the opportunity to win something for it.

i would love the igrip windshield tablet kit for my new Playbook.
Happy Holidays to all at Crackberry nation!
You guys are the best!
Pick me!

I have a torch 9800, would like to win a leather holster or even a jawbone bluetooth headset :D Merry Christmas and happy new year !

My 14 year old son got a PlayBook for Christmas to go along with his 9700. I have an 9800 upgraded from the 9000. So, I have been playing with his PlayBook last night as never really looked into them before. Quite impressive, fun little device. Think we need some accesories for it though :)

I got a Playbook for Christmas and now the only problem is that my wife keeps wanting to use it. The quick charge cable would be good as at least that way when she runs down the battery i'll not have tto wait as long for it to charge.

9810 is the best bb7 phone available

has everything except - nfc and charging contacts (oh, it doesn't cook my breakfast, yet)

- large touch screen, nice and vibrant with "liquid graphics" using a 1.2ghz processor (does not need to be dual core at all)
- physical slider and sofware keyboards, i find the pysical keyboard very important, for certain functionalities
- image stabalization / autofocus 5mp camera with 720p hd video
- mobile hotspot with 7.1 (i have it, works great)
- my 9810 is my portable router / modem (mobile hotspot / tethering / bridge) where ever my carrier has coverage
- decent storage with room for up to 32GB more with micro sd card memory expansion
- removable battery can be considered important, for a few reasons (battery pulls, carrying extra batteries, etc...)
- lot's of applications and more being added, however, i am more focused on playbook applications
- bbm, and everything "social" under the sun, with world class PIM capabilities, of course
- a multitude of multimedia capabilities, AR compass, music, video, pictures, themes, etc...
- bridged to playbook 247, because the hands down BEST 9810 or any bb7 accessory is a playbook, for sure, mos def

basically, this device (9810) paired with my playbook is (for me) an unbeatable mobile solution, especially with official 7.1 (9810) and 2.0 (playbook) being made available, and official releases will be soon enough

i also know it (playbook) will have awesome new capabilities with 2.0 come february, like video editing, or whatever else is created and made available by the various puzzle pieces RIM has been acqiring (j cut, tat, qnx, etc...) and for those who care, android apps will populate appworld with 2.0!

side note: my friend got an android running eee pad transformer (not prime) and she totally wishes she had my playbook and said she feels lost and distracted with her android device (matters not if it is a phone or tablet, same process pretty much), needless to say, i was the one who needed to "configure" her android, because she wasn't catching onto it as easily as she did with a playbook, lol - she has not really used any tablet except her moms ipad just for angry birds and nothing else and my playbook of course, so - she was doing what i naturally do with my playbook, as she attempted bezel swipes and various other things that i do so easily on my playbook, and she quickly found herself frustrated, and had to "dock" it to the keyboard immediately

lol, i should have recorded her unboxing and setup experience as a "comedy skit" and then made a comparison video of somebody with a 9810 and a playbook as xmas gifts... lol - to show folks just how easy it is to setup a blackberry solution!
"soldiers for rim, hopped up on folgers or brim, using words as weapons, a bunch of nerds just steppin', on the toes of their foes, for respect they be gettin', seems all for not tho, cuz we're on the verge of armageddon yo"

anyways, she wants to trade me for my playbook, "NEVER!" i said, quite fiendishly

buckwylder AKA higgins mcgee is out, peace
why did my signature disappear?

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

I'll take that iClooly phone stand. Not sure how realistically practical it is, but it would still be awesome to have.

A Mobi Products Cradle with Spare Battery Slot for my Torch 9850 would be awesome to have! :)

Thanks CB!

I am on my 4th Blackberry phone ( 8320, 9000, 9800, 9810) and have a 32gb Playbook, i have supported RIM and now it time to support me! Let me win something PLEASE!!!!! lol

I would love some high tech bluetooth headphones. All my other accessories were purchased on Crackberry. It really is becoming the one stop shop for Blackberry users

Could certainly use one of the rapid desktop stand chargers for my playbook!

Maybe it'll take a little sting out of the fact that I bought my 16GB for 499, and the 32's are on sale for 249 now..

I got a 16 GB Playbook and a white 9810 Torch with some accessories, could really use a charging dock or something of that sort.

sporting a new BB Playbook and showing it off to EVERYONE that I know. Dad and my little brother are now on Crackberry to as they also have new Playbooks from Christmas. Love it !!!

Purchased Angry Birds when it came out and the kids won't leave the playbook alone now. I desprately need a case to protect it now!

Just got the best christmas gift ever... A BOLD 9900!
And it would make it even better with a charging dock from the BEST SITE ON THE INTERNET...

I really need a charger for my playbook. My kids dog chewed up the one that came with my playbook. I'm using my 9930's charger.

Got a playbook and I am def willing to wait out to see if I can win an accessory (too bad we can't win two products up to $100)

I bought myself a bold 9930 for christmas. best gift i got! i would love to get some accessories for it!!

After a year dealing with the droid(it was not my style), my parents brought me the 9930. Seriously I was missing everything Blackberry. I had fell in love with my Storm then moved up when Verizon got the first CDMA Bold. Seriously loving this Bold 9930. It is the perfect mix between touchscreen and keyboard. Would love to have some accessories to go with it.

I would love a new Playbook for the new year. Happy Holidays and I cant wait to move from my Storm 2 to the 9930. Happy Holidays.

Man ! I sure could use those Bluetooth Headphones ! "I want to be the first one on my block , with a confirmed kill !"

Wow! Mrs. Claus was good enough to give me my Playbook a little early and an Otterbox too! I'm hoping Crackberry Claus will bring me a charging pod and finish my Playbook wish list! Keep up the great work guys. Thanks again for all the work, info, and amazing contests!

Love to have some new accessories! Recently upgraded to a 9900 and bought a Playbook so I am starting from scratch!

im on my playbook now entering to win. i hope i do cause i could really use a battery or a stand for my phone. pick me please:) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at Crackberry:)

I got a playbook for is so awesome that my girlfriend is now convinced into buying one for herself. Rimpire!

Finally got my 9930 with Verizon for Christmas! Was using a Curve 8330 prior to that until it broke. But I am absolutely in LOVE with my new Bold. It runs so fast, the hardware is amazing and the functionality of having a touch screen and a QWERTY keyabord is great! Could not be happier. Would love to get picked so I can pick myself up a BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle! Or a charging dock! Pick me, please (:

the flip lid cases for the playbook that double as a stand are almost a must have.. i gotta pick one up.

Wow! Christmas present? :) pick me pick me! I would definitely love an extra battery for my 9900!

Of course I am in for such a great contest! In case I am the winner ;) for me a BlackBerry J-Series Extra Battery Charger Bundle please :))

It's so hard to choose. I'd love a charging pod for my Torch 9810, but the rapid charging pod for the Playbook would be great too. One of the Playbook cases would be great for my son or daughter (probably son since he is more likely to drop it). I guess I can wait and make up my mind if I actual win.

No presents this Christmas for me, I had no money, told my friends I can't afford to buy presents, so told them not to get me anything either... :'(

Oh well, hopefully next year things will be better...

I didn't get a SINGLE BB accessory for christmas! Guess my family doesn't know me as well as they think they do :(

Maybe, just maybe I'll win this contest and get an EXCITING gift from my crackberry fam ;)

I have a playbook 32GB but i live in greece, and nobody imports accessories here.... help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

got a playbook for myself and my mother in law...we love it...would be great to get the charging dock for it. also convinced my cousin to get it as well..

i think the next post should be "must have apps" like bebuzz and vlingo but either way great idea on helping people out with decisions and i would love to win something!

Love shopcrackberry and there prices. I want a PlayBook dock, PlayBook case, Bluetooth keyboard, otterbox case for my 9810.

I just got a torch for christmas and it would mean the world if I won I desperayly need an otterbox I'm such a clutz

Ya know what I want? The RIM wireless bluetooth keyboard for my Playbook. Where is that? Why has RIM not released it?

Crackberry is the 1st site i log onto to start my day. you all are the best!! i have the torch 9810 and would love any accessory for it, Thanx!!!

posting from my new Playbook! I would love a charger stand so I could add digital picture frame to the already long list of functionality this thing has!