Get a BlackBerry Smartphone or PlayBook for Christmas? Here are some must have accessories - Leave a comment and you could win!

By Adam Zeis on 26 Dec 2011 01:01 pm EST

Keep reading for your chance to win an accessory of your choice from!

BlackBerry Cases

So you got a brand new BlackBerry smartphone or BlackBerry PlayBook for Christmas, and now you want some accessories to max it out? Not to worry because we have you covered. If you want to start small with a new case for your device we have them in all the best styles and colors. Looking for a bit more like a BlackBerry Charging Pod or Bluetooth headset? Yup, we have those too. Pick from best sellers for your phone like Case-Mate, OtterBox or Seidio products. We have all the BlackBerry OEM cases and accessories for the BlackBerry PlayBook as well. You can check out our full stock of cases, batteries, charging solutions, car kits and much, much more at

Keep reading to see all the latest and best-selling accessories and enter for your chance to win one!


New BlackBerry Cases

New BlackBerry Chargers

New BlackBerry Batteries

New Bluetooth Accessories


To enter to win a BlackBerry accessory of your choice*, simply leave a comment to this blog post. Contest ends this Sunday night at Midnight PST. Please, just one entry per person.

*Contest winner may choose one (1) in stock accessory from up to a $100 value.

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Reader comments

Get a BlackBerry Smartphone or PlayBook for Christmas? Here are some must have accessories - Leave a comment and you could win!



I picked up a Blackberry 9900 for Christmas. I was going to hold out for the new Blackberry 10 phones, but who knows if or when they will arrive. Loving my new 9900. Super fast and running my apps without a hitch! Would love to win a new accessory for this device!

I got a Torch 9860 and am loving it. I would like to get a car charger or charging dock to go along with it.

This is 'N'th time I'm entering into crackberry contest and everytime unsuccessful. Would love to own one for 2012.

I ordered a new Playbook yesterday after reading all the info available here.(Christmas present to self) Am a really small contractor (myself and one part timer) and hope to use it for my business. Pick it up at Best Buy and "BAM" , I'm ready.

Estimates, videos, emails for all my out of town clients and whatever else can be done. (Plus a little fun after work!)

Am going to post in the forums to get recomendations on apps from the knowledgable members.

just got a new Playbook (well, it's on it's way)...
I would love a charging cradle for it or a new BT headset.

posting from my playbook ! I couldn't be happier !.......just have to keep it away from my 12yr old...I may never see it again !!

Motorola Oasis Bluetooth Headset or Motorola HZ800 Finiti Bluetooth Headset be looking pretty cool to me

Got me a 32gb playbook to compliment my bold 9900!! Going to need a case soon to protect it from my 3yr old!! Happy holidays everyone!!! :D

I have the OtterBox Defender case for my PlayBook, (really great by the way, I haven't gone naked yet.) The Mag Rapid charger is on my wish list. Having said that, Today I bought my son a 32g PlayBook, he tends to play soccer with his BlackBerry's when it's time to upgrade, so I sure hope he enters this contest for an OtterBox Defender for his new PlayBook.

Wow. I love my Playbook and I got a few accessories for Xmas yesterday. There are many more I'd like and another Xmas gift now would be awesome.

Wow! I love my Playbook and received few accessories for Xmas yesterday. Wouldn't mind another one though!

My new Christmas gift keeps hanging on this blog, so that would say something (i hope.....) Even when i restart it gets back to this site.....ME ME ME ME

I could really use another present for my BB 9930. I hope I win. Thanks so much for the chance and Happy Holidays.

Yes, I soooooo could use some accessories. Got a playbook finally so yknow there's some goodies I got my eye on and I broke my case for my 9810 so could definately use some protection for both. Don't like using my devices naked.....need protection ;)

Yes as an avid blackberry user for many years, I found under the tree, a brand new playbook from my wife!! So excited! Its a little learning curve but I'm so impressed with this thing out of the box! And its fast as hell!! Love it love it and now I need to protect it!! Would be fantastic. Cheers and Merry Christmas to all :)

Not from family, from friends, or even my wife. Winning something would be nice, perhaps then it'd be a merry christmas afterall.

I have owned a Playbook since November, it is the perfect complement to a BB phone. I have internet access and access to all my work contacts, calendar and email. On the road all day the BB phone bridge and Playbook make access to all my work info easy and accurate.

Thanks RIM!! keep it up.

This would be an awesome after Christmas present, either an extra micro SD card, wireless headphone, charging pod, or otterbox case!
Thanks on advance CrackBerry&!

So many neat items from which to choose makes it hard to pick just one. If I should win, then will be the time to concern myself with making a choice. Thanks!

My 8530 loves to try new covers and face plates so the Case-Mate Fuel Lite Case would be a great xmas gift :) I've had my 8530 for a year and 4 month months and I'm addicted I don't want anyother brand of phones and love having crackberry as my go to home site :)

i just got a blackberry bold 9900 for xmas and looking for cool accessories to try out... would live an extra gift :)

Seem to have been on a shopping spree these last few months. First buying me a Bold 9900 upgrading from a Curve 8900, then got the same for my GF as she also had an 8900. I searched everywhere for Playbooks and was able to find one in which I kept for me, but recently found another just before Christmas and my GF actually cried when she saw the Playbook! Wish I had that on video! But I am now just about maxed out and could use some free accessory from ShopCrackberry!! Thanks Crackberry and Happy Holidays to Crackberry Nation!!

Whatever comes my way for my 9930 or PB I'd be happy. Thanks in advance for your co-operation. Valla con dios. Hasta La Vista. Bon Voyage.

awesome contests for the win!!!

I would get that charging cradle for the PlayBook if I won. I need one for my new office!

I got a 9930 BOLD for my birthday in September & today got a 32 GB Playbook for Christmas. Would be great to win this contest. Then the hard part of what accessary to choose. Go CrackBerry go.

love the playbook! it certainly has great
options and easy to use the bridge option is awesome!

had to replace my 9650 with a 9850 on Friday, so far, so good. Unfortunately have not be able to afford a case for it (or screen protector) would love to win one - thanks

Just got the Playbook and love it. Employer will be upgrading me from 9000 Bold to 9900 Bold next week. Guess I would have 2 categories of accessories to choose from.....

I really like the 9930, I plan to get one soon and winning some accessories would be nice. Its a perfect match for my PlayBook ......I wouldn't mind winning the 9930 also :)

I just bought a new blackberry curve 9350 and really need a case so PICK ME!!! That is all. We now return to your boring everyday lives.

Would LOVE a case for my new PB.....can't seem to let go of this beauty and I want to protect it!!! SMILE!!!

No one wanted to get me a playbook, so I got one for myself :D
Now I am broke and can not afford to get accessories for it, so I would appreciate it if I can win some

Another great contest and would love a Bluetooth earpiece to keep protecting my berry whilst I'm a working.

Santa didn't bring me a playbook for Christmas, but a gift from Crackberry would be the very best next thing.