Get BerryWeather 1.5 for 50% Off Today Only!

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2009 09:08 am EDT
My favorite weather application by far is BerryWeather. It is overflowing with features and surpasses all other weather apps by a mile. The clean look and multiple options just give it more than any other app has to offer. You can view daily or hourly forecasts for multiple locations, check out radars, view weather advisories and more. The $9.95 price tag has been a turn off to some users, but if you've been on the fence you can get it today for only $4.97 - thats 50% off the regular price! If you are looking for a full featured weather app for your device, BerryWeather is well worth the money and you definitely won't regret it.

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Get BerryWeather 1.5 for 50% Off Today Only!


Can anyone compare this app to WeatherBug? I use it all the time, but it has some quirks that I don't like (won't use Google Maps, and I can't use BB Maps because I'm on ATT). Is it a big enough improvement to justify $5?

Personally I would say yes. I didn't have good luck with weather bug on my Curve, Storm or Tour. Noticeable memory leaks on all three almost immediately.
So my opinion is definitely biased against Weather Bug.

I'm not sure how you mean that it won't use Google Maps. Do you mean to track your location?
I commented a few posts down about the GPS tracking. You have the option to use Cellular Triangulation or GPS location or both and you can set either one to be used first and the other as back up. I believe it uses the GPS chip and not the actual GPS program you have. I guess if your Berry doens't have GPS than cellular triangulation is your only option which this supports.

Hope that helped a little.

There is a Maps option in WeatherBug - I believe it is for weather maps. When I try to run it, it says I need to have BB Maps installed to have it work. My understanding is that ATT won't allow us to have BB Maps because it competes with their navigator.

I haven't noticed too much of a memory leak, but since I upgraded to .297 my app mem has been pretty solid, so I haven't worried too much about it.

I use my Bold a lot for weather, so if this program is a significant improvement in function, options, etc., I'd be willing to pay for a better app.

FYI, I've been using WeatherBug for some time, no issues, and I noticed the Maps option and installed BB Maps. You can do from the Desktop Manager's Application Loader option. Works fine, and I have a Bold on AT&T. Hope that helps.

I would like to know too before I buy it. Hence, I feel like all apps should come with a trial. I have bought many apps that don't work or are just crap and I've already spent the money!

beryweather does not work flawless on .230. Everything but the icon home screen works. The icon on the home screen is suppose to auto update and change as the weather changes, does not do that on .230. You can still get the weather by pushing the icon, just wont update on the home screen icon.

If your looking for a weather app with out issues here's your chance.
I picked it up last time it was the Deal of the Day and I couldn't be happier with it.
Defintiely worth the 4.97. I would say it's worth the 9.95 too if your that into having a good weather app.
I have mine set to use cell tower with GPS back up for location and set to update every 15 minutes. Not only is it spot on, I don't notice any difference in battery consumption at all.
Just a lot of great options along with providing accurate weather for whatever location you happen to be in.

I've been holding out and just picked it up yesterday, what a kick in the nuts. I love this app. even for the regular price well worth it.

I recommend to NOT BUY THIS app. It never updates properly. And customer support NEVER, EVER responds to emails. I even warned them that I would give them bad press if they didn't respond to my FIFTH support request. Guess what? They never responded. I am.

I second that notion. I haven't been able to set any type of background on it like it says I can. So, I have e- mailed them 6 times- all with no actual response to my question. Yea, I'll get the standard "...we received your querey" thing but that's it. So, I would say 50/50. I would just like someone to tell me what I can do to set the background.

If you are looking for the best weather app on the market, hands down this it. I too did not understand how a weather app could be worth $5, let alone $10. I took advantage of the 50% off coupon a while back and must say that this is one of the best looking apps on my Blackberry, compared to ALL my other apps. BerryWeather is so well designed and so visually appealing, I don't think I would ever go back to Weathereye. PLEASE buy this app if you are looking will not be disappointed. Certainly one of my top 5 apps......

The only problem that leaked 5.0 users (at least for the Storm) will find, is that the home screen icon--if you keep this on your home screen that is--will not update, so you see a red umbrella. Other than that, this is an amazing weather application and TOTALLY worth the money, whether or not you get 50% off. If you have any doubts or HAVE had any doubts about this software, check the forums. You're guaranteed to find tons of positive feedback about it!

because they never submitted it to AppWorld and they'd also have to change the name of the app too. RIM does not like apps with the name BlackBerry, Berry, or any combo in them inside there appworld store

Berry weather is available in BlackBerry App World, the name of the App has been changed to BeWeather. But it is the same application.

I was curious as to why they called it BeWeather in App world instead of BerryWeather , lol makes sense I guess

I'm one of the folks who dropped the $10 for this app and really couldn't be happier with it. Worth every bit of $4.97

...I missed the sale by 24 hours. I just paid full price! GRRRR!!!

Still, this app is totally worth $10 bones so that makes it SUPER worth $5. I used WeatherBug Elite and BW is just a ton better to use. My favorite thing about it is that I can use a custom weather map. I didn't like the default map so I use the one from BerryWeather looks good, works GREAT. I only wish I had bought it sooner.

Seriously. Buy the app.

If it doesnt display on the home screen with OS 5.0's then thats the deal breaker for me. Come on people, get with the times! ; )

Bought it for $10 a few months ago, loved it, it worked great. Currently, my weather hasnt been updated in 280+ hours. Customer support? There is none.

If you like looking at weather for 10+ days ago, this is the app for it.

I was fortunate enough to have won this application in a give away and it is a marvelous application. Once you put in a custom accuweather map everything looks great and does fantastic.

I am running .230 on my Storm and it is running great.
The only two things I have noticed is I can't seem to set a background image and also like someone else mentioned you get the red umbrella when you are on the BB home screen. You can still see the temp and weather description but you see the red umbrella too. Once you go into the menu screen you can see the weather icon.

Over all.......AWESOME App.
I wish I bought this way before I had installed WeatherBug.
100x better in my opinion.

What happens when you change your theme, then go back to it?

When I do that with weathereye, the icon changes to what it's supposed to be. Although, it stays stuck like that, I prefer to see that rather than weathereye's icon. I mean, as long as it doesn't starting raining like icon of the sun with some clouds is definitely more accurate than a red umbrella haha.

I am getting a new Blackberry on Tuesday. If I buy it today will I be able to transfer it over to a new PIN on Tuesday?

Love this app! It's by far the best weather app that I've used. And now that the 5.0 sim is out for the S2, hopefully an update will be around the cornner soon. ;)

Can anyone else confirm or not if they're seeing these supposed beautiful backgrounds for this app?
I think the app is awesome and so worth $5 but I just can't get anything to work with the backgrounds. Anyone?

Just got this app at a great price but cannot find the activation code and the number they gave me is not valid...not a good start!

This is the best weather application.I have been using it for about 3 months now and it is great.The radars are a nice feature.Highly recommend it,especially at $4.97.

yeah and in the bellshare forum under berryweather section the have links you can copy in paste into the "custom map part of berryweather of different styles of custom radar",, if you rather use custom radar, its worth checking that out to even if tyou stick with default radar

i have tried weatherbug and simpleweather but Berryweather is hands down the best of all the weather apps. I have never had any trouble with it and the graphics are super. Well worth the price.

I'm on storm .230, and it's running well. I noticed that when I moved the icon to my homescreen, the icon did change. I don't think it'll will continue to change as the weather does though.

Also, I was able to put a custom wallpaper too. Make sure you go all the way back in the folders to get to the your SD folder.

Have it set for four different locations. Been using it for months and couldn't be happier. Tried them all, this is it...

Can anyone else confirm or not if they're seeing these supposed beautiful backgrounds for this app?
I think the app is awesome and so worth $5 but I just can't get anything to work with the backgrounds. Anyone?

I should probably mention I'm on a Tour 9630 running

I never thought of spending $ for weather apps. I thought I was happy with freebies like Weatherbug or Weathereye but when there is a weather dock in themes, certainly things don't show up like, to show temp, need to scroll over, need to click. This seems to be perfect. And "wait" time to load the new info is not as long as the others. I wouldn't have bought it at $9.99 but $5.00... I just did it.

I have it but wouldn't recommend it. The icon will not change with OS 5.0 and according to their website, its not their issue its RIMS so I guess they wont fix it..

Have had this program for over a month and love it! Fly weekly on business and able to see weekly temps as well as live radar any time I want. Nice for predicting flight delays or drive times at the destination I am flying into. I paid the full price and it is worth every penny. Half off should be a no brainer for fellow road warriors. Get it today, you won’t be sorry.

For those with .230, all you have to do is move the icon from one slot to the next to have the icon change. Yeah, it's a little annoying but at least it's better than a red umbrella.

I will say I have been an app that had this look and while I would not have paid $10. $5.00 might be a little steep, but I pulled the trigger. I got all of my favorite locations loaded up and I must say this is great. I will be deleting BBweather soon.

Are you sure their confirmation email did not go to your spam in you mailbox? If you have not seen it yet you can get it resent paste this into you URL i dont think can post links here

it is pretty clear on what to do, or if you brought though crackberry or mobihand you can log onto your account and see the activation code also there as well.

If you haven't got your activation code still or license number i forget which they call it , lol but just copy and paste this into your browser,it goes to their forum and you will see how to get them to resend it to you I just had to when I did OS update and BBM update its posted below as well as above your post

Thanks for the link but I did try this a few...actually many hours ago, it didn't work, I've contacted the custom service and still waiting for their reply....

I ran the trial version of this app about a month ago. I think its the best weather app in all respects except one - its grossly inaccruate compared to I was in Aspen, the weather was up to 72 that afternoon, but by 6 cold weather had set in and it was like 50, cloudy and windy degrees. At 6:10pm, reflected this from a 6:09 update, but this app was still saying 70 from a 6:05 update. And that was after I updated AND noted that it had updated. It was like this the whole weekend, lagging a couple of hours behind what the weather was really like. So, if you could configure it to use for its data, it would be awesome. For me its a pretty app, but pretty inaccurate.

Been using it for several weeks now and it works great on my BB Curve ..... absolutely no issues, track several locations and updates every 15 mins. recommended to several friends using Storm and other BB's and they all LOVE it. Excellent buy @ $9.95, even better @ half price !

i won this app from CB contest and i would recommend it . Its pretty awsome and flawless. the Gui is nice and always gives me the weather when i need it!

I have a Storm 9530, and I also never thought of spend $ for a weather app. I was using Weatherbug but it was "buggy" and would not always load. I purchased BerryWeather today and am very impressed. There are several display options, and it is easy to add locations and swipe from location to location.