Get BeDroid for Only $1 from Now Through December 25th

By ObiGeorge on 21 Dec 2009 09:21 am EST


The guys over at JMal and Ahaz Designs are in that holiday mood and having a sale on their popular theme BeDroid. This theme really brings that DROID look and feel to your BlackBerry with its replica meters, icons, lock screen and wallpaper. As an added bonus for Storm users, the application Stop Turning! ($1.99 app that locks your screen orientation) comes built right into this premium theme. This really is a gorgeous theme and is compatible with all devices OS 4.5 and higher. All 38 versions of this theme are on sale from today through Christmas for just $1, saving you 85%!

Contest: We have 25 free copies of BeDroid to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment - multiple entries won't count.

Reader comments

Get BeDroid for Only $1 from Now Through December 25th


I really like the look of this, at the moment I'm working my way through the iBerry themes (which I love!)

Wow it is an awesome themes for my new onyx,expecting it for free ... But I think I wouldn't be mine if must buy this awesome themes ...

I would love to test this theme out. I haven't tried any themes on my tour and this one could/should be the first!

Happy Holidays, ALL.

Love to try this out. I have a lot of friends that want the droid, and i tell them to get a blackberry

whoa great looking theme

would definatly like to try it out

hopping to win something for Christmass :)

i just bought this for $3.50..

its ok, i have it on my tour, there is som serious lag when locking/unlocking tho it may be caused by weatherberry...other than that my least favorite part is that when you open the app drawer on the home screen, u must scroll into it and back in order to close the drawer, otherwise u can keep clicking on the open/cloe button and it will partially close and open back up, its pretty annoying i must admit, adn the overall feel with the transitions while they look cool just seems to slow my tour down..i switched back to appleberry with stacks, its cleaner, came with more versions for the price of 1 than any theme ive ever seen, and the UI is just less buggy and smooth.

This Droid theme looks very interesting - I love how Blackberry's can become anything they want to be - an Android, an Iphone, the skys the limit!


Actually thinking about getting my wife a droid phone for her b-day in January. Would love to see how it looks and feels and show her before we purchase one, Thanks.

This theme is not available for all devices running 4.5 and up. It's available for all devices EXCEPT the 82xx.

is there something i not gettin here? why would a blackaddict wanna make their phone look like a droid? or an iphone (iberry app) for that matter...i dont know,,just my thoughts,wich arent worth much..

The look of a Droid and the flexibility of a Blackberry. Best of both worlds, what more can a user ask for.

I had fun with the new Droid from Verizon. But I have no intention of replacing my Storm for it. Theme would be kewl though. Wish it added the insane web surfing speeds of the Droid too.

Is "Johnny 5" still considered a droid or would Steve Goudenberg be considered one? I would greatly appreciate this theme. Thanks

I am a Theme Hag....would love to have this theme added to my collection; Why? because I can get the droid feeling with my blackberry without having to sell my sole by buying a droid...Merry Christmas....

Purchased this theme when it was on sale but I had to uninstall it as it was draining the memory on my Storm with continuous usage making the device very slow and unresponsive. Pity since I loved the theme.

Hey there. I just reinstalled the OS and am unable to reinstall the theme (which I purchased). Where does one go abouts (or whom) getting in touch to get the URL for redownload?


Love to be one to get this theme! I love the Droid phone but can't get the nerve to leave BB. This would kill two birds with one stone!