Get beautiful email and SMS preview popups on your BlackBerry with Super Popup

Super Popup BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 31 Jan 2012 09:18 am EST

If you're like me, you want to see your email and SMS right as it comes into your device without having to go into the repsective app. For that, Super Popup is my new hero. The new app from ShaoSoft allows you to set a popup for email and SMS so you can instantly preview your messages no matter where you are on your device. You can choose to reply, delete or forward emails right from the popup so you won't even have to open the message itself. Other features include:

  • Auto mark e-mails as read after dismissing the popup.
  • Pop-ups can be set to 3 mode: Interactive, Non-interactive, Interactive on Home Screen.
  • Built in animations for e-mail and SMS icons, or use contact pictures.
  • Option to customize the time to display a popup on screen for.
  • Turn on the backlight when a new message arrives.
  • Customize the font size for the message preview.
  • Quick keyboard shortcuts.

Super Popup has a very small footprint and once you set it up you won't even know it's there. You can grab it now for $1.99 in BlackBerry App World. You know you want to.

More information/download of Super Popup

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Reader comments

Get beautiful email and SMS preview popups on your BlackBerry with Super Popup


exactly! thats why I like the notification bar and the Bebuzz led alerts.

I dont need a popup bothering me because I know what it is by the led color thats blinking, or I can just check it in the notification bar.

I won Email ++ from Crackberry and I love it. How is that compared to this app? I mean what are the differences?

I've been a long time Berry Popup user but change is always good too. Usually with ShaoSoft apps, your profiles are reset upon install. Can anyone confirm this isn't the case with this app? He makes great apps but I've always had that one problem with them.

Message prevue is nice app. It is not intrusive and shows a small popup with the name and subject in the lower left corner for a few seconds.

ive been using message prevue for a while now. Great all around app. Not sure if it works with crunch though. They do have a free view to try out as well.

what happen if you are in the middle of typing an email or inside an app that you don't want any popups to disrupt your work flow? Is there an option to just get popups only at the home screen?

I am sure there is a setting where you can turn off which apps you don't want the popup to show in. Leave It On has a setting under advanced called "Don't Show When".

what's the diff between this and Alert Popup? and does it work when your phone is locked? cause hat would be very helpful.

I am trying this out - it looks very nice - but maybe I am missing something...

When I go to delete a message while in the email app/inbox, it offers me delete from handheld, from handheld and server... this does not, and it appears it only deletes it from the handheld. If any message I delete via this app is going to require me to go onto my ISP's webmail site and also delete it from there, it doesn't save me much of anything. Does anyone know if it automatically chooses server/handheld or just handheld? Thanks!

Downloaded this off the back of Adams recommendations and i am impressed with the look and polished feel of the app, and for £2 not a bad buy.

One problem however...when my 9900 is in bedside mode and i recieve an email, the app disables bedside mode and shows the email which is a pain because the screen becomes bright and the network indicator starts flashing until you read he message, take the phone out the dock and put it back to re-enable bedside mode. Im now having to disable the app at night!...not good.

If this issue could be overcome, then a great and polished app. Until then 3/5.

+1 on the bedside mode comment from seankly. Too much of a hassle to turn off this app every night. Just deleted app after one day...

Downloaed into the 9650, with latest firmware update from Sprint. Email and SMS response activated. No response, didn't work - at all. Nothing. Rebooted, triple-checked settings. Again, nothing. Another Blackberry app that turns out to break/not work. I'd decided to quit buying BlackBerry apps awhile back, but this one caught my eye, and being from a developer of one of the few apps that really funtioned for me (Leave It On), I bought it. I'm going to contact their support before being too hasty with the delete. button.

Well, just went to ShaoSoft's website, found no apparent way to contact them. Guess it's goodbye to app and $1.99