Get Atom Trap, Asteroid Blast or Asteroid Blast HD for just $0.99 - 50 copies of Atom Trap and Asteroid Blast up for grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 26 May 2011 08:58 am EDT

Doug let us know that a few of his BlackBerry games have been discounted for a limited time. Atom Trap, Asteroid Blast (phone) and Asteroid Blast HD (PlayBook) have all be knocked down to just $0.99. These are some great games that are awesome time killers, and if you get them quick you can save a bunch. Atom Trap and Asteroid Blast are available for most phones while Asteroid Blast HD is for the BlackBerry PlayBook. You can check all of them out at the links belows.

Contest: We have 50 copies of both Atom Trap and Asteroid Blast for BlackBerry smartphones to give away. Just leave a single comment on this post to enter and we'll pick 100 winners to receive a free copy of one of these great games! Contest ends Sunday at midnight ET. 

More information/download of Atom Trap
More information/download of Asteroid Blast
More information/download of Asteroid Blast HD

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Reader comments

Get Atom Trap, Asteroid Blast or Asteroid Blast HD for just $0.99 - 50 copies of Atom Trap and Asteroid Blast up for grabs!



i want one, i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for my blackberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yey!!!!!!!!!!! i hope i get picked!!!!!!!!!

I would absolutly LOVE a copy of Asteroids for my Curve 3g 9330!!!!!! Brings me back to my days as a boy in the arcade next to the movie theatre!!!!!

Ok, this makes me want to actually play games instead of send emails! Awesome retro love! Consider this my entry.


Asteroid Blast, I use to love this game. A throwback to the past. I would love to play this game on my BB Torch.

Thank you

Asteroid Blast for my 9650 would be awesome.

One nitpickity thing......looks like you cannot shoot yourself. In the original game, couldn't you accidentally shoot yoruself.....?

Now I'm just making a sport out of trying to win anything on After 3 years of trying to win something....ANYTHING....on here, I'm giving this one a "shot" just to see what my first ever prize will be on here. Plus, seeing that it's a game that can play on my (Yes, I still use one because if it ain't broke, don't fix it) Curve 8310, I decided to take a chance on this contest.

Best of luck to everyone that wins (probably not me)... =)

Thank you bringing great things to the Nation. We greatly appreciate it. =)

Ive heard my friends was playing this game.,.. I hope im one of those Lucky 50s// :D Thanks for the opportunity @crackberry

Looks like a nice game, compared to other Blackberry games!! Def. need more games like this on Blackberry so i can get them on my 9650.

Astroid is such a classic! And Atom Trap a remake of one (can't remember the name), would love to try them out!

Ahhh, the amount of quarters I spent back in the 80's playing this game, I could have been rich had I saved them instead :) Bring back the memories.

Wanted to play asteroids again. I miss that game. Thanks for letting me know it can be played on my BB! If I don't win this is a sure fire purchase.