Hot: More higher quality photos of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer device!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Apr 2012 11:26 am EDT
With the previous leaked photos of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer device having already been shown off and confirmed by Research In Motion, we're now seeing a new batch of images fresh from the CrackBerry tip line. They don't show off much more than the previous leak but, they're of higher quality and you do certainly get a better look at the device. We're not seeing any signs of the OS it is running nor are we seeing the display turned on, but alas, we're not that far off now before it'll be officially unveiled this week at BlackBerry Jam and BlackBerry World. Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for lots more from BlackBerry World 2012!

PS. REMEMBER FOLKS... this is a developer device, for developers to test out their BlackBerry 10 apps. This isn't what the first BlackBerry 10 phone will look like, so don't start making comments on it as if it were such. Thanks :)

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Hot: More higher quality photos of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer device!


I am not a fan of the full touch screen phones. But, from what I see, this alpha phone seems to have a FFC (which is shown to the right of the earpiece, yesterdays pics) and the LED to the far left(Thumbs up), Sleek PlayBook look, enough depth to have a decent sized battery (Thumbs up on all three counts). If the actual release ends up with some of these attributes it should be a winner.

I wonder if this is just a form factor they've done for the testing only to hide the real design. We'll see eventually when it goes live...

..........That's exactly what they did. No one (who has been folowing CB) should NOT be surprised at all... RIM stated all of this when they announced they were goin to be giving out the Alpha Dev devices. It is NOT final hardware.

*Please* add a physical Home button!
Can't calculate the amount of lost productivity due to no physical Home button!

And hope a physical keyboard is coming at a later stage too!

The new BB10 developer alpha device looks very much like a mini-PlayBook (yes, I'm implying that the PlayBook needs a physical Home key too!).

if you look at the picture, theres alot of space underneath the actual screen. so maybe the buttons will light up when the device is turned. much like the HTC? maybe?

maybe because you can tap on buttons on it and it functions that way, but if you slide upwards you can go home.. i dont know just an idea..

Are you sure? What if it's a gesture area Iike on WebOS phones? They did adopt the look for the playbook, adopting the gesture area wouldn't be a bad idea :p

Swipe up from the bottom :p Just as easy to do as pushing a physical button, looks better, less complex and cheaper to produce, less likely to break or get dirty.

I agree but...

The screen should shut off when the phone is near your face. Bezel gestures would be cut off at that point. A button may be the only way.

Not trying to argue but...are you saying you'd need to use a home button while the phone is up against your face?

I agree bezels would be turned off when it's up against your face...but they would turn back on when you pull it away from your face. I assume they do that on an iPhone, or do you have to push the home button before you can end the call?

I would say yes due to the screen locking after the screen lock time. When you pull the phone away from your face, if the device has locked due to long call, then how do you wake the phone? What if the screen locks during the call and you want to look up a contact number to give to the caller, how to wake it?

Just swipe from bezel to bezel?

And if your in a call the auto-lock time out should be disabled any ways.Or it should be an option.

You have auto lock in case you leave it lying around so people don't look at it right? Well why would you leave your phone lying around in the middle of a call?

I mean I'm not a software developer but am I the only one who thinks this is obvious? lol

There is a physical home button its called an upward swipe. Sheesh, just go buy an iPhone and be done with it. Oops forgot you already own one.

Just like webOS, one of the best things about the Playbook is no physical buttons on the front. I like that it works identically in any orientation. The silly recess on the iPad is, to me, a design fail. The BB swipe is an improvement over the webOS gesture area. It is a differentiating factor with real advantages.

Wow... BB finally catching up to the others out there! This screams iPhone or SGS II! Lmfao... always behind the curve! I fucking give up completely unless this is a revolutionary, game changing device!

Apple copies and people call it revolutionary. You obviously don't know shit. We are glad you give up, no one wants you around anyways

Jeez don't make it so obvious that you are scared of this device competing wiff u little iPhoney.

Ya it's a glass slab they are going to look similar. The only reason this looks like your iphone is that you iPhone is encased in black rubber because you can't make calls with the orginal iPhone as is.

I hate fucking iPhone... and now i am officially beggining to hate stupid ass blackberry now! Fucking pathetic the route they are taking! Its pathetic

Yeah its a mini Playbook! Woopdi Doo! Hows da Apps On It?! Everybody seems to be forgetting how There's no Netflix,Skype,hopstop,Rhapsody, which those last two are on Smartphones! I really hope they get some development on these kinds of things (APPS). I was very happy with my PB but If Wanted Android Apps i Would've Bought a damn Android Product!!! Only time will tell Now.

Or Maybe the SIM slot, I was wondering what that was for to. Guess we will find out soon enough. CrackBerry had better be scoring one of these this week at BlackBerry 10 Jam and I expect to see them give it a thorough walk through.

Looks like a mini playbook with narrower bezel. But at least I like them maximizing the screen real estate.

I think it would be nice to have the active bezels on the sides too (hopefully they can make them this narrow?) but playing with my playbook, I would still be perfectly happy if I could only use the top and bottom bezel, just swipe up from the bottom if you wanna change app.

...the swipe area on the PB are actually only a few pixel columns wide, so the area on this device should easily accommodate side gestures as well...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

Yeah, looks to be structured like a PB. Very cool, and certainly needed for an all touch device. Active bezel I hope! Would love to see it powered on... show us the UI!!!

I spy a notification LED :) would hate to see that feature go! (I know they kept it on the pb and this is just a shrunk down prototype, but still!)

I have a stong feeling that that's a front facing camera on the top left because the LED notification has always been on the right of the phone.

I would assume it's a phone. Many apps require a cellular data connection and the only way to test them out would be to have various 3G/4G radios in there and a SIM slot to make it work on a cellular network.

Which network? Who's paying the data? If a dev doesn't have a GSM/LTE phone they don't have a SIM. And one of the big complaints has been not being able to save app data to SD cards. It just seems to make more sense that it be an SD slot but I also see why it could/would be a SIM.

It likely has support for Quad-band GSM and probably Tri-band UMTS and North American LTE flavors as that's where LTE is a big deal.

Part of the cost of developing is paying for your own cellular connection, but who knows, maybe RIM will throw in some prepaid SIM cards with the various big carriers for testing purposes. But I don't see why they'd have to. But I'm certain that device has cellular radios in it

I don't know who pays the data but I'm sure that it is a phone with cellular network. Yes, many apps require a cellular data connection including BIS/BES. How come the Devs can receive the device like a phone with only wifi connection? How can they make their apps work with 3G or BIS? RIM gonna make the "iPod" or the mini wifi PlayBook?
SD slot? I don't think so because I can realize it is 16GB phone and the slot should be SIM slot.

It is true, if apps are going to be running through RIMs servers, they'll need a 3G/HSPA/LTE connection. If thats going to be the case with BB10, then they blew it.

A Blackberry becoming useless without a cell connection is not the way to go. WIFI should be able to get the device up and working just the same.

I know this isn't the final product, but if it was, I'd be happy with it. With the addition of a micro SD card slot. I fear that they will go the way of Apple here and it will be a thing of the past. :(

RIM Had A Chance To Make PB Better than All Those Other Tablets But FAILED!! Very Disappointing to see A Phone,A E Reader and A Gaming Device Beat A Tablet! Especially A Tablet Like The Playbook.

I'll be getting one, but I expect there'll be a non-disclosure agreement so I probably can't tell you about it and post photos! Someone will though, no doubt.

Like the look, hope the build quality is at least as good as the PlayBook, and I hope that the final version that gets released to customers takes some of the stylings from this device

I very much am going to miss my BlackBerry buttons, and if this is a dev device I really think it points to no buttons on the first BB10 phone just because Devs would want access to writing for the button controls.

Omg looks nice! Only question I have is how big do you think the screen is. I know it might seem a bit silly but anything over 4 inches is just too big for mY hands. But at maximum I refuse to own anything over 4.3 inches altho I would prefer between 3.5-4 inches. Android seems to be pushing their devices out to 4.7+ inches and I seriously don't understand that. My galaxy S2 was 4.3 inches and well even that was difficult to use at times for me. Yeah I have really small hands.

16:9 screen will have a completely different diagonal dimensions than the iphone or the android phones.

wicked the playbook is a sleak work of art, has a great feel to it so if a new phone would come out looking like a mini version it would not be the end of the world.

and that slot looks like a sim card slot not really a miniSD although a mini SD would be a great addition

The one thing that I am hoping makes it to the final product that is missing from the developer prototype and every leaked device rendering so far, is a physical shutter button for the camera. I hope RIM is not going the way of most Android phones here and giving that up.

RIM needs a competitive total package hardware solution for BB 10, and they had better not have an EDOF camera in there and it had better be rear lit and 10-12 MP to be competitive by Q4 of this year with GS3 and whatever the new iPhone has at that time.

I agree on the camera. Not so much on a physical shutter button, but with a convenience key that should resolve it.

Nice! Looks like BlackBerry PlayBook Mini. I got a feeling that Apple will be suing as soon as it gets released into the market.

This device will never be released to market, it is a developer alpha device so that devs can fine tune and test their apps for the new screen size.

Indeed, the screen is the one thing on this device that's likely to be a good representation of the final product as this is a device intended to help devs make apps for BB 10 and the aspect ratio and resolution are very important when it comes to making a good lookin app.

But we will likely have to wait a couple more days for those details

Thanks Kevin.
I cant wait to see a tear down done somewhere and what the dev OS looks like.
I'm sorry to keep going back to the same old question. Why is the real deal still for far away?

We noticed, but since the Playbook already has it and this is very literally a mini-playbook, we all just took it for granted. Hope it makes it to the final product!

sue for what, a product that is a similar size.

this would be far from the same thing as an iphone, first off it has an LED indicator, something the iphone does nto have, and it has no menu button. it also has an HDMI that the iphone does not, no buttons on the top just the same three buttons the playbook has on the sides of it.

a lawsuit from apple would be a lost cause and a waste of money and even bigger reason why people should not respect that god forsaken company

Apple is not one to sue. This looks nothing like an iphone its a mini playbook. Apple steal most ideas from others it should be them suing apple

Every all touchscreen in the world looks basically alike. Where do you get apple from that? MAYBE galaxy s2 but even then there are enough differences. But apple? Not even a little.

I know it's only a test device but looks a lot like an i-phone. SMH Hopefully RIM will look for innovation from the BB fatihful & feedback from bb software developers.

It looks more like a Playbook to me. I don't see any aluminum around the edge and I don't see a single button on the face of the phone. But I guess since this device is just thrown together for developers and not a finished product, it shows how delightfully vanilla the iPhone really is that a nondescript black rectangle looks like an iPhone. If anything, it shows that the iPhone is getting stale and was never a revolutionary design in the first place.

I'm curious about the size of the screen. Hard to tell for sure cause there's nothing other then the hand to judge by, but it looks to be at least 4". I hope it's around 4.3" that seems to be the sweet spot.

I'm looking a the phone and the wife's Droid Bionic...looks almost similar in size, even when held up to the screen. A good measure for size of the phone, take about a third of the Playbook and maybe lengthen it by half an inch.

It's only a few days until BlackBerry World and this is the freebie, its not like it leaked months in advance and we still haven't seen a leak of the real BB 10 launch phone yet so I'd say they are doing better then most company's with keeping things under wraps.

RIM is showing just dreamberry I don't really like the hardware of that bb 10 but I know they working on that* remenber that phone was already built before they signed with microsoft* I know they working prob on the best hardware around this phones generations*

Way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way too plasticy for me - give me some stainless baby

This is true!

Everyone forgets that the first BB10 phone out on the market will have an integrated LTE chip with microprocessor cores on a single die (or within a single package) which allows for a smaller battery and hence, thinner/smaller overall size of the phone. Currently this kind of chipset is not in market yet.

How in the world are you able to determine the amount of plastic used from the leaked shots? Wait...looks to be another Apple fanboy commenting here, never mind!

Ha ha, ouch! I'm anything but an apple fanboy, am a total BB diehard actually, and love that stainless steel band around my 9900, helps make it the beautiful device that it is.

Looks nice but if I have to loose my keyboard and the app support continues to not exist (they treat us as if WE do not even exist) then I am going to have to seriously think about jumping ship after 8 years. Great phone and I love QNX but I have to have access to the apps the rest of the world is using.

Does it have a magnetic Rapid Charging port on the bottom? Hope so... then I can dock it in the PlayBook dock.

Seriously? It's just a black slab, looks like any Android device released in 2010/2011. Reminds me of a Samsung Galaxy.

RIM has great designs, I'm a fan of the 9000/9900 and this alpha-dev device doesn't even come close to that series of devices.... in regards to originality.

The reason it looks better than many other devices is BECAUSE it's just a black slab, the minimalistic uni-body design is something like what Apple would produce it the used rubber. Not too many devices look this simple and approachable.

i really want to see the new BB10 UI, i heard it has 3D effects, am I right? I want to see the cascades apps and TAT apps,

I don't care about Apple but you guys here are nearly hyperventilating because of a phone which looks like a $30 prepaid phone from 2005.

You know that RIM is years behind the status quo in R&D. And you also know that RIM cannot turn around their ass with crappy plastic phones. So calm down and stop praising that thing to the skies.

RUN, your in the wrong place for comments like that! HA! Dont care about apple! Whatever!! Everything is speculation your commenting on! Sheeees, its a alpha unit. Calm down yourself!!

Can't you read ? This will NOT be released to be sold to the market , you'll be the one hyperventilating when the real deal comes out because you'll be eating your words

Not sure what a "nah" is, but moving on...
$30 prepaid in 2005? Which phone with full glass was released in '05? There is a plastic peel-away on the back for protection which isn't part of the original design. I'm sure seeing that it is quite the PlayBook mini that the backing would follow like that on the PlayBook.

Omg omg omg omg omg, this just looks better and better! Hopefully the real BB10 will look like this, I don't think you could make this better. I'm calling my carrier and telling them to as soon as BB10 hits gemme it!!!! LOL
I actually think this is it, in the BB10 promo vid alec was shaping a device this size..

Looks nice.
Exactly a mini playbook.

Can't wait to see the real leaks now.

Qwerty wud be more attractive I guess.

"To BB or not" Is it a question??

I for one hope the final released BB10 phone looks just like this. It's a mini PlayBook and that to me is just want I want!

If it's NOT, it should be. There's nothing wrong with imitating the PlayBook look :). It's worked in the past for a VERY successful company. I would buy it in a heartbeat even though I prefer BlackBerry keypad.

This looks so slick, look at the speaker grille, that button-less face! Give it the same res as the Playbook, OMAP series 5 internals, auto-focus cameras, and a set of buttons that don't get depressed (lookin' at you Playbook and Torch 9800) after the first few months and we have ourselves the best Blackberry ever!

Hopefully they come up with a bezel lock button so your not unintentionally creating a bezel swpe when playing a game etc. Would like to see top of Page shortcut in ui and picture rotate function.

I know it's an alpha product that we're not going to see in production but I like it! Looking forward to seeing it running with the new Ui.

If this is actually how the phone is supposed to look like on release. I would buy it in a heartbeat! It's so cute! Mini-playbook!!!

Seems like they took the design language from my 3 year old htc hd2. I hope this is not the phone it looks awfully thick

Do they need to tattoo the sentence "This is not the BB10 phone" on people's foreheads before they understand this is not the BB10 phone?

Its a very sleek device in terms of visuals. I do hope the final product gets to sport more premium materials tho. I like the bold 9900 and im assuming it has a better feel than my playbook, which is good by itself, just a bit tired of that rubbery feel.

I completely agree. I was just about to type something very similar. This is a good starting point but not enough flash to bring consumers back to BlackBerry.

Reminder.....Monday morning, get some more RIMM stock! Things are only going UP, UP, UP!

I love my PlayBook. Now, gonna love my PlayBook phone.

Watch the media is going to say: "BuHT RIM NO release new fown they bankrupt trololololol" and investors will panic....

Damned you Apple centric media.

The 1st time I saw those pics a couple of days ago, I thought it was a PS'd iPhone with some kind of case over it. I use the iPhone too and it just struck me. Volume tumbler looks from 3GS.

If the final product looks more like this, RIM might have played it safe and almost copied the proven form factor, which in itself is fine.
But if so, BB10 SW and UI has to be so superior than anything on the market now, if they were to compete in this form factor/size.
I will take a BB10 or an IP5, whichever suits me. Let them compete and bang against each other, and I'll take the winner :-)

Is it just me or is there some photoshopping on the first picture?
Looks like something is blurred out.
On the previous images you could see what looked like a front facing camera and the ear piece.

I agree completely. Never really noticed till you mentioned it. On the previous images you cause see the speaker grill and some name or branding at the bottom (did look like the word "BlackBerry" thought).

I hope that the REAL one comes with physical keyboard like some bb10 concept like Blade ! Hopefully !

Dear god please let the BB BLADE concept be real *angel*
It will be THE HIT in the new collection.

Come on kevin, just say if there will be a BLADE or not.
I don't think that RIM will let go the keyboard, its the main selling point they have LOL

Looks good, but if I wanted an iPhone 4 I would go out and buy one...where is my PHYSICAL KEYBOARD RIM!!!!!!

Thank goodness I was pretty pissed because it looked like they had intentionally made the last set of pics blurry. This made my day

Damn- thats all!?!? Buying QNX three years ago and the only think comes around is an ugly piece of plastic which wants to be a samsung iPhone galaxy motorola hyunday toshiba s**t with no face!?!? NO WAY!!!!

Amen....lets just hope this is the slim down developer's version only and the "real" version will be MUCH better...

A slider would be better, then maybe more teens would want one. Especially if they knew that BBM worked over Wi-fi. Where I live, you can only use wi-fi, there's no signal.(unless you're on US Cellular)

It looks like an iPhone. I'm glad it is just an alpha device for developers and not the final design, color me unimpressed.

Hoping they make a really cool Playbook / BB10 Dock with HDMI and USB Ethernet with PoE Looks like the connectors are the same. Bit worried about durability though.

Looks nice... a lot like a mini Playbook. I just hope that the hw is up to par with the competetition devices in the same price range.

Nice, safe design but nice since I luuuurrrrv my playbook, the real thing needs a bit more of a wow factor though. However, not a fan of the touchy touchy, needs me some some buttons! I understand us qwerty guys will have to wait till Q1 2013, hope my 9900 lasts till then, I just can't get a hang of the all touch thing!

Okay, just ran scan software on this guys hands and thumb print...

We know who you are, where you live and what you had for lunch. Surrender the phone now or we'll sick Jim Balsilie on you. We're also revoking all cafeteria privileges, you sniveling snitch!

me too. I would buy this if it was available right now. I love my PLaybook and this is like a mini playbook with 3g/4g

Suddenly everybody loves the touch screen plastic iPhone look alike !!! A sudden change of taste or ......? What happened to the irreplaceable physical keyboard ?

I agree, one of the reasons I'm with RIM is because of their fantastic keyboards. That, and, if you drop it, it won't break.

This device looks really cool and slick. It would be a real shame if this was never given a proper release and only stayed as a developer device.

RIM, please make the BB10 phone like this.

BlackBerry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Playbook

This is a terrible phone. They are doing what Apple does - whereas they need to stick to their own brand.

Apple has the iPhone that looks like the iPad, or vice versa I guess. Now RIM is just creating a mini Playbook? That's a terrible idea. It will not get the people switching from Android/Apple that they need.

They need a new concept like that "Blackberry Blade" concept which was shown earlier this year.

Devices of that style gave off more of a "wow" and that's what RIM hasn't been able to do for a long time and a mini Playbook IN MY OPINION won't do the trick. I love RIM as much as most on here but I don't know if a mini Playbook is enough to keep me around.

Hopefully they go with a different design - people do care what their devices look like.

Just my 2 cents.

Oh my goodness. For the LAST time everybody, IT IS A BLACKBERRY 10 DEVELOPMENT ALPHA DEVICE! It is not the actual cellphone, it is just a scaled down device so that developers can test and run their apps on it. It will NEVER go on for sale. NEVER. Why do they need flashy phones to give developers to test their apps? Developers who attend Blackberry 10 Jam will receive one. It is NOT THE REAL FIRST FLAGSHIP BLACKBERRY 10 PHONE PEOPLE.


This DESIGN will have NOTHING to do with the FINAL DESIGN of the first flagship Blackberry 10 Device. Corr Blimey.

Ok Thanks have a nice day :)

Never know with RIM. The way they are, they probably would do this.

If you don't work for RIM, you don't know.

Sorry for wrecking your day.

My day aint wrecked, it's starts in half an hour... GMT.

But either way, we'll see what RIM does. I don't need to work for RIM to know what the final product will look like. But I do know it certainly won't look a whole lot like that.

Although that is a good point, its highly unlikely as it was so many time clearly stated by RIM that we should not use this device as a judge of BlackBerry 10. They really are saying "This is NOT BlackBerry 10" and it may never look like this.

good point.
what we really need to see is the software, i want running normal apps that on my galaxy SII, i want quick snappy UI with useful shotcuts, no GLASSWATCH omg, i dont want to restart my phone each time i install/update an app, a software that doesnt go slow when i use it for 2 days without restarting.

Thanks for the support guys!
Oh my that clock of death needs to be removed ASAP from BB10. It is so horrific :(

How do *you* know. I wouldn't be upset if it were the final result. The fact they printed the GB size underneath just like the PB makes me think it will be. Otherwie, why bother? The dev device only comes in one size.

Why are there so many comments saying that it looks like the iphone 4 or HTC etc. The basic design and such shape in a phone is a common modern design and trend which seems be selling. RIM (If you choose to ignore the fact that this is a DevAlpha ) was just doing something that is essential if they want to get their turn-around, creating a modern looking phone. And in my opinion this form factor gets most of its qualities from the PlayBook making it a RIM product. For those who miss the BlackBerry keyboard, there still hope, remember its just a good looking alpha device.

What do I need in order to use slide show on my torch 9800?? Trying to do a powerpoint presentation and need it for a teaching course. Got no clue how to add pictures to this and google is NO help at all. All help would be wonderful and sorry if this is on the wrong page, couldn't find the link to ask a question. Ta muchly!

I'm not a fan of the look, though I'm sure it's a great phone. It's sad to see BB going the way of the iPhone box design, rather than a sleek and stylish look with curves like the current Torch 9860.

did u not read the 20 times it mentioned everywhere?

"PS. REMEMBER FOLKS... this is a developer device, for developers to test out their BlackBerry 10 apps. This isn't what the first BlackBerry 10 phone will look like, so don't start making comments on it as if it were such. Thanks :)"

so many comments abotu rim being htc/iphone. guess what its a RECTANGLE. they also ripped off the shape from a squished box and a stack of papers. geez.

I could care less what an alpha version of a phone that will never see the light of day in consumers hands looks like. I'm much more concerned with what the OS looks like. How similar and/or dissimilar will it be the Playbook? What are its features? The look of the phone is a secondary concern for me. It's what's under the hood that matters the most.

I want RIM to bring back the 2 convenience keys that the BlackBerry's used to have. 1- for a dedicated camera, and another for whatever you wanted to make it. Also, if this thing is based off of the PlayBook, I REALLY hope they add more CODEC support because the PlayBook's suck! I also, hope it doesn't start lagging like the PlayBook does. My PlayBook is not smooth anymore as it was when the memory was blank. Lastly, please make the power key bigger and some really cool accessoires, specially for those of us who are active and like to run, and do extreme sports.

Why do these people who are able to get their hands on these wonderful devices treat them so badly???

That device pic from the back looks so scratched, scraped and beat up, especially along the edges & corners. Damn. Have some sense and pride of ownership...

Personally I wish the screen was no bigger than 4", I'm one of those individuals who hates carrying flatscreens in my pocket. I actually like the size of the current iphone. As far as this looking like the playbook I think they look identical and that's a good thing, the first thing peple mention when I hand them my playbook is how good it feels in the hand with the soft back and all. I would def buy something like this or close to it as long as the screen size remains reasonable.

even like this it looks ok.

but... even as I like the UI of my PB, for a phone I prefer a hardware-qwertz(y) ;)

but2, it will be interesting how the can combine a 2.8" screen with BB10 UI and the awesome keyboard of the 9900 ;)

Nah, it reminds me the portable hard drives when I look at the thickness of the phone. I hope the first BB10 relesead phone won't look alike this one.

Looks like a great start 16 gb micro usb charger micro hdmi let's hope that is the SD card, then add removable cover and an aluminum frame I will buy it ASAP!

I hope when actual bb10 devices hv been launched, devs would put their alpha bb10 phone on ebay.. At cheap price of course :p

They should have imprinted 'alpha device, testing only' on the back of this. Then people and media won't mistake it as a production model.

Ahhhh you are so spot on! That really is the missing piece though on the bottom front something looks pretty scrambled...and it isn't the BlackBerry logo wordmark.

My theory is that most likely this would be a final production. I have a feeling that qwerty keys will not be available for bb10. Just gut feeling.. Anyway I did mention before that I hope they can create a new device similar to Playbook... Anyways, Playbook is still fresh and still needs to grow. I hope when BB10 phones hits the market. It wouldn't be half baked productions. And hope price will be also reasonably affortable. PB suffered when first time came out. RIM lets not make another mistakes. We all know we don't have any room anymore... Nice photos.. Developer do your thing...!!!!

Oh My Golly Mister! You are sooo SMART!

It's a bar code or a serial number or any other information that links the device to the person who is sending in the photos.

NO SHIT they're hiding something.

Not sure why the top has been covered, but the bottom has a barcode but I don't think there are numbers, maybe just for scanning?!?

Dang! I want one. Samsung has the player, I-trolls have the pod. Let's have a 'little blackbook". I'd use the heck out of this. Give us some BB10 love while we wait on the phones.

Call me when you build one with a physical Qwerty keyboard. I'm so not budging on physical keyboards, such a make or bread deal for me.

If only QNX was acquired during 2005/2006, iPhone would not be selling as much as they do if it this device was released along side with iPhone. WISHFUL THINKING!

Man I'm honestly jealous. If I could make it down to Orlando this week I would definitely attend BB 10 Jam just to get my hands on one of these. I know it's only a dev prototype, and idk what the softwares like but just from the looks of it id love for it to be mine. I wonder how much people will be selling them on ebay for? Also when they say it's just for development & not the final product If they mean all around or just the software.. Cuz honestly I hope they release a device with the same hardware.. Would go so good together with a PlayBook..

is this just not a black iphone without a home button and a added blackberry symbol? looks ok. but you better keep your phones with KEYPADS as this is the main reason i love blackberry :(

The BB10 phone will NOT look like this....various RIM people have said as much. I actually kinda like the mini PlayBook design (looks like there's flash for camera too). Frankly, the physical design isn't that big a deal. It's the SOFTWARE that's going to make or break BB10. I'm really look forward to what RIM has in store at BB10 Jam (much more so than BBW)...

idk but i really like the idea of a mini playbook!!! maybe they can make it in different colors.! but I think/agree with Greatwiseone that its the UI/software the will be the make it or break it for RIM!

But i really wouldnt mind a mini playbook! i actually want one grrr.!

I guess most people didn't read Kevin's PS
I for one am looking forward to the new range of BB smartphones and I'm sure that they will look awesome.
Looking forward to the new bold (with qwerty), that will be my next device. No apples or droids thanks!

Very PlayBook-ish! Don't forget folks, this is an alpha device. The BB10 devices will look nothing like this!

RIM didn't have to build this device. They could have used the PlayBook as a launching platform for BB10, as they've already done that. However, there might be something extra in the phones that isn't in the PlayBook today, so it warranted building this alpha device.

RIM make the browser better or I'm not buying it. Plus I really like the TK Victory by DigitalHomeBoy posted on crackberry on April 10, 2012. So really I would rather purchase a TK Victory. Um, can somebody say it has a keyboard?

And you know what. If it doesn't look like this when it comes out, I will actually be disappointed.

RIM made what everyone else already has, you know the TOY lol and now it looks good and can't wait for Oct...and so on

RIP RIM: for taking one year too many to make any kind of real leap forward...the OS is sure to still be light years behind.

I love seeing every comment that embraces the "new" look without the keyboard that is a chocolate bar style black phone ....without a logo could be anything but its BB so its GREAT...HAHAHAHAH SMG

I personally hope Blackberry comes out with a new phone with this type of build quality. I find the z10 cheap when you pick it up. IMO. Hope around christmas time when they say they have something big coming out, its this type of build quality and possibly a bigger screen for those that want it.