Get an animated BlackBerry 10 countdown avatar for BBM

BBM Countdown Avatar
By Adam Zeis on 23 Nov 2012 04:39 pm EST

If you want to show your continuing love for BlackBerry 10, you can grab some sweet animated countdown avatars right now. With only ten weeks to go until the big BlackBerry 10 event, Inside BlackBerry has posted up four cool avatars that you can set for BBM to show off your BB10 spirit. You'll have to download the image you want, email it yourself and then set it as your BBM avatar, but once you're done you'll be the envy of all your friends. Check out the post here for the avatars and full instructions.

Get your animated BBM countdown to BlackBerry 10 avatar 

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Reader comments

Get an animated BlackBerry 10 countdown avatar for BBM


Umm guys. This is an animated GIF, not a built in :***: shortcut.
It will need to be updated everyweek.

Just doesn't work on BB1o.

Love it... BBM avatar set to the spinning BB10 clock. Christmas present arrives at the end of January / early February!

This is awesome and i wish identica, twitter, Facebook and diaspora including instant messaging clients would support gifs in their animated forms. Then, I'm all for it. :}