Get all the information on who’s calling – TrueCaller for BlackBerry now available

TrueCaller for BlackBerry
By Zach Gilbert on 27 Feb 2012 12:10 pm EST

Oh how it is to remember the days when telemarketers and solicitors only called your home phone. The days when the mobile phone was free from calls to let you know that you've won a trip in a raffle that you never even entered, or that you can extend your car's warranty are long gone. Now we seem to be bombarded by phone call after phone call about those trips we've won and the credit crisis -- it's time for a solution, and this is where TrueCaller for BlackBerry comes in.

"Our vision is to create the world's largest phone book", said Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder and CEO at TrueCaller. "As BlackBerry is a dominant player in many parts of the world, we firmly believe it is of essence for us to be presence in the BlackBerry App World to be able to grow even in a faster pace".

TrueCaller eliminates the need for playing the guessing game deciding whether you should pick up that unfamiliar call or not. The app will first tell you who it's from and second, will allow you to block phone calls from that number from there on in. The magic of the app is largely due to the huge crowd-sourcing database of over 2.5M users who are currently using TrueCaller worldwide. Since BlackBerry users are worldwide, they felt that BlackBerry was a good fit for their application.

While I know that me falling in love with this app was mainly due to the blocking of telemarketers, it also pulls data from the yellow and white pages to get important details about all of your calls. No longer will you need to take a risk not knowing if it's your boss or an old friend calling you. TrueCaller is now available in BlackBerry App World for the  low cost of free and will be available for devices running OS5 or higher. Remember that it can take up to 24 hours for it to populate across the servers in App World.

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Get all the information on who’s calling – TrueCaller for BlackBerry now available


It works like a charm. Best part is the ability to block numbers in my opinion, sick of the calls about my car warranty :).

I've used Mr.Number and I'm wondering what's d difference myself! And as some1 pointed out r these guys simply uploading our contacts to create their own database...As I have no1 to block right now I'll watch out d initiation of this 1...

If you read the terms of service, they say that it is free for 7 days in the US, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Austria after which time it costs $6.99.

So how does the crowdsourcing work for this? Doesn't this app basically grab our entire contact list and upload it to the cloud for others to use (so this company builds its database from all of us right?)
I suspect that we may be inadvertently revealing the (possibly) unlisted phone numbers of people who have entrusted us with them.

Great use of technology- just know what you might be trading for the convenience.

Just installed it to try. You don't have to share your phone book if you don't wish to. They call sharing your contacts "Enhanced Search". I have it set to no for now. I agree with you that I am more than hesitant to share my contacts. Quodos for them asking first though.

When you think about it though, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, etc, all do the same thing. Maybe that's why I don't like them.

Just tried installing on my 9780 here in Saudi Arabia. We still don't have telemarketers or other such callers here, so just wanted to give it a try. As suggested, unchecked the Extended Search and tried to proceed but it said, cannot proceed with install without extended search.

I am guessing it will screw up the use of Picture ID (full screen photo caller ID oj incoming calls), right?

does this mean I can cancel callerID and save my $8/mnth if I have my contacts in AddressBook that is.

That's what I wanted to know too... I don't like paying for my caller ID. Can I cancel the caller ID feature if I use this app?

Give it a try, if you like it you can gladly cancel it:)
We got a very good coverage in the US and CA. We got the public data covered and more so it should probably work much better than the one you pay for. But as I said, give it a try and if you don´t find it as good as the one you pay from your carrier you can stick to it. But it´s free so you got nothing to lose.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please let us know because this is our first release for BlackBerry and we hope you all enjoy it.

//Alan @ TrueCaller

Alan- Thanks for your comments. How about the questions regarding the sharing of our personal contacts? Thanks!

It´s an opt-in service where user can share their phone book to our servers (only name and number) and by sharing you also get the possibility to make reverse number lookup and get a result which is based on our crowd-sourced database.
It is not possible to make a name search in the crowd-sourced database to keep it safe and secure because if you already have the phone number, then you can just call the person - but TrueCaller helps you to get more info about the phone number.

Also, by crowd-sourcing data we can actually give you a more accurate name result every day thanks to our advanced algorithm.

Hope I answered your question.

Alan @ TrueCaller

Is it true that this only works with a wifi connection? If so it will have a very limited use for me...

Should work with both Wifi and 3G. We have received some reports that it´s not working properly for some users using 3G. We are looking into this

I've been testing the software out and find that when I receive calls TC shows "Searching..." up until the last second before the call goes to voicemail and the displays "No Matches Found". It would be great, at the very least, to have the program show the originating city and state of the caller. Is the program supposed to take this long to provide any detail?

With a good connection it shouldnt take more than 1 second.
Also, we do show city and state if that´s available. If it´s a cell phone number we can´t do it. Do you have a number I can test with?

On OS 7 on the 9900, the caller info provided by TrueCaller is partially covered up by the Ringer Off bar on the bottom of the screen and during a call, it is covered by the buttons along the bottom of the screen. Looks like the text needs to be moved up. Also, if it finds a name, it immediately shows me the option screen of what to do (add to contacts, etc.). It would be nice if this screen would appear after the call ended so that I don't lose my in-call features and can go back to my home screen immediately while on a call to look at an email or document I may need for the call.

Otherwise, the program is great and runs very nicely. I like it a lot.

Thanks for the great feedback. We are looking into this and will probably fix all of those stuff in the next release which we will send in next week :)