Get a 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just $130, but you have to act fast!

By Michelle Haag on 6 Aug 2013 06:14 pm EDT

Though a lot of people are mad about the PlayBook's future, there are plenty of people that realize that the PlayBook is a great tablet for media and games, as well as pairing with your legacy BlackBerry smartphone for all types of other tasks. If you're looking for a fantastic deal on a new PlayBook, you can pick one up for just $129.99 from 1SaleADay right now! But, you have to act fast as the sale ends in just under 6 hours (midnight EST).

If you're not familiar with 1SaleADay, it's a site that offers various items for a low discount for 24 hours only. I've ordered from them several times in the past and have no complaints, aside from the fact that the shipping is sometimes very slow. However, the shipping is free, and the deals are pretty great sometimes, so maybe that makes up for it. Hit the link below if you're interested in the deal, and let us know if you decide to buy one!

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Get a 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just $130, but you have to act fast!


I'd rather put that money towards the new Nexus 7 to be honest. Why continue buying a dead product right?

woahhh dead product??? BlackBerry playbook was and still is awesome... im reporting you for offensive language..

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I'll report you for trollish behaviour. Not really but about as pointless as your post.

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I had my playbook, then bought Nexus 7 (because of the available apps), then give away my Nexus 7 to my son's girlfriend (because android really sucks compared to BB OS), bought the Z10 and still uses my old PB.
I'm considering to buy the Z30 but if BB brings out a new 7 or 8" PB with BB10 on it with the same specs as the Z30 for 250€ (or $ or BP) I would preorder it NOW!

I have 2 32 PlayBooks I will sell for the sale price... DM me and buy this awesome tech! Google BBRY earlier this year.. BB10 totally coming to this device.

Please don't Google any info past March 2013 please. Contact me soon. Contact me now!!

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Is there any restrictions because I can't go to the link from my BlackBerry z10.
By the way I'm in Canada

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I paid 199. I'm pissed more at the fact that BlackBerry bridge essentially made it useless to me. Don't Care that the price dropped. Fix bridge!

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I bought two 16gb full price, two 16gb at $300, one 64gb at $200, won one 32gb from a BlackBerry Jam and sold it for $200.

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I bought 4!! and had friend and family buy one each for a total of 6 at full price! Having said that 4 in my family get used daily but it still hurts, having paid full retail on launch. Ah well, live and learn.

You paid full price at launch of the PlayBook??

I might be wrong but when the PlayBook came out BB10 wasn't even a rumor......

Am I right?

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Email was coming ' end of summer'

Like some of the apps you are waiting for to come to your z10. Maybe by the time the a10/z30 launches? Would BBRY hold off announcing a new app partner for a big product launch?

Shit. Guess I'll have to watch the Super Bowl this season to find out :-(

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Why can't BlackBerry develop BlackBerry Tablet OS 2 for the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry OS 10 for the smartphones? What is wrong with this company and its management team?

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Well if it makes you feel any better, back in the day, I once bought a 5.25" 6.4 GB Qantum Bigfoot Hard Drive for $450. Or an IBM Thinkpad T30 for $2000. ;)

Put it this way, at least it wasn't a marriage to a woman that ended in divorce and took half of everything you own. At $700 your divorce from BlackBerry is much easier to handle...

I can top that! ;)

My first big hard drive was one whole gigabyte and it cost $1,000.

I split it into 4 250 MB partitions.

My first hard drive was a 20MB drive for just over $400. Got it at the Steals People in Toronto. Prior to that, my clone XT had only two 5 1/4" floppy drives.

Ok, I win. First hard drive I ever sold to a customer of my company was a Seagate ST225. Anybody remember those?

20 Mb. That's megabytes. Got $3,200 for it and customer was delighted to have it to run his new CP/M accounting software.

Agree +1

I still like it better than my iPad mini for Web browsing. The OS is much better than iOS.

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...and then does it again about a year later for a new one that is marginally better that the old one...I don't get why people bitch about the PlayBook...I bought two at full price, a 32 on launch, and another 32 LTE on launch as well...they both performed...and still do better than the competition...people need to be less lazy and figure out how to properly use them and then they will realize the full potential...despite being about two years old (which is fairly old these days).

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why even buy it... after latest news about it?
That really a bad deal.....
I'll trade you a pen for it... Or can i sell mine also?

Why buy it? Because it's still an excellent device. Just a reminder to folks, you can still access files via the bridge. The UI of 2.1 is superior in some ways to that of BB10.

I paid full price for 2. Got the first one on launch day. It's a terrible feeling right now.

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Save your money. Would you buy a car if it was no longer being supported with updates and the Head of the division quit? Seems shady to me.

I'll buy one! I got the 16GB version at full price. So if I buy a 64GB at this price I bring down my dollar cost average and then that's how I win the game right?

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

I got my 32gb on clearance for about the same price.

Still a decent basic tablet. Just keep in mind it's 2 year old technology.

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I had a 32gb and bought a 64gb from them ...It took almost a month before I got it.

I have bought from them and received stuff within 2 weeks though.

At such a low price, its hard to think twice... but the Android runtime stops me. I have one Playbook and that's good enough for me.

I have the playbook but this product should be sell at $1 as this product is dead! No more update etc

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I have no complaints with my 64gig. Love it like day one and it does why I bought it for, even the bridge works like a charm. I'm looking for a second one for cheap for my kids to play with...

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I feel pissed and ripped off. Paid $529 for 32GB and that was the cost at the time from my company. I have literally used the tablet twice in the last year. Has so much dust on it it is literally sticking to it. I would rather spend an extra $50 from this deal and get a Nexus 7.

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I just bought a new Google nexus 7 2nd generation with jelly bean 4.3 for 269.00. Now I have my z10 and a app gap machine for the stuff not on the z10. Learn and adapt and don't make the same mistake twice. So no thanks

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Technology depreciates at a rate of 50% per year.
So if you spent $600 2 years ago. 50%*50% = 25% which is roughly $150. So yeah, for those the feel like you got ripped off. Not really. It is 2 year old technology, it's fair market value.
As a comparison, the GS2 was released around the same time. Now they're at the GS4.

Exactly, for $30 you might not hesitate, but now that these things are essentially recyclables, save your pennies for something running Android 4+. At least you'll get some decent apps to use on it. Oh, and BBM too...LOL!

Why would anyone want an unsupported crashing incomplete device at any price?


Verizon Z10. Running Posted via CB10

Hmmm. My guess is that it's just some sites that make it crash. I do stick to basically the same sites most of the time so maybe I've never gone to a site with whatever combination of content is too much for the stock browser. Good to know though, so I won't completely freak out if it happens :-)

Yup. I'd also download and install the new OrigamiBrowser (it's free). It's way more reliable and just much faster than stock.

I agree. This website on anything but a desktop browser is a world of hurt. I also hate it making decisions to serve me watered down tablet versions of websites to my tablets. I only come to Crackberry via laptop or desktop browser. It's got serious issues otherwise...

I paid $300 for my 64GB PlayBook last year. I'd rather take the money and get the new forthcoming 32GB HD Nexus 7 with cellular.

You guys are foolish, getting upset because your tech item that you purchased two years ago is now being discounted? Come on now, what did you expect? I bought my Z10 for $200 on launch day and now you can pick one up for $50. It's the world of tech. If you don't want to pay full price then wait 6 months and you'll get a discount. But if you are someone who has to have something the day it launches then you need to accept that you are going to pay top dollar and watch it be continuously discounted as the months go on.
I would be interested in this deal, but I've already got three and.....wait for it....I'm happy with them! That's right I said it. Bring on the critics and haters!!! Hahahaha

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My two-year old 32GB HP TouchPad runs Android. My soon-to-be-two-year old Galaxy Nexus and soon-to-be-one year old OG Nexus 7 Wifi+3G will be running Ubuntu Touch next spring. Blackberry can unlock the bootloader, provide code for the PlayBook hardware and I'm sure someone would port Ubuntu Touch for the PlayBook.

Meanwhile, Blackberry will never get another penny from me.

I feel the same way. Just got the new Nexus 7 tab and it's leap years ahead of my crappy Playbook. Who would want to spend more $ on a "legacy" end of life piece of junk? Hardware is great but the OS and apps suck big time. No more money for Bberry. Next to go is my Bold 9900.

I'm in this camp myself. I have a TouchPad running CM 9 and am really starting to like what I can do with it. I do hate some UI things too though. I wish the TouchPad running Android had more swiping and gestures that we're used to and then I would be thrilled. As soon as Android steals the UI things which made the TouchPad running webOS and the PlayBook running Tablet OS 2 easy and fun to use, then I'll be completely happy. I'm waiting for my 9810 to go too and then I'm done with BB for good.

Oh, I'm sure you know by now but JC Sullins ROM of CM 10.1 now has Bluetooth support. It's just a matter of time before the other JellyBean ROMS get this feature too. Then we're set.

A fellow TouchPad owner! Yeah! JC did a phenomenal job on the CM 9 and 10 for the TouchPad. Though 9 is more stable, I will be waiting for Phoenix to release ACL in a couple months. Only 30 bucks!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I'm curious about this but I am wondering which version of Android ACL will support and how it fairs. Should be interesting. Not sure I'd buy it though with webOS still having that audio bug that drives me insane every time I boot webOS. I do love everything else though. It still bums me out that Open webOS was never released for the TouchPad. Had it been done, I think you'd see it flourishing. Unfortunately this is the fate of the PlayBook but worse...just a foot note in history. So much potential but raised by incompetent parents.

I'd be embarrassed to post this thread. PlayBook is traveling with me. Haven't touched it cause it's useless to my Z10. Let's not post anything else about the PlayBook ever again. It's merely stirring up bitter feelings. Imo.

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My PB remains a great piece of gear. I'm not using it as much now since I got my Z but I still find the bridge useful, the flash capability remains robust, multitasking excellent, the speakers are great, nice screen still, hdmi, etc.

Sorry so many feel they got burned. Paid full retail on launch and my only regret is that BB10 turned out to be more resource hungry than anticipated.

Thorsten Heins really has not given any attention to all us and it is disgraceful.
He should read these posts.

No one wants a playbook because like him, it has become the laughing is not worth a cent and I feel robbed to have bought 2.

They should just scrap the whole line and remove any playbooks left on the shelves....i have not seen any of late.

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Already out in the US and Canada. Picked mine up a week ago and delighted with it. Go for the Nexus 7 2nd gen...well worth the $250 odd investment.

Can't find one at all... live in the Toronto area..they should give one free for every z10 sold :)

From my Z10

Nice to see most of us realize this is still a rip off. I got mine at full price. Well kind off. My friend had a 700 dollar credit at visions and he gave it to me. So free to me. I would buy a few more for about 50 dollars. There is a reason why a brand new playbook sells for less than half price of a 3 year old ipad because it's a useless piece of junk.

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Who in their right mind would buy it! Android tabs are around that price and not completely useless! No matter how you look at it, blackberry is missing most of the apps that people want!

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My point all along. Had the Playbook - i was constantly frustrated with apps everyone on Ios and Droid had but nobody had made them for the Playbook. Just picked up a Nexus 7 2nd gen and am delighted. I'm done with BB - getting rid of my BB 9900 phone as well and moving to Android. Capt. Thorsten Heins can go down with his sinking ship!

Does bridge work at all on bb10? What doesn't it do? I actually still one just for media and such and mainly to use around the house.. but I don't want to pay over $100 bucks

I believe it still lets you access the files on your phone, but that's it. I hope they fix that soon. Should not have released BB10 crippled like that. Bridge on OS7 devices is great. The PlayBook is great for media. I watch movies, music videos, read books and comics. The HDMI output is great when traveling with hotel rooms.

Still can bridge the intertron.

Lots of spoiled kids on this site who can't see the forest for the trees. The PlayBook had/has its cons but it still does a lot of stuff better than any tablet OS to date. The old bridge functionality was superb. Too bad that that feature which would keep the PlayBook very relevant seems to be gone for good which is something I find more disappointing for my confidence in QNX than the PlayBook device itself.

No one wants them. I occasionally charge mine up but it's just so much worse than my Z10. Even if they just updated the browser...

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Could not pay me to take one after the debacle. Still don't think it's too late to put together a trade-in package for something (Blackforest?) or one of the phones, credit...but do something or risk chopping off your own arm.

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Thanks for the heads up! We just bought two as backups for our work PBs. They're new but open box with a 90 day retailer warranty. Good deal for those that can use them.

My 32gB LTE unit just bit the dust..I liked it. Was great in areas of N Alberta that had Rogers and lousy Telus. For a guy that does pipeline work, was an awesome unit in the truck for watching movies.

But not so sure I'd get another for reasons already noted. An Android tablet would be fine. Just no need at the moment.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

To the people complaining it's not worth anything, please give me yours for free. I'm wiling to take all the unwanted ones.

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The Playbook is already 2 years old and BBRY will no longer be doing anymore major updates or improvements. I don't see any incentive for one to buy it for $130.

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Yeah, me again. I can't help myself when it comes to BB bashing. I can't stand Android phones and so I wouldn't want one of their tablets. The iPad is not fairly priced. But out of curiosity, how much does a 64GB Android tablet cost? I only saw one on Amazon and it was $449 USD.

Part 2 as post is getting blocked;

Saving grace of the PlayBook unless you are a business in which you create or have created a Customized"app for xyz business purpose is that you can SIDE-LOAD Android apps - but the problem there is the process isn't consumer friendly, the app has to be converted from a apk to a bar and BlackBerry has not updated the ANDROID RUN TIME from 2.3 to so this means:

Part 3 as post is getting blocked;

A: You are stuck with older (non maintained /and or buggy) versions.
B: A high percentage of the apps fail the "conversion process" and won't run.
From the apps I've sourced, tried to convert, etc about 90% don't work.

If you guys are in search of a cheap, good tablet with better specs and much better screen, get a Nook HD/HD+
Both have better internals and screen density. Plus they are capable of running Android 4.2.2 and soon 4.3 thanks to the community.

Although I'd save for a Nexus 7 2nd Gen, just got it and it's wonderful. Love the screen and speed.

Don't support abandoned products, Thor & co. killed the Playbook.

That would be a fine device but it is more expensive for only 16GB. It's been said a lot that specs don't tell the whole story. The Bridge function with OS7 phones is one example. Tethering for no extra charge, what??!!

Part 4 was about how BlackBerry could have made installing Android apps easy and protecting App World.
They could have "Added Value" by saying Hey you can install a app via other sources, other means but if you get it from us we certify them to run 110% and they have ALL the Android tracking stuff stripped out. You can rest assured you data isn't being transmitted to who knows where.

Copyright 2013 WeAreNotAlone, not to be used without permission.

Link not working for me in Canada! I have 3 already, two more won't hurt. Just need a 64gig pb, anyone want to sell one with no dead pixels? Won't pay $130 though, just bought a brand new 32gb for $60 cdn

I gave mine to my two youngest children, age 7 and 8. They were excited for a couple of hours and then lost interest as soon as they realized none of the things they wanted for it were available. They are used to seeing iPods and iPads and all the cool apps. They love Netflix on their 3DS and that not being on the PlayBook was the final straw. Lol I wasn't at all surprised when they came into my room later the same day and told me I could keep the PlayBooks. It actually made me laugh.

I just bought a Samsung galaxy tab 3 7.0". It's good but I'm happy I have a blackberry phone and not a galaxy phone or any Android. The android os feels sluggish and slow. My bb10 feels smooth. I'm selling my PlayBook now that I have the galaxy tab 3. I bought the PlayBook at the beginning of 2012 for 199 btw.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

There are worse ways to spend $129. You could, for example, get robbed.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10 on Rogers.

For someone who paid 698.98, seeing this make me sick. I still found iPad 2 on second hand market at 300.00. On this days spending money on a PlayBook not worth the money!

If you live in the USA, go to Walmart and buy a Hisense Sero 7 Pro for $149. You'll get a Tegra 3 quadcore cpu, NFC, 2 MP front and 5.0 MP rear cameras (rear cam has flash), GPS, Bluetooth 3, mini HDMI out like the PlayBook has, 1200x800 screen res, Android 4.2.2 with all the apps in the world via Google Play, microSDHC card slot (since it only comes with 8GB internal, this is a killer feature - oh and it WILL work with 64GB class 10 cards too fyi at full capacity) and love life once more...pissing your money away on a PlayBook is NOT worth it.

I've tried those off-name Android tablets. Talk about a waste of money. I want quality hardware and software.

Well Engadget's, Liliputing and all other reviews of this tablet are positive and all video reviews of it on YouTube go all ga ga over it too. It does have an over saturated camera but that has been fixed via software update. But otherwise, it's most definitely NOT a crap tablet. I've been researching this device since it came out and the people who buy it absolutely love it. I think you should do some research yourself and you'll see that it has both quality hardware AND software...

I will do that. First thing I want to check is the keyboard response. That has been my biggest complaint with those.

I used to feel the same way about the PlayBook's (I hated it at first) until I adjusted the keyboard response in the settings. Once I did that, it was like butter...

On Android, I am not too sure if the same type of thing is available. I use the SwiftKey keyboard in CM 9 on my TouchPad and I love it because it emulates the PlayBook's predictive text nicely. I am not too big of a fan of SwiftKey's flow yet as I don't really know how to use it properly.

Tech does depreciate a lot... First buyers will always pay a premium, plus bragging rights to show everyone what they got (and how much they pay). But although I already have 3 Playbooks and love them all, may not be ideal for a first time tablet buyer, this might be a good deal for the right person... Like someone with a 16gb Playbook who wants to gift their old one to their kids or parents (to do Video chat/browsing) and pick up new one for themselves with 64gb memory.

I have two Playbooks. I use mine daily and have already got my money out of it but now that they have dead ended the playbook with no updates to BB10, they should not be selling Playbooks. That is disingenuous as it has no future. If they have Playbooks in stock still blow them out at 50 bucks or something like HP did when they discontinued their tablet.

I use my PB for email, games, web surfing, movies and music. It works great. I suppose the original promise of the integration with BB10 went unfulfilled, and I know it doesn't have wireless cellular connection, but it does a lot of stuff very well. I guess people still like to crap on Blackberry. I just can't believe there are so many of them on this site.

Via Z10 & CB10

I agree. I remember when CrackBerry had more friends than foes. Shouldn't the haters be on a forum for something they support? Why be here? This is the wrong place for anti BlackBerry people.

Hey guys! Kindle Fire for $159! Same size as the Playbook and 50% more likely to someday have BBM.

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I'll give you 129.00 for mine now that in on BB10 and it doesn't link anymore.

Where's my full bridge Mr. Hines

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Often times I would rather just pay for shipping to make sure it gets here quicker. With free shipping they understandably take their time.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon |

Now that I think of it longer. BlackBerry should most definitely buy all of these back from retailers. Never sell another one to anyone. Never speak of it again since they won't even provide basic MR updates and lets all move forward. Hell. The Z30 is only two inches smaller and it's gonna be freakin powerful!

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I have to agree with some of the comments here...for those that don't want their PlayBook please PM me and I will take it off your hands. I may even cover the shipping cost. Only condition is it must not have any physical damage, no dead screen sections or pixels, and must be in fully working condition. Please make sure to include the charger too.

I'm waiting for the PMs, seriously.

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I got their deal about two months ago but it was $20 more before the "no updates" announcement.
Now I have to whine about it according to the protocol established by previous commenters.

Yeah, it's a pretty good deal! Got my 16GB PB couple years ago on the first sale for $199, then last year picked up a 32GB for $128. Not bad if it does what YOU need it to do!

I have a 64 GB and use it 3-4 times a week. I run a small design firm and find it very useful for many tasks. I have it set up to suite my needs and it is very productive.
It is a great entertainment machine too and we use the HDMI on our big screen a few times a month. I find it handy for slide shows on the big screen. I have a bunch of quality games.
I would not buy another now being there will be almost no new development but no regrets and no need fit a new tab for now. Next round will likely be an android tablet.

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Haha, I don't even use my PlayBook anymore now that I have my Q10. I just use the Q10 for everything and my old 9800 for watching YouTube.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

I'd buy 1 or 2 if I had some extra money laying around... my 64gb has a cracked screen but works fine just kinda annoying


I got a 64gb one for £129 a few months before the Z10 was released, although I haven't touched it since getting my Z10.

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Ya, well Thorsten is sending me his but he asked me not tell anyone about it because he's getting mocked, teased and ridiculed all the time about canning the upgrade and killing the product outright.

way overpriced got me a new nexus 7 2nd gen for 270 32gb way more worth it for me playbook is now collecting perm dust, i only use tech that is given upgrades and promised to be looked after.

Who are they kidding... They do not worth that money, not after boneheads from BB dropped support... Don't fall for this guys/girls. OS is full of bugs, PB doesn't worth any money...

They couldn't even pay me to buy it with Bridge being nerfed.

I would buy a couple of them if Bridge worked the way it used to.

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I pestered them directly in the Beta Zone... First i was assured that the Bridge Team was Working on an update, there was even a blog post from BlackBerry saying they will bring BBM and other stuff back to bridge.... nothing happened ... then i raised more racket ... i was told that my message was sent to Thor directly. . . . that was 3-4 months ago.

I've given up on my playbook. Its too dang slow, hard to find things and doesn't operate like bb10

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Your Punishment Must Be More Severe
Once You Have Bought a Playbook in 2013
Then You Have My Permission to Die !

Everyone here thinks they're techies, yet complain about how much they paid for a device when it first came out, and bitch that others can get it for cheap now!? It's technology, deal with it.

Posted via CB10

No it's not just "technology". Let's call a spade a spade: it's a failed product. And when products fail and nobody wants them anymore, prices drop. All prices drop, but some way more than others. Unfortunately, BB Playbook, MS Surface and WebOS devices fall in the low demand category and have seen their prices badly cut. You don't need to be a techie to realize this. Apple's 2011 iPad still fetches a good price despite the fact that it's a couple years old.

Fairly good deal. And dead platform?

I think most of you need to read the actual announcement that Blackberry gave about the Playbook.
BB10 is not coming to Playbook - yes we know this.
Blackberry will still continue to support the current Playbook platforms and configurations (ie. bug fixes, maintenance).

The platform was not left abandon, there are still people at Blackberry working on the current platform to make it better and bug-free. They just no longer have a focus on trying to implement BB10 on it.

And personally, I think the current platform (with continued support) is still better than most other tablets on the market and still works well regardless of BB10. The only disappointment is we probably won't receive a bridge for BB10. But Blackberry did not say that's not possible so there is hope for that.

"And personally, I think the current platform (with continued support) is still better than most other tablets on the market and still works well regardless of BB10."

Agreed. And it works very well.

I own 3 Playbooks and if I didn't own the 64GB version already, I would jump on this deal despite it being 2 years old. I still like my Playbook and still use this for Web browsing, watching HD movies with stereo audio speakers (how many tablets have this today?), recording HD videos and audio and taking pictures, video conferencing with my family and friends, office documents, presentations, gaming, ebook reading, synching to my Bluetooth devices, and a pretty stable and smooth UI experience. It feels like a premium product hardware wise and not cheap feeling like some of their competition in this class. Note that myself and many others bought it before knowing BB10 was attempted to be migrated over.

I own iOS and Android devices too so I'm not out of the loop but the Playbook to this day can hold its own even with the competition. I don't understand the continued cheap shots on a BlackBerry fan site. I guess people don't have anything better to do or say around here.

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Thinking to myself....does folks feel bad after buying a tech at full price two.years later after price a tv or a ny other stuff...smh....

Posted via CB10 on Z10....

I bought my 64GB Playbook at full price on launch day. Yeah, pretty stupid in retrospect but there were all these promises of awesomeness flying around at the time. I honestly wouldn't buy another Playbook for 5 bucks. Why would anyone? At this point, it got nothing on the new Nexus tab. The Playbook is still a decent bathroom companion but less and less now that I have my HTC One.

I think the battery of the PlayBook is one of the best compared to other tablets. I've got the Nexus 7 and a PlayBook and I have to say the PlayBooks battery time is enough for days while the Nexus 7 needs to be recharged every day.

i have a 16g playbook that i bought brand new for $200 and took advantage of the Box deal that gave you 50g of storage so i'm ok with what i have. if it happened to crap out on me i would get another for sure... these other so called "advanced" tablets are now just getting around to what the playbook has had since the beginning... rear 5mp camera, 3mp front, stereo speakers, etc....and STILL i have yet to see them put an HDMI port on theirs... i connect my playbook to my tv every so often so paying more for less (nexus 7) is illogical to me...not to mention that i feel very secure banking on my playbook than the open source and highly hacked os of android or ios....i'll pick up a nexus if i have to...if i find it for 20 bucks.

The PlayBook is a quality tablet compared to the plethora of cheap and nasty Android tablets out their. Sure, it's lacking some mainstream apps but it still holds its own for work and pleasure. I got a second brand new 64GB PlayBook for $99 a week ago and it's in continual use a media server and gaming appliance.

Agreed, I too still feel dirty for paying full price @ launch, but it is a perfectly fine machine and is WAY better than my Nexus 7. Nexus feel like plastic (that is what it is). $130 is still very very good value.

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I took advantage of this deal,(pretty good deal actually) i own a nexus tablet,a mini icrap and another 16 gb PlayBook and I always tell and ask others to get to know blackberry,theres always something my PlayBook or my Z10 can do than the others cant,the apps are only work arounds that a developer put in place and order for us in a "simple" application GET TO KNOW THE BEST... I'm sorry I meant the BEAST

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