Get 23 games for the price of one courtesy of Ajani InfoTech

Ajani InfoTech
By Jared DiPane on 26 Dec 2011 09:16 am EST

Whether you got a new shiny BlackBerry for Christmas or you are just looking for something new on your favorite device, odds are you will not want to miss out on this deal. Ajani InfoTech is offering 22 free applications with the purchase of their game Jeweled, which runs at only $4.99. You read that right -- 23 games for only $4.99 -- that's a $42 value and a heck of a holiday deal. Included in the free apps are titles like LightBulb, Crazy Cabbie, Save the Cake, and tons more. If you are interested be sure to act quick as the deal ends on December 31st. Hit the link below for full details on the promotion.

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Get 23 games for the price of one courtesy of Ajani InfoTech


You can pick and choose. Just did it - not all run properly on my BB Bold 9900, but at least some are really nice to play there.

Ok that's nice to know. Now you pick and choos but can you delete and install others wihout paying again? Like using and replacing?

How does it work?? I bought the game but I cant seem to find how to download the free games... I clicked on the ''Get More Apps'' but there is only 6 free games and its the LITE version... What have I done wrong??

I think I figured it out.

After buying Jeweled, you'll get an email from Empower sent to the email you used to download Jeweled. From there, opening the link on your BB would give you download links for all the other apps.

By the way, some of them don't seem to be compatible with OS7.

Seriously, CrackBerry team, you should clarify the process of getting apps under such offers for everybody. There is nothing comprehensive on Ajani's mobile site and I'm sure most people just bought Jeweled game directly from the AppWorld which gives you none of the free apps. $4.99 down the drain. I've written to Ajani's support, but nothing. The whole offer smells like trick.