GesturePad - Add efficiency to your touchscreen BlackBerry!

By Michelle Haag on 22 Sep 2010 11:42 am EDT


GesturePad by Tafasa is a new application designed to make using your BlackBerry Storm or Torch more efficient. This app eliminates the need to fumble through multiple screens and menus to open the app you want. Instead, you simply swipe your screen in a shape you've chosen and your desired function is activated.


  • Unlimited number of custom gestures can be added
  • Gesture to compose an email to a specific address
  • Gesture to compose an SMS to a specific number
  • Gesture to call a specific phone number
  • Gesture to show all of a person's contact information
  • Gesture to open a specific website
  • Gesture to launch an application
  • Option to have a confirmation prompt after gesture
  • Option to have the application close once the gesture is recognized and the action is performed

The developer recommends assigning the app to a convenience key, for ease of use. From there, setup is pretty simple. Just add a new gesture from the options screen of the application by drawing the desired gesture, giving it a name and then telling it what action to perform. Once you save your changes, you can swipe that gesture on the main gesture screen and your action will be performed. You can even go back into the options and modify any gesture or delete it.

GesturePad is only for your BlackBerry Storm running OS 4.7 or 5.0, and the BlackBerry Torch on BB6. Available now in the CrackBerry App Store for the low price of $.99, I definitely think it's worth trying out! Let us know in the comments below what you think if you give it a go.

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Reader comments

GesturePad - Add efficiency to your touchscreen BlackBerry!


I wonder how many people with QL will still try this at $.99. See, that's a price point for paid apps makes it bearable to pretty much try anything, even if you end up not liking it or using it.

see, thats what we need, even more on the torch with just the one side key, Tafasa once again coming up with the goods :)

So, I have to have this app open to be able to do the gesture? Can I do the custom swipe from the BB6 home screen?

I just re read it and see that you have to have the gesture screen open. It is just as easy to open the app I want to open. I need my 1 side key for the flash light. If I had 2 keys I would try this.

I had the same issues with the convenience keys, or lack there of. I picked up an app from App World called Short Cut Me. Basically it allows you to assign 3 different objectives per convenience key. You simply click Twice for the first one, 3 times for the second one and 4 times for the third one. Clicking it once opens up a shortcut menu where you can put hundreds of different short cuts. I Highly Recommend. Just a thought. I will be picking this swipe screen up at .99$.

I'll keep the one convenience key on my Torch dedicated to Vlingo. It works no matter what screen I have open.

I had hoped to use this as a way of "extending" the capability of the one and only side key on my Torch. It sort of works. By dedicating that one key to GesturePad I can now easily get to Voice Dial, Calendar, Tasks, Pandora, and SMS my wife. I was NOT able to use it to get to the camera or Google Talk. For some reason some applications show up in the pull down list and others do not.

Yeah I second that dcscott. I have my convienience key set to camera cause I have a 5 year who hates pictures so I need to bring it up quick. I downloaded the app thinking I could sacrifice a few seconds but it doesn't have the camera option. And my Torch only has one convenience key. it does have the option for the google mobile app which I just downloaded today. I'm gonna give it a try. But I use that camera a whole lot. Another thing is I would prefer for it to bring up the email or text message screens for composing with a blank contact. I have the one text gesture set for my wife but I would like to bring up a blank one too.