Gesture tutorial video for the rumored BlackBerry R10

By Adam Zeis on 10 May 2013 08:48 am EDT

Finishing out the week wouldn't seem right without some a bit more love for the rumored BlackBerry R10. This time it's in the form of a gesture tutorial video courtesy of @MujibAzizi. While the startup video is standard on BlackBerry 10 devices, we've yet to see it live for the R10.

Nothing new to be seen but if you were looking for a bit more proof that the device does exist, this may help a bit.

So far we've seen leaked images of the device in white, black and even red.

A quick refresher on the specs:

  • 3.1-inch display, 720 x 720 resolution
  • 5MP rear camera, front camera
  • Support to shoot up to 2560 x 1920 resolution photos
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
  • 2180 mAh non-removable Battery
  • BlackBerry 10.1 OS

Again - we don't know when or where (or if) this device will show up, but it seems to be popping up in more and more places lately. Keep up to date with all the latest rumors on our Rumored Devices page.



This will be great to review in prep for the R10.

And quicksilver? I may be.. first. Or not.

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It seems that you don't want this device to exist!!!

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Device battery isn't 1800mAh anymore ;)

Adam Zeis

You are correct! Updated.

2 Phonez

So the R10 will have a bigger battery than the Q10?

Kurt Windibank

Yesterday it was reported that the R10 battery is bigger than the 1800 MaH you noted in the article. 2130 maH?




Non-removable battery. Interesting.


Phones with non-removable batteries are cheaper to produce.


I have to admit I find the styling very unappealing personally. And speaking of the startup video/demo mode, I tried it twice at a bestbuy, and if I wasn't already sold on BB10, the demo would turn me off. I couldn't even move pages to the left, and couldn't really do anything on the phone.


Doesn't the demo tell you to swipe down from the top to exit demo mode?


I didn't see it... Then again, the unit had multiple zip ties across the screen (may have been hidden), and the glue was still fresh on the safety device (they claimed, two weeks later), so they couldn't be removed... And it would buzz when picked up and couldn't very well swipe with all the zip ties... Pretty much a mess. But thanks for the info, next opportunity I'll know! (Hopefully it's clearer to other people.)


Yeah that is really annoying. If you go in to try them out again, just hold down the centre rocker button on the top right side of the phone, and it will exit the demo mode :)


Don't like this BlackBerry of R10

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This model is made for countries where spending $600 on a phone isn't an option. Its geared towards emerging markets and trust me, low cost BBs sell well in those markets.


It would sell well in the US :( I want BB10, too.


BlackBerry can cut the crap, they always leak information on purpose just when it is about to launch it. They obviously want to know what people say about it. BlackBerry seem to have fixed the bottom gesture issue that Q10 has with this design.


Personally I don't have a problem swiping up on the Q10, although your right it may be a little easier on the R10, but it's also farther away that you have to swipe.


I agree but I'm talking about those morons that claim the other way in engadget and bgr...


I notice the R10 has more room at the bottom of the screen for the swipe up gesture. Given how many reviewers have commented on the difficulty they experienced with the Q10 in this regard that is good to see. Now we need leaks of the T10! Come on BlackBerry...Some of us want to have our cake and eat it too :)


Am I the only one that has developed a strong hatred for the gesture tutorials?

If you count my 3 PlayBooks, the Dev Alpha A, B and C, and my LE Z10; I've sat through the gesture tutorials probably close to 100 times now. Once was more than enough. Hopefully they add an option for us to skip it in the future.

For those of us that know how to use these devices, it just slows us down when it comes time to setup the phone after a full wipe. Which the autoloaders always perform a full wipe. So pretty much every time I update a BB10 device, I have to sit through the stupid tutorial again. Lol maybe it is just me.


Most of us just skip through the tutorials. Just saying.


Yep skip right through by completing the entire tutorial as it was designed. Yep that isn't annoying at all.

Unless you have a magically special device, you can't skip the tutorial. You have to complete the gestures and watch the demonstrations to advanced the screens.

Even pulling the battery don't skip the tutorials. You can't even restore a backup until you've completed them, so that won't let you skip them either.

So please explain how "most people" skip the gesture tutorials after a full device wipe. I don't see how it is possible, but I'd love to proven wrong.

Typed on my Dev Alpha C, Posted Via CB10


How? I've never been able to do this. Factory reset is 'teaching me all over again' how to use the phone...


I pushed and pressed sh!t until I got my way. It was my bad for suggesting others do as well. Don't ask me to replicate. (I don't recommend this tutorial) .



Wouldn't surprise me if this never makes it to the US market




Just seems like the equivalent of the bold 9790...


Just looked at a picture of the 9790 for the first time.... That's a cool device. But Q10 still looks way better.


Has it been announced that it will be released in the US?


Hasn't been announced at all. These are just unofficial leaks

2 Phonez

Of course it will. The Curve was released in the US wasn't it?


Expandable storage?

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The specs before this one in your post earlier said it had an 1800 mah battery?? I guess that's why it's only a rumour

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The "R" in "R10" stands for "Rumored" :)


Am I the only one frustrated that they're talking about launching a new phone when the Q10 isn't even available in the States, yet? I am in desperate need of a new phone and want to move to BB10, but I don't want to make a choice until I've played with both models. I really liked what I've seen in the Z, but that dark theme, 10.1, longer battery life, and the physical keyboard are hard to ignore. I need to try them both out to make a decision.


Developing the R10 did not slow down release of the Q10. Software development and slow US carriers are responsible for that.

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Not me, Will not sell in the U.S. Same old keyboard. Old fashion. Don't like the shape. Make the shape same look like PlayBook. mini or micro PlayBook. Good for Old folks duh!, not teenagers. Thanks anyway Adam, is a good info. Again Not Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's as if you're saying there are no low income citizens in the United States.


Or there's not a lotta old folks.


cant stop saying how ugly this phone is damn blackberry


DON'T FRIGGIN BUY IT THEN!!! It's for emerging markets. YOU WON'T EVER OWN IT dammit.


I will wait to see if Blackberry will show some new smartphones during Blackberry Live next week.


Thanks for the spec refresh. The battery might be 2180mAh? Take my money already!

El Platanero

I'm glad this was not the Q because this phone is ugly and bring back the clickity click keyboard.

Feel free to add me 24EFEB55


Emerging markets only. You won't ever buy this, so why judge it?


LEGIT!!! but probably not soo good!!!

Mr Gill

Not that you would even need it, judging from that shiny white Z10 in your picture lol


I don't know why the hate for the R10. Maybe it's because I never used BlackBerry before the Z10, or maybe it's because I'm an "Old Folk" :), but I don't find it ugly at all. Having already paid for Z10 - and loving it! - the lower price might make me more willing to buy the R10 than the Q10 to get the physical keyboard experience I've never had.

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Why would the R have a 2180 mAh while a Z10 which is a full touch screen only have a 1800mAH

Ernie Keyser

you cant have it all

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2 Phonez

Because a lot of the morons buying smartphones today care more about thinness than battery life, which forces manufacturers to sacrifice battery size for thin designs. With keyboard phones, though, that exception of thinness isn't there nearly as much, plus the businesspeople they're primarily aimed at need it to keep going all day.


OMG -_- just figured out I could go in sleep mode by clock app...

By the way, nice phone!


I'm exactly is the Q10 a more "premium" phone? They look pretty similar to fact if I were a keyboard person, I kinda like the R better than the Q

Mr Gill

You only need look at the specs. Other than the battery the Q10 in superior in every way (although the battery for the Q10 is removable).

2 Phonez

The specs are virtually identical...


I'm not a fan of that bezel, wish they would have went with the same design of the Q10, but nice of BlackBerry to dive back into the low-end/mid-range market. I know a lot of Curve fans will be happy.

Plazmic Flame

This phone will most likely be the curve series for the BlackBerry 10 line.


A battery that can be changed is a must. That was a mistake made by Apple.


A mistake? Their market share may suggest otherwise.



If your reading this..........we are all curve fans:)


It's missing one vital piece of info, the CPU. Also, they shouldn't go pass $300 if it wants to sell well.

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This is why BlackBerry sucks for everyone out there...FOCUS ON APPS!!!...Will you now release another phone with the same Crap??? Like wtf...But no, they are focusing on another Old fashioned look phone.! BlackBerry is already late for the world BUT, the thing is that they HAVENT noticed that and dont even care about satisfying us.


even this low end device has a bigger battery than the z10 smfh at blackberry stupidity


Jeez, even the low end phones have bigger batteries than the larger blackberry Z10. What was Blackberry/RIM thinking? :/


Look at the children fighting at the top. Go find your moms and get your soothers Hahah. Wow.

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crazy mazy

you silly people the R10 is supposed to be the phone you would buy to get the power of of the new BB10 OS on a budget phone, which is not a bad phone at all considering that the battery life will be amazing. This would be the type of phone you would buy if you can't afford to pay $700 to buy a Z10 or Q10. And best of all most of the great features you get on Q10 will be available on the R10. This phone will sell well in Canada and USA, as well as developing countries. Its the type of phone you could buy for $0 on a contract (maybe), and don't have to settle for a garbage phone for $0. So if you don't like the looks of this phone buy a Z10 or Q10 and leave it at that, but don't expect a budget phone to look as good as a high end phone.

crazy mazy

I notice some people asked why the R10 would have a larger capacity battery than Z10, well since this phone will be a big hit in developing markets, the long battery life will be a big selling point! Don't ask why i just know it is.


Didn't realize it rumor to have a 2180 mAh battery! I wish Z10 battery has similar capacity


They really don't seem to get it. Consumers want maximized screen real estate these days. The screens on the q10 and the R10 are too small relative to the device size.


All I wanted was an updated curve. And it looks like I might get it. This Z10 blows. So many of my shortcuts gone. So I can talk into my phone and tell everyone what I'm doing?! I need my phone for business, hopefully it will be curve 10.0 please!!!!

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Really liking the R10 concepts. Hope this comes to life.