Germany wants more of its officials using encrypted BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By Bla1ze on 28 Jul 2014 08:33 pm EDT

After the news broke that the U.S. National Security Agency was tracking the mobile communications of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany's Federal Ministry of the Interior took action and began using BlackBerry 10 smartphones coupled with German firm Secusmart's anti-eavesdropping technology. Since then, the German Government has deployed approximately 3,000 encrypted BlackBerry devices with Secusmart technology and a new report suggests they could be looking to add up to 20,000 more.

Germany's Federal Ministry of the Interior spokesperson, Tobias Plate, wouldn't confirm any number of devices planned for purchase but noted in a phone interview to The Financial Post that more and more devices are being bought and the number is constantly rising. Plate also noted, "Only BlackBerry smartphones comply with the ministry's security standards for use with Secusmart's technology" and "We have a federal authority for information security and they checked several smartphones, and the only brand that was approved by them is the BlackBerry smartphones… It's the security of the device"

BlackBerry refused to comment on the plans as well but noted "BlackBerry has a long history providing secure mobility solutions across mission critical industries such as government, financial services, healthcare, and other security and productivity-focused sectors including all G7 nations and 16 of the G20 countries."

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Germany wants more of its officials using encrypted BlackBerry 10 smartphones


Tell that to the Airforce first, they've gone rogue to other platforms... ;-)

BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal!

Can't build a secure phone on top of a framework that's akin to swiss cheese - I'm talking to you iOS and especially Android.

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This is why I like how some android manufacturers are trying to move away from it, I know Samsung is trying to push tizen and LG is getting thst palm os rolling. Hopefully those take off, would really like if amazon ditched android also and if Sony made something from the vita os that would be cool.

Maybe that's why the USA lost the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq??? Actually which war did they win after 1945??

Actually they didn't even win in 1945, if you look at it correctly, they were part of a winning team ;-p

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I think in major Newspapers around the world. Germans giving thumbs up to BlackBerry security is a huge endorsement.

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And ford just announced they are dropping BlackBerry for iPhone. How convenient that this news comes out today. Seems good news gets buried quickly.

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yeah right...the us media craps BB the most...they wouldn't write a positive word about anything that's not in us hands...

That is because they are in bed with the same government that is eaves dropping on its citizens. In all areas. So if blackberry succeeds, they won't be able to continue listening and controlling everyone's communication. That's why they hate blackberry...

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US endorses consumer market because of the greed that big companies have for ever more money. BlackBerry doesn't exactly fit in there. People prefer candy over real fruit. It doesn't make the fruit bad. Android, iPhone, WP, and others wish they were BlackBerry!

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I like this section of the article the most: "....and the only brand that was approved by them is the BlackBerry smartphones… It’s the security of the device.”
Oh and Blackphone did not make the cut, along with iPhone and the Android brigade. Hmmm, how about that for an endorsement.

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A blackberry without the use of the blackberry enterprise server is really not much more secure than any other platform. This seems to be a big misconception among many. Just saying.

In correct. Aviva found out that even with MDM solution in place (non BES) the iPhone werte hacked!

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@noguts .. thats a bit of a misconception in itsself... blackberry bbm to blackberry bbm is more secure than any form of sms, for one.

I agree. My comments were intended as a general comparison. I realize that each platform may have specific secure aspects, such as apples iMessage. Some people like to think that by using a blackberry they have the ultimate in security. And without the enterprise server it is just not True.

"Not much more" is still least for the average consumer like me. I still prefer a BlackBerry over the competition.

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What PR? One would think that over the years BlackBerry would build on articles like this. Sadly, BlackBerry seems to expect it's customers to to its marketing and advertising.

Blackberry always.....

Agreed brother. They need to be blowing this kinda stuff up and not barely commenting.

They do press releases when small companies commit to BB10 (I recall some Indian law firm with a few dozen employees making the CB front page) but nothing big over this? Craziness...

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It's also probably not a done deal yet. Don't want to blab about business until there's contracts with sigs and such.

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Germany is Europe's top country according to a friend of mine that has been there,they deserve the best.HAHA but security is a must.Industry enterprise ,commerce and beer!!!

Germany is Europe's biggest economy and one of the greatest countries in terms of technology. Would definitely want Germany and GB having your back if you're in Europe

In other news, the NSA recommends that American citizens continue to use Android and Apple. :)

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It seems to me that, with news like this, there is no reason for BlackBerry to remain a profitable and viable company with a firm, albeit small, customer base.

There is a reason and I know they are going to become profitable.

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Just one piece of the puzzle.

You can try to achieve a diplomatic solution, but at the same time you need to work on a technical one too...

BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal!

Did you read the article where they are using typewriters for sensitive correspondence and blasting classical music in meetings to drown out their words?

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This stuff needs 2b posted on other blogs get th news across to those iPhone fools, get dem BlackBerry stock higher kill dat iPhone

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If BlackBerry wants to secure their business in enterprise they need Intellectual patents like the ones owned by SecureSmart . BlackBerry should acquire SecureSmart. One SecureSmart memory card costs 2000 , its expensive than several BlackBerrys.

Yes, yes, yes. Patents are designed to reveal novel ideas on which further advances can be made. Here's hoping that there is a BlackBerry team working to better the SecureSmart ideas.

This truly is the future. Go BlackBerry.

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Exactly, I hope BBRY takes over SecureSmart to leverage on data AND call privacy and security.
It will be the effective reply to Blackphone...

Still funny how the financial post source article uses the photo of Merkel frowning with the Z10 instead of the smiling photo used here in CB.

I know it's just an old stock photo, but considering the substance of the article is pro - BlackBerry, how hard was it fit the financial post to use the smiling one instead?

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Good point. Apparently she's been spotted with a Q10 now. Oh, the battery life...

BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal!

Wonderful news for BlackBerry and us BlackBerry supporters. Thank you Germany!

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Obviously blackberry is the best in security, privacy and productivity. BlackBerry 10 is the best!

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Thing is its not just the U S government. Great Britain is eyeball deep in the same stuff. I'm sure they aren't the only ones, the rest of them just haven't had an Ed Snowden pop up yet.

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BlackBerry still the most secure platform out there. IOS, Microsoft and Android too easy to hack

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Why is anyone surprised? Haven't we all known how secure BlackBerry is for many years? LOL.... as I type this out on my Samsung!

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Happy to read people are finally realizing why BlackBerry still has faithfuls. Can never use a droid or an ifone. The comfort of security if BlackBerry brings calmness to my mind.

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A cage match between Blaize and Mickey Mouse...fight to the death ...Winner gets Angela and her German pimped out Z10....

Not bad.

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I almost read Cage Michaels there. You had me for a moment... ;-)

BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal!

No Prem....Cage Michaels will be the ring boy showing the round signs in his lululemons.

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He'll probably catch a smack or two, might wanna employ his climbing skillz then...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

A regular Spiderman that one...

"Climbing skills".....well played.

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This is all fine and dandy. But for the regular consumer such as myself that is not associated with an Enterprise BES network. My BlackBerry Z30 is no more secure than my iPhone 5 correct?

No. But what I think he's saying is that governments can still force your provider to hand over information. However there is no back door so they'll have to go to the provider rather than using a back door.

Still one step more secure than the other phones out there though!

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BlackBerry has been quite upfront about what it has to share with governments (if not, the media surely brings it out.) But Apple has denied over and over again that the extent of their backdoors, etc.

Now this is good news. Companies seeing a country using blackberries to keep the CIA out will surely want to switch to the Pimp of all security that is Blackberry

I want a Z50

This is very good news for BlackBerry.

I love the fact my BlackBerry is so secure. Not just from governments but from dodgy apps.
I would never have an Android phone; when it comes to security, they are like rusty old buckets.

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I once had a rusty old bucket with holes in it. Pretty sure it had less leaks than Android does...

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Next: the Canadian Government.

Throw the bum's out if they refuse support.

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The first stanza (and the second) of the national anthem - your quote is the first line of the first - are actually no longer sung officially, as far as I'm aware.

The first stanza makes references to the size of the country and territories that are now "under Polish or Russian administration"...
So some people use this to stir up old negative sentiments (on both sides), which is NOT a nice thing to do. If that was your intention, please refrain from doing so. They won't appreciate that, and you might end up in hot water.

Still, if you wanted to use it to applaud them for all their positive contributions in the world (solar energy, nice fuel efficient cars, green tech, phasing out nuclear power, peace keeping, humanitarian aid, classical music, hospitality, etc.), it's ok, but some might "get it down the wrong throat" (saying or expression).

It's only the third which emphasizes the values of unity, law/rights, freedom and brotherly love, some of the words are actually next to impossible to translate in their full meaning, my attempt is probably rather useless.

Please, no political flames here. Thanks. Peace is a valuable thing.


BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal!

It would be funny to see Obama secretly trying to figure out Merkel's picture password next time they meet.

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NSA=National Spy Agency. All they did was change Spy to Security. But it's still the same old crap. They wanna snoop on and then use that information to bully/exploit other countries for their resources. Greedy USA government. Fuck them.

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And that makes them different from every other government how? Thinking that governments don't spy on each other is naive. Even allies spy on each other and always have.

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This is great news. More countries need to follow suit. I don't know how government agencies can rely on anything other than a BlackBerry

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Blackberry isn't going anywhere...can any government or industry concerned with security talk about using Apple±IBM or Android?

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Not surprised! And the Americans want to go with apple?

Let's see who spies on who now..

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We need a picture of Russian President Putin holding a BlackBerry 10 to cause some competition with the US. Lol

Secusmart is a german company that modifies the Blackberry 10 devices with their "Secusuite" solution. Its basiclly a MicroSD-card that has its own implented encryption processor from NXP and builds up secure 128 Bit AES VoIP tunnels between two Secusuite devices.

Chancellor Merkel is one of the last conservative leaders left in Europe
How ironic that she is bailing out the leftist leaders in Greece, Spain etc.

Socialism does not work and will never work.

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Ja ja! Deutschland,Deutschland uber alles! That why Germany is World Champion

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Not much if the security of your whole nation or big corporation is at stake....

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I have to agree here. That cost is mere pennies when you think of what the potential cost would be if their communications leaked out. I think this is a very prudent investment on their behalf.

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One month ago the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag" reported that an official person of the NSA told them, that his agency had already tapped the new security solution being done with the "Krypto-Chip" by the firm "Secusmart" in combination with a BlackBerry 10 smartphone like the Z10 or the Q10..

It may be a tactical lie, but does anyone know more about the truthfulness of this story of Germanys biggest Yellow Press..!?

Here is a link to a german article in a professional IT Online Magazine commenting that story:


Good, Better, BlackBerry Z30

"Bild" is generally regarded as "Bull", so I wouldn't put too much value on their opinion. It is controlled by Springer Verlag (Publishing), and they have their own little (political) agenda.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

This has been out for a while but of course Crackberry wouldn't comment on this. How dare of you for bringing this up!

How dare of me? Are making a joke? Sorry but I'm not a native English speaker, so I don't understand what's your point or if you're being ironic. And the story I'm referring to is only 1 month old. In days: only about 30 days ago.

Maybe you thought of the old tapped Nokia phone of Angela Merkel. But I really would like to have a serious answer to my concerns..

Sorry, if this shouldn't be allowed to ask in a Crackberry forum.

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Sorry, I was actually sarcastic. Regardless, it has been reported by "Bild" as Prem WatsApp pointed out already that the technology has been hacked. Secusmart of course said it isn't true but I wouldn't expect them to admit to it either.

It's alright. :)
How amazing that BlackBerry just announced in these moments that they will be acquiring exactly this german software firm "Secusmart", isn't it!? ;)
Especially because I asked nearly the same question on the official inside BlackBerry homepage a few weeks ago.. crazy..

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If the US wasn't such a nosey greedy country that pisses off the rest of the world BlackBerry's wouldn't be needed. Go Mr Chen and help neuter the US.

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

Thats right. If you spy on the whole world, you should not be surprised when everyone starts to hate you.

Now thats the news!not that small unimportant law firm with a couple of employees.way to go blackberry! More blackberry in europe!

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Whatever dude. I respect Germany for the discipline and precision when it comes to manufacturing. I love your beer gardens and cars and roads and of course your women. But your is comment is far fetched.

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BlackBerry problem in USA is "they don't make products in China ". Unacceptable for average Joe!!!

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Even when there are very good news about BlackBerry... American media do make anti Blackberry propaganda, putting stupid pictures...
I have three beautiful picture of Angela Merkel being happy to show her new fantastic BlackBerry...
Last year, German leader, Angela Merkel ditched her MICROSOFT-NOKIA Spyphones ...
The NSA, spied Angela from 2002 until 2013, until Snowden revealed the scandal..
Angela use BlackBerry, an NSAPROOF Smartphone
... She still had Iphones lying around in her services?

The world slowly realizes that Security and Privacy are very important these days and in the future. This is the ultimate weapon of Blackberry that should be focus on. Keep it going BlackBerry!

I loved the fact it harped on about her loving her Q10 with the phsical keyboard yet she is waving a
Z10 about :)

That's an old pic. Her new darling is in fact a Q.

I've stored that pic on my phone, and it's dated 11/Dec/2013.

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

After that BlackBerry server kerfuffle?

That's a serious question. :-)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Merkel with BlackBerry, this is good for the company but won't boost sells. In any case, Merkel or Obama are using only one each not one hundred !

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No need to read the story BlackBerry will never be back to the top but the good news they will stay around !

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This is a new beginning. Once the general public realize they have been stripped naked in front of the world.....They will start to respect mobile security again and this time.....BlackBerry won't repeat the past......We will rise to the top and stay there for years.....

Of course this is my opinion and my We will all see as it unfolds in the future.

@bout, let me rephrase that for you..

"no need to read the story, i'll just comment on it as if i DID read it" LOL!!

It is quite simple. BlackBerry will never be the full blown consumer device. It will remain a government /corporate device to those who simply don't trust the Americans. Google and Apple are American. The NSA and Snowden assured many parts of the world that BlackBerry will be around for a long time. Remember......Germany and the States were considered allies.

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Hey - we are allies. I have family in the US. But that doesn't mean that we have to buy insecure Apple or Android devices.

Btw. I like America for the people and beautiful land - not the government or the nsa.

Greetings from Germany.

Dreaming about the white Passport

Exactly. I know a lot of conservative Germans here in the USA. They love to listen to Rush Limbaugh. Smart bunch!

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It's just me or Angelique Merkel looks really cute and sexy holding UP her Blackberry? BlackBerry does wonders!

Any government or enterprise would be stupid not to use BlackBerry and BES. Germans are no fools.
Which is something they are a power house

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....... because the NSA "is" the enemy of freedom and the 4th amendment in the US. we are post constitutional era unfortunately. Good for Germany for doing this and also believing in a good sound product.

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Nice looking z10 with the German Govt seal... Happy that I'm part of the elite club wife z10 ;)

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Given that Google was built on collecting information and selling it to others; is it a surprise that Google and BlackBerry are polar opposites when it comes to security and privacy? I have stuck with BlackBerry partly because Android is built by the biggest information thief on the planet. I don't know why people trust Google so much. I do trust BlackBerry, a company whose history is built on a policy to secure my information, not collect it and sell it. In a world of thieves and piracy, this will become a far bigger factor than most people see it as today. Even the consumer market may see this one day.

Z30 Rocks!

And Chen just built a phenomenal BlackBerry PassPort to place in each one of their and hopefully millions of other SECURE hands! Well done John Chen!

I will be putting one in my and my son's hands ASAP!

The us news write BS about BlackBerry. Because as long as BlackBerry is in business they(US) can't spy on whoever they want. Only the none BlackBerry users.

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Quick question, does any one know where I can purchase a case cover for my Z10. I want one like the one Merkel is holding up. It's a German thing.LOL

"We have a federal authority for information security and they checked several smartphones, and the only brand that was approved by them is the BlackBerry smartphones… It's the security of the device"

This should be covered by more media. This sentence just made my day even better.

Not only are Germans world football (soccer for Americans) champions, they've also picked the true champion of phone communications! Go BlackBerry!

Loved the Q10 but now it's Z30 power time!!!

I think letting consumers on their own test BlackBerry's superior security and then decide to adopt it is a conservative approach which suits BlackBerry's position at this time.

Blowing their trumpet may be counter-productive as it may open them up to unnecessary scrutiny from say the hacking community etc.

As they say, pride goes before a fall.... Then there again, Rolls-Royce and Bentley brands hardly advertise. The quality speaks for itself. In the same way, those that appreciate high end security will look for a BlackBerry and then buy it! Just like Merkel and her team have done.

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