The German government adopts the BlackBerry Z10 for its security features

By James Richardson on 4 Mar 2013 06:02 am EST

The word on the street is that the German government are giving the BlackBerry Z10 some big loving. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel along with other agencies is reportedly now using the Z10 due to its security features. Although half of staff are thought to be using Samsung Android devices a further 5000 will be rocking the BlackBerry Z10 which is fantastic news for the new handset and operating system.

It's reported that the Düsseldorf Secusmart security specialist and T-Systems have secured the deal via the Procurement Office of the Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for all communication for the German government. Clearly BlackBerry has always been renowned for offering the most secure mobile data solution and with the recent launch of BlackBerry 10 it looks like that isn't going to change anytime soon.

In addition to the Secusmart software on board the German Z10's - users will also benefit from BlackBerry Balance which will give them the freedom to still use applications of their choice, such as Facebook and Twitter, but with the I.T. department still having full control over the top secret stuff. This could maybe be the perfect example of how the partition between work and personal apps is utilised with BlackBerry Balance.

With the German government supporting BlackBerry 10 I expect we will see other federal agencies follow suit in the near future. I wonder how many of the Android users will now be getting very jealous of their colleagues with a brand new shiny BlackBerry Z10?


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The German government adopts the BlackBerry Z10 for its security features


Great news. First step in Blackberry really making a strong comeback, win in the Gov't and corporate worlds and the consumer shall follow. As was before.

Personally I'm stil annoyed that I dont get to use Balance though.

All media will be over this disappointed that it's only half lol! Expect the stock to drop with this news. BlackBerry are not allowed to have positive news!

Yay more cheap Blackberry stocks.

Much too much value is placed on stock value, once on the stock market it has nothing at all to do with actual company performance. Just perceptions of it.

Your hate for blackberry can only lead to one thing! You r jealous & afraid of a competition. R u scare? If u feel blackberry aint going no where why don't u sit in your own little dreamland and keep quiet. We don't need people like u to come here and spoil the fun

Great news. I know Barack Obama loves his BlackBerry devices hopefully the US government will follow suit after the US launch and buy a bunch of z10s. Canadian and UK government agencies I'm hoping will do the same.

this is only the half Story cause they implement some own security Features for secure phone calls and Messaging and bbos 10 is open enough to implement this (as well as android).

I think the stock security Features of wp are even better than those on android but they do not allow to implement their secure phone call Software and stuff.

Anyway, i dont know if our government will use balance

Definitely. Having a German blood as the CEO of the company definitely helped.
Whatever the result as long as it brings  to the limelight, why not..
Pull some strings to get things moving.

i dont think so, there are only 2 realy actual Systems that let implement those stuff what the german government want to do...this is android and bbos10

the other modern Systems dont allow this in the way they want to do it...

Blackberry is moving on strong & the love just keeps coming. I'm impressed with good news like this & I hope other government agencies will adopt the features of the Z10.

This has nothing to do with Thor. Now, they can use final BB's because OS10 does not longer require BIS/BES.

They do not use the blackberry NOC, they use an Crypto-Controller in a spezial SD-card for the encryption.

yes and no

he is right they not needed to use the "classic" bes which talks through Blackberry connect with the rim Gateways...the bes10 doesnt do that so it is one main Point why the german governmant can use backberry+bes, theres no Need for the "cloud"/Blackberry gateways

What a big surprise :)
Living in Germany i am surrounded by iPhones and Droids.
And nobody seems to believe in a success of BB.
The "media" is more interested in WP8 or even FirefoxOS...
This is a great signal.

What's funny is that just 2 years ago, the German government was in the news for looking to dump BlackBerry for another smartphone. Oh, how the table turn.

?the phones they talk about "Merkel-phone" never run on Blackberry os in the past...they were on Windows mobile and symiban (symko) as far as i know but never on blackberry

Most Secured OS in this planet. FBI, CIA, NSA, M16 will follow. Did I hear about 007 still using Xperia Z in SkyFall ? Just Kidding.. But I Think this is a good start. More love and more waves of success will coming from all around the Globe ..

Now that you mention it, BBRY needs to work on a way to be James Bond's official phone. I couldn't take a real-life spy seriously if they didn't rock a BlackBerry.

I live in downtown Toronto, I haven't yet seen a single person with a z10. Analysts can say whatever they want, and the CEO can say that android and iphone users are switching, but I don't see that in reality or the sales are very low. By the way, I am BB shareholder.

You can See the Z10 and the Security Tool @ the cebit in Hannover (Ger) in the News they say its 2500€ per Unit ??? Can't belive that the Software is 1900€ ? But Overall its Good News to the Berry....

It is no real software it is a special chip set form secusmart. the Telekom in Germany offers a similar solution for the S3. The chipset is for the telephony encryption and security against interception. Up to now only Symbian and Windows Phone had this solution - now Nokia and Windows have been kicked out.

They have the BES 10 but with an own datacenter in Germany - since last year there are rumours about such a kind of solution for governments and large companies. The official announcement could be in Orlando...

Greetings from Germany

Blackberry is getting a lot of positive media attention today now that the government has chosen BB which is a good thing because BB isn't exactly advertising much in far. I hope that is going to change with BB 10. Here in Germany there's a Samsung or Apple ad around every corner. BB needs to rise to that challenge!

Germans are smart people. That's why it took a German to bring off BB10, and it takes a German government to recognize the value of the new platform.

That's coming to you from a Dutchman, and we don't automatically love all our neighbours, but we recognize a good thing when we see it. Now hurry up and get that Z10 to Vodafone NL! 3 more weeks, allegedly... we'll be one more OS update further, Whatsapp and Skype will be there....

This is the first (and surely the only) clever decision of the german government since years! And with a Z10 in her hand Angela Merkel looks not so ugly as she does until yesterday! I'm German... Iknow her inability. In several aspects...!

So much money for a technology, that is on the market for years.
Actually Secfone (check their UK website) was the first company to use TPM technology for mobile communication encryption. In a much better way :-)
And the solution is available for 10th of a price. And can be used with several smartphones (check whitelist on their UK website).
Every joke is new for a newborn...