German football club Hannover 96 roll out BES10

Hannover 96
By James Richardson on 16 May 2014 05:30 am EDT

More good news today on the BlackBerry 10 Enterprise front. German soccer club Hannover 96 have made the commitment to BES10!

​As you'll see from the following video and press release - the decision to use BlackBerry 10 is not just all about communication, but security and device management is also a big factor - something we all know BlackBerry do best. 

In addition, the choice for BES10 was also influenced by the ability to manage not only BlackBerry smartphones, but iOS and Android devices too.

It's a great news story to start the day and I'm confident we'll see plenty more high profile companies adopting BES10 in the near future. 

Press Release


DUSSELDORF,  GERMANY and WATERLOO, CANADA – May 16, 2014 – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced that Hannover 96, a German football club and marketing company, has migrated to BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) to bring secure enterprise mobility and end-user flexibility to the workplace.

Hannover 96 deployed BlackBerry’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution BES10 to secure highly confidential information, such as details of new players, contracts,  schedules and football training plans, across different platforms, including BlackBerry, iOS® and Android™ devices .

“BES10 is so valuable to our business because it gives us the perfect balance between flexibility and security,” said Nek Capric, Head of Marketing  Sales at Hannover 96. “For example, our online team needs access to multiple devices such as iPhones and Android to test the design and layout of Web content. With BES10 in place, we can keep these functions of our business running smoothly without having to worry about the security implications for the business.”

“Data security is key to business success and our mobile device strategy,” continued Capric. “BlackBerry has really helped us implement an effective Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) strategy and given us the confidence to know that if a device is lost or stolen, we can quickly wipe confidential data before it gets into the wrong hands. We are now looking at integrating additional devices such as tablets.”

Markus C. Mueller, Regional Managing Director Europe at BlackBerry said: “BES 10 provides Hannover 96 with the flexibility to embrace multi-platform device management without sacrificing security. Our enterprise customers in Europe recognize the unique value that BES 10 brings in fulfilling their productivity, communication and collaboration needs with its industry-leading security and cost efficiency.”

To date, customers have installed nearly 33,000 BES10 commercial and test servers around the world. In Germany, more than 50 percent of DAX companies have ordered, downloaded and/or are testing BES10.

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German football club Hannover 96 roll out BES10


Mexico conglomeration, earlier in the week, German football team today...

BlackBerry is beginning to pick up steam as the predominant total mobile solution for companies around the world.

Great News...

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You guys need to watch more football. And no not the fake American one.

*grabs popcorn *

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Not even close. It's dominated by two teams. The best football (soccer) league is the EPL. The title race alone this year should have been enough proof.

I'm also an NFL fan

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Let us see if you can name the top 5 football leagues without having the Bundesliga in the discussion. That my friend, is as good as it gets. The comment wasn't meant to be nitpicky about who was the best( though highly subjective) it was meant to butress OP's comment about Hannover being a fairly decent team in one of the elite football leagues :)

The title race in the epl isn't as good as that of la liga. Surprised no one mentioned Spain. 3 teams in 2 different European finals. LA liga going right down to the wire

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Sorry but when you post this type of small time news it is what it is.

Small time.

Next it will be that the little league team in Weaver Iowa rolled out BES 10.

Sad state of affairs for BlackBerry and CB.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

Seeing as football is probably the biggest sport in the world and the German league is one of the biggest in the world and hannover are a respected club, this is fairly important for blackberry.
This has more impact then a superbowl ad as it shows that a major sporting club has confidence in blackberry

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+1. The little league reference just shows how clueless some folks are to happenings outside of their 4 walls.

Dumb question but what exactly is BES I know it means business enterprise service.. but what does it exactly do.

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Bes+bis, the part job is jealous about years ago. Check wiki, "BlackBerry Enterprise Server
This page has some issues
BlackBerry Enterprise Server designates the middleware software package that is part of the BlackBerry wireless platform supplied by BlackBerry Ltd. The software and service connects to messaging and collaboration software (MDaemon Messaging Server,[1] Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise) on enterprise networks and redirects emails and synchronizes contacts and calendaring information between servers, desktop workstations, and mobile devices."

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It lets companies manage their mobile devices, stuff like assignment of devices to employees, their passwords, security of corporate data, manage (add/remove/update) apps, provide and/or configure corporate and other network connectivity (for email, browsing, other) specify what users are allowed or not allowed to do with their devices, etc.

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Each company that chooses BlackBerry is a victory. Sports teams influence not only management and players, but perhaps even fans and families, and advertisers and other businesses that provide support and services to the team. BlackBerry is going to rebuild one business at a time. This is marvelous news! Thank you for sharing!

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This is good news. Some of posters here want magical, fantastic news where BlackBerry is now in the hands of millions overnight.

Having a football club take on BlackBerry is very significant and sends an influential message. For those that don't know about the popularity of football in Europe need to pay close attention. Football in Europe is a religion!

For the haters out there, keep jabbing but it's no use, the glacier known as BlackBerry is slowly beginning to move. The glacier will pick up speed and knock down anything and everything in its path. One sports team at a time.

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I agree that this is good news. As more and more 'sporting' outfits (soccer, F1, et al) take BlackBerry on board - even if it's through 'non-consumer' BES - then there's every chance that the younger generation will see BlackBerry as being 'cool'. Once a few come on board, emulating those personalities/teams they look up to, then the 'sheep' factor kicks in... and suddenly, iPhone will seem so yesterday, and BlackBerry will be the new phone to be seen with.

Increased saturation in the teenage ranks won't go unnoticed by the adult fraternity... and suddenly, BlackBerry will be seen by the older generation again. This will re-acquaint BlackBerry to some, and introduce it to others. And it will certainly turn around the current perception that exists; that BlackBerry is a dying company.

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Peace and love people, peace and love!

*spell check / Rechtschreibkorrektur:

Deutschland über

And the Umlauts or funny characters you get by long pressing the the vowel (u, a, e...) on your Q. Also works on the Z's touchscreen. Have to hold, swipe to letter of choice and release (if you didn't know)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It's to state how long they exist.96. -> founded in 1896.
Schalke 04 in 2004.
Or was it 1904?

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This wouldn't necessarily turn into use/purchases of BB10 devices. The road Blackberry is taking is painfully clear for us BB10 device users; They are going after the Enterprise segment with BES. Whether it be managing BB10 devices or not. They really don't care as long as they keep the Enterprise MDM segment on lock. The Consumer segment will have to move off BB10 devices if they want to enjoy a rich app ecosystem. That's all...

How many phones? Remember the Mexican company 68000 employees 350 phones??? Here it says helped with their COPE strategy so probably no phones. I like to hear that the companies are rolling out BES10 but with no phones how does this help? Aren't they giving the licenses away for free?

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The year of Foundation...Hannover 96 was founded in 1896 and Schalke in 1904. This is the meaning of the numbers. Regards from Cologne/Germany and maybe 1 of only 156 Q10s in my Country ;)

Good luck. 9 years is a long time. Hope avatar eyes MO10 has a good game

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Well hopefully companies realize, security is now the most important thing in any business. Especially now a days with what happened to adobe, target, and so many other huge companies...

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More will follow. Today an article appeared that the most compromising Snowden files will be released later. This will be another incentive for more companies to go for BES10. Let's look again at BlackBerry end 2015. Most private smartphone users I know have no clue about security and actually don't care, expect when their accounts or data gets hacked or compromised.

CB10 - Q10

Managed on bes10. Doesn't matter what phone they use blackberry still get some cash

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There will be cash to be made in enterprise. But I hope Chen keeps making high end qwerty and all touchscreen phones. Posted on Z30 fastest ,smartest phone I've owned more than 6 months.

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Capric noted that "...We are now looking at integrating additional devices such as tablets.”

Does this imply that BES10 doesn't cover tablets? Just wondering. Anyone know?

If not, could that be an issue for BlackBerry in the future? Would appreciate your opinions. Thanks guys.

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It's more revenue. The smaller victories will become larger ones in the future. Mr. Chen is building the BlackBerry house brick by brick. This turnaround will not happen overnight. The turnaround will happen by winning over customers one by one. Way to go BlackBerry, keep up the good work.

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