This one's a beauty - German Bowling for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 26 May 2013 03:31 pm EDT

We've seen a few bowling games already on BlackBerry 10 and most are pretty sweet, however I recently discovered German Bowling and it offers some cool features that I haven't seen in the other apps.

As well as some amazing 3D graphics the thing that really stood out for me was the options when it comes to the amount of players in the game. You can just bowl by yourself, bowl against the computer or if you are with a bunch of friends you can have up to nine of you all playing the game on the device - that I love! The developers have promised to add multiplayer via network support in a future update so this great game will get even better.

In addition to the above features the game play itself is smooth and the sound effects are realistic, which helps a bunch when playing sports games. Where German Bowling is different from most traditional bowing games is that there are only nine pins to knock down.

The points system:

  • For every pin knocked over, the player gets two points.
  • If all the pins are down, (this is called “full” or a “strike”), the player gets five extra bonus points.
  • If all the pins are knocked down except the one in the middle (the Kingpin), the player bowled a Crown ("Ring") and gets ten extra bonus points.
  • If only the Kingpin falls and all other pins are left standing, the player gets twelve points.
  • If the player bowls and doesn’t hit any of the pins, that’s called a Poodle and the player gets one point taken away.
  • The player with the most points wins.

German Bowling is priced at £0.75/$0.99 and that's a bargain if you ask me.

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This one's a beauty - German Bowling for BlackBerry 10


Lol! Cool that you like it German Bowling! But don't get me wrong and let me tell you it calls Kegeln and is so far away from bowling like ......not easy to explains! No holes in the bowl, bowls are smaller and runs between the pins without a hit if you don't spin the bowl!

If you're visit Germany at any time in, let us Kegeln and you can see it how difficulty it is then bowling!

Cheers and have fun


Posted via CB10

No, this is my personal feeling of course, but after I downloaded this game, I completely regretted it. I do appreciate when you guys mention games. It's really the only way I know about them. For the most part, you've been spot on and I've loved the games you give good mention. . Unfortunately, this to me was a waste of every cent that makes up 99. If people out there like bowling pins that don't react properly and look like sticks, all the power to ya. No hard feelings Crackberry, still love ya!

Posted via CB10

I dunno -- looks pretty bowlring, er, boring. Except the hot girls. Do you ever get to see their faces? Why would the controls not work off the accelerometer? I suppose we'd need tethers, then...

I would like to sponsor the fellow that does not wish to pay .99 cents. I would think that your employer does free marketing and can't pay you for your days work because there is no money. Where would you like me to send the dollar.

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