Geodelic makes its way onto BlackBerry devices

By Jared DiPane on 21 Feb 2011 09:44 am EST

Geodelic BlackBerry

For many of us who are constantly on the go, our BlackBerry devices are about the only way to gather information while on the run. Whether traveling to a place you have never been or looking for somewhere new to visit in your town, trying to get there can be a struggle. Geodelic, a great location based application that has been available for iOS and Android for a while now, is finally available on the BlackBerry platform. Geodelic brings real time information to users based on their currently location, they are able to find directions to the nearest Starbucks, best Happy Hour deals while traveling or how to get to a local grocery store that supports your need to be green. The application is loaded with information and for trying it out and checking into various locations for four days in a row, you enter yourself for a chance to win a 16gb wifi iPad. The more you use, the better your chance to win, so what is your delay? Download from the link below.

More information / download of Geodelic



USA only

Just for a change!!!!


Not available for the 9780 or Vodafone UK!!......... 2nd : ) oooops 3rd


It is available for the 9780, but not the 9670 or 9100.


Looks like a nice app, shame you can't get it in Canada =(


Interesting app. Giving away the iPad killed it for me.

I hpe the playbook can withstand the onslaught of iPad 2 but the longer they wait to release it the less likely that's going to happen. I heard on radio today that iPad 2 might come out in April.


Does anyone know what the current version of this should be.

The reason I ask is when I installed it I got a dialog box asking if I wanted to replace v3.x.x with v1.0.27. Odd because this was never on my device.

Looks like a good app nonetheless.


Ahhh, no Canada. I've had a few of these when I've seen the blog, gotten excited, and then couldn't get it in Canada :(


Is not available for my Pearl 3G 9100....


yea no love for Canada D=


Not avalible on my device or carrier. Drats!


cool app, the map option doesn't work on my 8530. I only get the list and the carousel view only.


What is up with no support for the blackberry style!


The map and directions option did not work on my 9550. If not for that I would actually prefer this over Poynt. I like the layout better.


Not avalible on my device or carrier either, dangit!